Mated To My Sister’s Fiancé

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Rylee’s POV

The next day, I wake up to the sun shining brightly. My white billowy curtains are dancing in the gentle breeze that is making its way through my opened bedroom windows. The resident birds are chirping and singing loudly outside, putting a smile on my face. As I lay on my soft bed slowly waking up, the chatter from downstairs makes its way to my ears. I sit up and jump out of bed quickly when last nights event between Ryker and I replay in my mind. Instantly I become a little nervous about seeing him again, but I am excited at the same time.

I look at my alarm clock, a big blaring red 9:30 AM in block lettering is staring me right in the face. My eyes widen and I am sure I have a shocked expression on my face. How did I sleep so late? My sleep was restless most of the night. I tossed and turned, unable to fall into a deep sleep. Now that I found my mate, my wolf was itching to be close to him, and I could feel the mate bond trying to tug us together. It is making me antsy.

I scurry to the bathroom to complete my morning routine. Then I venture back to my bedroom to get dressed and do my hair and makeup. I opt for a simple black crop top, short denim cutoff shorts, black flip-flops, and pair that with light natural makeup and a high wavy ponytail. After looking in the mirror and nodding to myself with approval, I saunter downstairs to face my family and my newfound mate. I cannot stop the broad smile that is spreading across my face.

When I reach the bottom of the stairs and turn towards the kitchen, I can see that Ryker is taking a sip of his coffee. The steam is rising from the cup and swirling around his perfect lips. He is sitting at the kitchen island with Chloe standing beside him. She is chatting away with mom and dad who are on the other side of the island. It sounds like they are discussing their plans for today.

Ryker’s back straightens when he realizes I am standing there, and he glances at me over his shoulder for a split second before he relaxes. Then he quickly steals a second glance, taking care to discreetly look me up and down before turning back to his coffee. It almost looks like his eyes bug out of his head a little bit, and I chuckle to myself.

I walk into the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee for myself, and make some toast as everyone says good morning to me. I return it with my own greetings. After I finish making my toast, I sit down at the far end of the kitchen island, leaving a stool to sit empty between Ryker and me. As I eat and drink my coffee, I steal a few glances at Ryker. ‘Damn! My mate is a good looking wolf man’, I think as I smile to myself, which I hide behind my coffee cup.

Everyone continues discussing their plans for today as I sit there listening. Dad says he is heading in to work soon. Mom and Chloe exclaim they are going shopping for the day. Ryker is staying home and going to explore the area on his own. My heartbeat begins racing upon learning Ryker’s plans for the day. I can hear his heartbeat speed up too. He looks over at me swiftly and smirks before averting his attention again. Mom and Chloe then ask me if I would like to go shopping with them. I frown and apologetically decline their offer stating I have a couple family photo sessions booked today. They do not argue and say it is ok, that they understand. Ryker’s smirk grows, which he then hides behind his coffee cup.

Whew, that was simple enough. I feel bad for lying, but I really need some time alone with Ryker so we can talk. Plus, Ryker and I decided last night that we would talk today, so this really is the perfect opportunity. We might not get another chance for the much needed, private conversation that we desperately need to have so we can figure out the situation we currently find ourselves in.

Dad takes his leave for work. Mom is humming quietly to herself as she cleans up the kitchen and Chloe is up stairs getting ready for her shopping trip with mom. Ryker and I are still sitting in the same spots at the kitchen island. I am messing around on my laptop pretending to be busy with business related work while Ryker is on his phone. It looks like he is communicating with someone, but I cannot see who from all the way over here. Throughout the remainder of the morning, we stealthily keep stealing glances at one another while mom busies herself. She is completely oblivious to what is happening between Ryker and I.

Once mom turns around to the sink to wash dishes, I fully turn towards Ryker to wholly take him in. He is wearing a form fitting black T-shirt that shows off his nicely chiseled upper body, along with a nice pair of blue jeans, and fresh pair of blindingly white sneakers. His beautiful golden brown hair lays messily on top of his head, as if someone ruffled it.

He has a look of pure concentration on his face, his brows slightly pulled together, creating a cute little v in the middle of his forehead. Then he looks up from his phone and catches me checking him out. We make eye contact and he gives me boyish smirk. I swear my insides melt and my panties dampen. There is so much sexual tension it is almost like electricity cracking in the air between us. I cannot stop staring into his gorgeous eyes.

Ryker looks past me towards my mom, and then quickly drops his eyes back to his phone. I turn around and see my mom staring at me, hands on her hips. “Well Rylee, maybe if you get some free time in between clients today, you could show Ryker around town a little. The last time he was here, he did not get to see much. You know how Chloe shops. We will probably be out all day.” I nod and agree. Then Chloe comes bounding down the stairs. I can tell she is excited by the way she is walking. She looks all dolled up. She put on a beautiful, flowy, baby blue, strapless summer dress with white sandals, a full face of makeup, and styled her hair into uniformed soft blonde curls that cascade down her back. She looks stunning, and will surely turn heads wherever she goes today.

Ryker does not even acknowledge Chloe or look up to meet her gaze, which causes her to scowl. She is not pleased with him ignoring her I can tell. She gets huffy, stomps over to him taking his chin in between her thumb and pointer finger, and lifts his head up. My eyebrows shoot up to my hairline. I have never seen Chloe treat someone that way before. Especially a guy she was in a relationship with. I look over at mom. She shrugs and shakes her head, and looks just as stunned as I am. Ryker has no choice but to meet her eyes, narrowing his at her in return. I can tell he is pissed. I can feel the anger rolling off him.

“Mom and I are about to leave to go shopping. Are you sure you will be ok on your own today?” Chloe glares at me for a moment before continuing. I respond by arching an eyebrow at her. WTF is her problem? “I know you are not familiar with the area. You can always stay home if you want, and we can explore later in the week if you would like.” Chloe’s face relaxes as she speaks to Ryker. Her hand finally drops from his chin, and her scowl dissolves into a soft smile.

She is really irking me though with her actions towards Ryker and myself, and it has my wolf pacing in irritation. “I will be fine. I am a grown man. I can manage, that I am sure of.” Ryker responds through gritted teeth. Chloe frowns but goes to give Ryker a kiss anyway. He turns his head away from her causing her kiss to land on his cheek. Chloe’s scowl returns and she stomps out of the kitchen without saying goodbye, slamming the front door behind her as she exits the house.

Mom signs and grabs her purse and car keys. “Sorry kids. I really have no clue what has gotten into Chloe. I will talk to her. Hopefully by tonight when we get home she will have a cool level head back on her shoulders. You both have a nice day. I will see you tonight.” With a kiss on my cheek, and a hug for Ryker mom is out the door. I hear the car doors shut and the car reverses out the driveway and pulls away.

Alone at last.
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