Mated To My Sister’s Fiancé

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Ryker’s POV

I did not even realize Chloe had come down the stairs and was standing beside me. I was too busy texting my Beta, Carter. He was updating me on pack business, and I informed him that I had finally found my mate. I have not told him all the details yet. I know he is happy for me, but when I tell him everything, I am sure he will be as shocked as I was.

Therefore, I was lost in my own little world when Chloe came over to me and grabbed my chin. I was shocked at first before I realized what was happening. Then I quickly became pissed off. No one had ever treated me that way before, and I would not tolerate it. Seriously, what the hell was her problem? Then she proceeds to talk to me as if I am a child. Who does she think she is? That just pissed me off even more and made my wolf growl in annoyance. She even had the audacity to glare at Rylee. Seriously! What the fuck was her problem!!? She was in a terrible ass mood for some reason.

By now, I was fuming. So when Chloe went to kiss me goodbye, I turned my head. Now that I had found my mate, I did not want to be intimate with anyone else anyway, even if I did have to pretend a little bit longer with Chloe. I was especially not in the mood to act all lovey dovey with Chloe with how she is behaving. I am not going to pretend everything is ok between us just to keep the peace. Screw that. I do not care how mad she is at me. How she is acting is unacceptable, towards both her sister and I. She finally leaves, but not before stomping away and slamming the door. Talk about being childish. Thank god she was going to be gone and away from me all day. I needed the space.

Sandy departs shortly after Chloe storms out, and the atmosphere instantly shifts. Rylee and I are finally alone, and the air immediately becomes thick with anticipation and nervousness. It is almost suffocating, but in the most delicious way possible. I am already staring at Rylee as she slowly turns away from the door to face me. We stare across the kitchen island at one another for what feels like minutes, getting lost in each other’s gaze. Rylee’s luscious lips are slightly parted and she starts to breathe a little faster. I know my breathing has sped up a little as well. I can feel it. My anger finally subsides and my wolf is now purring with delight. A new feeling is starting to creep in, and I like it.

Rylee breaks eye contact first. She clears her throat, blinks, and peels her eyes away from me, looking down at the floor between us. She asks me what I really plan on doing today before looking back up at me hopefully. I just kept staring at her without answering. Right now, my plan is to admire my mate. Now that we are finally all alone, I cannot peel my eyes away from her beauty. It is the first time I am able to fully take her in, with no distractions or having to worry about anyone catching us looking at each other longingly.

I smirk at Rylee and her cheeks turn the cutest shade of light pink I have ever seen. “WHAT?” Rylee asks in an exasperated tone, yet she fluttering her eyelashes. Is she trying to flirt with me? That is fucking adorable. I flash her my megawatt smile and she visibly swoons. God, I swear I have the most perfect mate. I love how her body reacts to me. It is quite literally the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. She smiles back at me in response, which causes me to smile even bigger. If that is even possible.

Finally, I clear my throat, and answer Rylee’s question. “I figured you could show me around town, and we could find somewhere private and quiet to have that talk you promised me last night.” I smirk and Rylee bites her bottom lip, looks me up and down, and nods. Whether she is nodding in agreement to what I said or nodding in approval of my body, I am not sure. This causes me to chuckle to myself. Rylee gives me a questioning glance, but jumps off her stool and grabs her car keys. “Let’s go then. We’re burning daylight.” With that, she is out the door with me following close behind her like a little lost puppy hot on her heals. That is ok. I do not mind the view.

When Rylee gets to the driver’s side of her car, she hesitates and glances at me over the car roof. I can see the questions swirling in her eyes. “What is wrong?” I ask her. She bites her lip again and looks down at the ground before quickly looking back up in to my eyes. She then nods her head towards the car, opens her door, and sits in the driver’s seat before shutting her car door. I follow suit by sitting in the front passenger seat and shutting my door. “Ok, are you going to talk to me now?” I look her up and down. I am a little worried about what she might say. Rylee is staring straight ahead at the house, but nods before turning her eyes and upper body towards me. She seems nervous. I do not blame her, I am a little nervous myself, or maybe it is anxiousness and excitement. I am not quite sure which.

“I actually have a spot we can go to. It is about thirty minutes away from here by car. I would like to take you there if that is ok? It is in a protected part of the forest where I like to run and relax. Let my wolf out. I have never smelled another’s scent there. It is completely safe. Would you like to go there and talk?” Rylee looks at me as if she is afraid of what I might say. “I think that sound great.” I smile at her, which she returns. I can see the stress melt away and her shoulders visibly relax. Was that what she was worried about?

“So” she continues, “the thing about this spot is no one knows about it. Not my family. Not my friends. You will be the first one I ever show it too. Please keep it to yourself. I would like to keep it a secret. I am sure you will figure out why when we get there.”

“Yeah, no problem” I promise. Anything for my mate. With that thought, I grin to myself. My mate.

“It will actually be nice to have someone to share my special place with me.” She smiles again, and I cannot help but smile too. My cheeks hurt from how much I have been smiling today, at least since Chloe left. I do not think I have ever smiled this much in my whole life.

As we drive through town, Rylee points out all the significant buildings and landmarks to me as we pass them. Once we make it through town, we continue on our way as the small two lane road turns into a larger four lane highway. After around thirty minutes of driving and mindless chitchat, it appears to me that we have finally reached the destination Rylee was telling me about. She pulls off the side of the road, and is watching cars drive by. I give her a questioning glance, waiting for her to make a move. I am about to ask her what she is doing when she whips her car through the trees before stopping.

“Rylee! What the hell are you doing!!!!?” I scream at her holding onto the dash for dear life.

“Sorry.” she chuckles at me while looking a little sheepish. “As you can see, there is no visible path, and I need to make sure no passing motorists see me pulling into my secret hiding spot.” She looks at me and winks. Then proceeds to get out of the car as if she did not just scare the shit out of me, and stretches. Her shirt rides up just a hair, but it is enough to give me a peak at her flat and tanned stomach. I follow suit, and get out of the car as well. I am still a little on edge from the fright she just gave me, but now lust is starting to creep in as well.

Rylee locks her car and hides the key. She then looks at me and states “Ok, it is an hour run in wolf form from here. I am going behind a tree over there to get undressed and shift. I will carry my clothes in my mouth so I can get dressed when we get to the spot. I know we cannot communicate in wolf form, so if you need me, find a way to get my attention somehow. After we change, follow me, and I will show you the way.” I agree and we both go behind separate trees on opposite sides of the car. When they both step out from behind the trees, our clothes wedged in our mouths, we both stand there staring and taking in each other’s wolves.

Rylee’s wolf mesmerizes me as.

Her wolf is large, especially for a female. I am not sure what her parent’s ranks in their pack might have been, but I have an idea. I will have to find out more to determine that. Even though she is no small wolf, she is still no match for me. My wolf is gigantic. I easily tower over her as Rylee’s head only comes up to my shoulders. She is absolutely stunning though. Her gorgeous honey brown eyes and fur matches her eyes and hair that she has in human form. She also has white tipped ears, white back paws, white tipped tail, and a huge white spot on her chest, as well as a white circle around her right eye. I wonder if she knows what white fur means to wolves. I will add that to the list of things we need to discuss when we get to where we are going. In contrast, my fur is starch white with a black right hind leg, left front foot, right ear, along with a huge black spot that covers half of my enormous back. Both our fur colorings is unique and extremely rare in the wolf world. We are definitely a remarkable looking pair, both in human and wolf form, and I could not be happier. We were undeniably made for each other. At that thought, I am so pleased that my wolf decides to let out an ecstatic howl. Rylee’s wolf does the same. I think our wolves like each other. Another win.

Rylee eventually broke the stare down, nodding to the side, signaling for me to follow her. She took off like a bat out of hell and I chased after her. She is fast, but I am faster, and I caught up to her quickly. It was such an exhilarating feeling for me to finally be running alongside my mate. I could not believe this was finally happening. As we ran, the only noises heard were the sounds of leaves and twigs crunching under our feet and the wind whipping through my ears. Since we are not pack members nor are we mated, yet, we could not mind link to communicate during the run. The silence was peaceful but stressful at the same instance. I wish I knew what she was thinking and feeling. Although, I feel like she is happy and at peace, which in turn makes me feel the same. I know the upcoming conversation is weighing heavily on both our minds. There are so many questions that need asked, and so much to discuss.

Life altering discussions.

No pressure.

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