Mated To My Sister’s Fiancé

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Ryker’s POV

“I think Chloe and I should continue our visit here as planned. That way she does not suspect anything. Then we will return home to Colorado at the end of the week. Next, I think you should fly out to ‘visit’ us a few days later, you know, to ‘see our home’ and for your ‘photography business’. I will try to plant the hint in Chloe’s head so she thinks your visit is her idea. Once you arrive in Colorado, we will sit Chloe down and break the news to her. Tell her the truth about us being werewolves and that we are mates, all the necessary details only if need be. I think it will be best to do it away from your parents. Then we can handle each announcement separately. I think it will make it easier on us if we do not have to discuss it with all three of them at the same time.” I grimace. I know there will be nothing easy about this, and my poor mate will bear the brunt of it as our unfortunate circumstances are solely affecting her family.

Rylee forcefully exhales. “Alright, that should work. This is going to be so hard. I just do not want to hurt Chloe or my parents, but I do not see how there is any way to avoid it.” She starts crying again, hanging her head low, shoulders shaking, and I feel awful. I know this is a really tough predicament for her to be in.

“I know. I feel the same way, babe, but it will all be ok. It may just take some time for them to come around and accept it. Everything will work out.” I reassure her, lifting her chin up so we can look into each other’s eyes. Even with them being watery and red, her eyes are the most gorgeous I have ever seen.

Rylee grins at me through her tears. “Babe?”

“Well you know, you are a babe,” I smirk then flash her my charming smile. Rylee just rolls her eyes and giggles. Then she slaps my arm playfully.

I grab Rylee’s hand as she is pulling it away, and I tug her into my arms, hugging her tightly against me. My arms are wrapped securely around her waist and hers are around my neck. We are now chest to chest and Rylee’s legs are straddling me, wrapping around to my back. Our chests are rising and falling rapidly with our heavy breathing. I can feel her heart hammering and I see lust swirling in Rylee’s eyes, which I am sure are a reflection of my own. We are gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. Our mouths are slowly moving closer together. Our noses are almost grazing one another’s. I can feel her warm breath fanning my lips.

I want this so bad. The need for intimacy with my mate is off the charts. My restraint is all but gone and I do not think I can hold off much longer.

“Ryker” Rylee suddenly whispers huskily. She is looking sensually at me through her half closed eyes, gazing from my lips to my eyes and back again. This stirs something deep inside me, and my body starts to come to life under her.

“Hmmm” is the only noise that escapes my lips as I focus on closing the gap between our mouths.

“We cannot do this,” Rylee mumbles quietly. “Not yet.”

Fuck! Both my wolf and I roar in my head.

“Why not?” I manage to croak out through my haze of want and need. My voice gruff with desire. We are now millimeters away from our first official kiss. However, Rylee suddenly puts her hands on my chest and pushes herself away from my upper body. She quickly unravels herself from me, sliding away, and putting some distance between us. Instantly I am missing the insane warmth and sparks her touch was causing to flood through my body. I am a little taken aback by brash her actions. My mind is obscured by lust, shock, and hurt.

She gently takes and holds onto both of my hands as she exclaims, “We are already going to break Chloe’s heart. Let us not add cheating to it. She is already going to feel betrayed enough as it is. Can we wait until you end things with her? Please?” Rylee is pleading with me. Her eyes wide and full of varying emotions. I know she wants this as badly as I do, but I also see where she is coming from.

I take a deep breath and nod my head in agreement. “You are right. I have waited twenty-six years for you, a few more days will not kill me. Just know, I will be thinking about it every second of every minute of every day until then. Both my conscious and unconscious thoughts will be filled with you.” I wink at her and lightly kiss Rylee’s cheek. She shyly smiles at me while her faces turns a light pink. Damn, she is so adorable.

“Thank you,” I hear her whisper.

“You are welcome. However, just because we are not going to be intimate or mate does not mean we cannot cuddle does it? Can I still touch and hold you while we have this time alone together?” The need to be close to my mate is overriding all else right now. I just need her to be near me. I need to touch her and feel the magic of the mate bond flow through us.

“I think that should be ok,” Rylee murmurs with uncertainty in her voice. Her head is slightly downturned so that she is looking at me bashfully through her eyelashes.

With that, I gently grab Rylee by her hips, spin her around, and sit her down in between my legs. I am sitting upright. Her back is flush against my front as she leans back and rests her head on my shoulder. I loosely wrap my arms around her waist, cupping my hands together in front of her stomach.

This has to be as close to heaven that I have ever felt, and my wolf is purring in approval and delight. He is totally blissed out in his own right, and that makes me internally chuckle to myself.

We sit like this for what feels like hours, gazing out over the serene water, mindlessly talking about every day details of our lives, just enjoying spending time together and getting to know each other.

I gently run my hands up and down her arms until my hands eventually become entwined with hers. The magic of the mate bond is working its wonders. I do not think I will ever get use to the feeling of the sparks, tingles, and warmth that touching my mate brings me. It is so calming and relaxing, and yet, I want to rip her clothes off and show her how much I truly love her at the same time. I cannot wait until I get to show her how she makes me feel.

As if Rylee can read my thoughts, she twists her head around and looks at me. She then shyly places a barely there kiss on my jaw before quickly turning back around to look out at the lake while relaxing against me once again. After a few minutes, she grips my hand, silently requesting I release hers. She pulls her hand away and gently pats my thigh.

We both pull apart from each other and glance around, noticing the sun is now much lower in the sky. Realization sets in that the day is coming to an end, and disappointment strikes me. I do not want to go back to the house and face Chloe and their parents. I rather stay here with Rylee forever.

“Jeez, what time is it?” I ask to no one in particular. Just an internal thought that I accidently vocalized.

“Based off the sun, I would say it is about five o’clock. We should probably start heading back. It is about an hour run to the car from here, and another thirty minute drive home. With any luck, we will beat everyone back, but I highly doubt it,” Rylee says nervously. She probably wants to beat her sister home to avoid confrontation as to why we are together, and what we were doing alone all day.

I do not blame her. Chloe has been giving both of us serious vibes since we arrived, as if she already knows something is up. Truthfully, she might. I am not sure. We have not really gotten to talk much since our arrival.

“Alright” I agree with Rylee about leaving. With that, we both go behind opposite trees to undress and shift.

“Oh Rylee?!” I shout hoping she has not already shifted.

“Yes?” she yells back, popping her head out from behind the tree.

“I am really glad I have finally found you,” I say. Giving her a look of pure adoration. I hope she knows how much she means to me.

“I am too,” she smiles widely back at me.

With that, we both go back behind the trees again and shift. Then we start running back towards the car. The run back is more playful then run earlier to the lake. We keep bumping into each other and brushing up against the each other’s bodies, enjoying the tingles and sparks the contact provides.

All of a sudden, Rylee takes off sprinting as fast as she can go, almost as if she is trying to race me. I grin knowing there was no way she can beat me, and take off after her.

With my size and speed, it does not take long for me to catch up with her. I playfully nip at Rylee’s ankles as she continues to run. She yelps which makes me chuckle. I back off slightly before slowly approaching her side. We run side by side for a few minutes until my wolf gets an urge. All of a sudden, I tackle Rylee. She is now on her back and I am above her, looking down, grinning. I have her pinned by her shoulders with my front paws. Then I start licking and nuzzling her face. Rylee just lays there a few seconds, stunned. All of a sudden, she lets out a deep, menacing growl and thrashes around. She finally gets out of my grasp and is now standing on all four paws giving me an angry glare. Then Rylee runs off again. A few minutes later, we make it back to the car, shift and change back into our clothes.

As soon as we shift back, Rylee starts yelling at me. “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!! We agreed no kissing or anything else until you break up with Chloe and we are officially together!”

“I am so sorry! It was my wolf. He could not control himself, and I could not regain control back over him to stop it. I have been scolding him since. Please forgive me,” I beg. Rylee huffs, gets into her car, and slams the door shut.

Ok, she is really pissed. Way to go idiot, I chastise my wolf. He says sorry and shrugs apologetically. I get into the car and Rylee reprimands me while she levels an irate finger at my face, “Do not let it happen again.” I hang my head while putting on my seatbelt.

She then checks there are no other cars around and pulls out of her secret parking spot onto the road.
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