Mated To My Sister’s Fiancé

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Rylee’s POV

By the time we enter back into town, my anger has subsided. I am no longer mad at Ryker or his wolf, whoever it was responsible for accosting me with kisses when we were in wolf form, and I tell him as much.

I point out different things to Ryker that I missed this morning, seeing how I was supposed to be taking him around today so that he could get familiar with the area.

We finally arrive back to the house only to find that no one else has made it home yet. I sigh in relief. I did not even realize I was anxious about the possibility of someone already being home.

“Hmmm, that is strange. I cannot believe no one is home yet. It is almost seven o’clock. Dad must be still working, and Chloe and mom must still be shopping. Talk about a long day. Maybe I should call them and see where they are, and if I should get dinner started. Did you receive any texts or calls from Chloe?”

“I actually haven’t even checked my phone since we left this morning.”

“Me either, maybe we should check to make sure everyone is ok.”


We both pull out our phones and look for any missed calls or texts. Nothing. Strange.

“I do not have anything from Chloe. The only notification I have is from Carter giving me the daily report on the pack. Everything seems to be ok. I should really give him a call later though.”

“I do not have anything from her or my parents either. I will call my mom and see where they are at.”


I dial my mom’s phone number. “No answer.” I am starting to get somewhat worried. I hope everything is ok.

“I will try calling my dad.” A few seconds later, “AGH! He did not answer either. What the hell?! Now I am getting concerned. I will try calling Chloe. Come on Chloe, pick up...”


“Chloe? Hey, what is going on? Mom and dad are not answering their phones. Where are you all at? It is almost seven. Is everything ok?’

“Yeah, we are fine.” Chloe says chuckling. “Mom and I lost track of time shopping. It has been way too long since I was last home and had a good shopping day with mom. You know us. We will shop until we drop. Literally. Dad had to work late. He just called mom. He will be on his way home soon.” I breathe out a sign of relief. “Thank goodness. I was getting worried. No one was answering their phones, and it is getting late. I did not know if something happened.”

“Nope, all good sis. We are grabbing pizza to bring home. We will all be home shortly. See ya soon. Please let Ryker know I will be home soon, and that I hope that he did not have a boring day stuck at home with you.” She giggles while I stop breathing for a few seconds and start to cough before covering it up. If only she knew.

“You ok, Rylee?”

“Yup, mmmmhmmm, must have choked on a bug. Yes, I will tell Ryker. Ok see you guys soon. Love you. Bye.”

“Bye,” I hear Chloe say before hanging up.

“Everything ok?” Ryker asks. The concern evident in his voice.

“Yeah, they are all on their way home. Mom and Chloe are grabbing pizza, so no one has to worry about cooking tonight.” I say with a smile. I am glad I do not have to cook. It is not one of my specialties, nor do I particularly enjoy doing it either.

As we wait for everyone to arrive home, Ryker helps me set the table. I decide to use paper plates tonight that way no one has to wash dishes later. It has been a long day for everyone.

Once the table is set, Ryker and I sit down across the table from one another, chit chatting some more about his home and pack back in Colorado. It is a nice way to fill the time while we hungrily await everyone else’s arrival. He fills me in on how the pack operates, what I can expect when I arrive, and what will be expected of me as the luna.

“Luna...? O..M..G!!! I did not even think about that. I mean I know you are the alpha of your pack, but I did not even put two and two together that I would be the luna. Way to make a girl nervous.” I giggle anxiously. I am truly shocked at the realization. The thought seriously never even crossed my mind.

Ryker grabs my hands, holding them tightly in his as he reassures me that I will be fine. I am not so sure. I did not grown up in a pack. I am unfamiliar with all the dynamics that keeps a pack running smoothly and successfully. It will be a lot to learn and get used to.

“Rylee, you will be a great luna. I have only known you for a short amount of time, but I can already tell you are a smart, friendly, caring, and genuine person. Those are all key traits a great luna possess. Everyone will love you. I just know it.” Ryker smiles widely at me and I cannot help but to beam at his thoughtful words. How does he know what to say, and exactly what I need to hear? His words relax me tremendously, and I am already feeling more confident about my soon to be new role.

“Hey, I have been meaning to ask you something. Do you happen to know where your parents found you exactly, or anything else about the day you were found?” Ryker asks me, seemingly to distract me further from the luna topic, which I am grateful for.

“No. I do not know any details besides what I already told you; my parents found me with two dead wolves. Which we are assuming they were most likely my birth parents since no one ever came to claim me. Correct? Why do you ask?”

“Yes, I agree they were most likely your parents. For them to be anyone else would be highly unlikely. I was just thinking it might be easier to find some information about what happened if we had more details. The location would be a big help.”

“I will ask my parents where I was found, and if they have any additional information they can give me. I will let you know what they say.”

Suddenly the front door flies open, and we jump backwards in our seats, quickly withdrawing our hands from one another. I instantly miss the warmth and tingles that Ryker’s hands in mine provided me. Soon, I keep telling myself. Soon. I just have to crush some hearts first. UGH!

“Helloooooooooo!!!!! We are home!!!!” Chloe enthusiastically announces loud enough that I am sure the whole block hears her. She is carrying her many shopping bags while mom is carrying four pizza boxes. The meat lovers already has my mouth watering. I am ready to rip into it. Come on dad, hurry your butt home. I am starving!

“Can you guys please help us bring in the rest of the shopping bags?” Mom asks. She sounds a little exasperated. A whole day of shopping with Chloe will do that to anyone. I giggle to myself at that thought as I catch Ryker’s amused smirk out the corner of my eye.

“Sure” Ryker and I tell mom at the same time. We both quickly steal a glance at each other before going out to the car to grab some shopping bags.

We both reach for the same bag at the same time, our hands crossing. As we stand there, ultimately holding hands, getting lost in each other’s eyes, we hear a car door slam and someone’s throat being cleared. We instantly jump apart, the stolen moment we just had now long forgotten. We quickly grab the remaining bags before closing the car door.

“Am I interrupting something?” Dad asks with a quirked eyebrow and an amused look on his face.

“Dad!” I manage to squeak out. “We were just helping mom and Chloe bring in their shopping bags. They have pizza waiting for us inside.”

“Mmmhmmm, if that is what you say.” He pointedly looks both of us in the eye before turning around and walking into the house, whistling a merry tune as he goes. Ryker and I look at each other, both completely dumbfounded at dad’s strange reaction. We then hurry into the house to join the others.

Food calls.
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