Mated To My Sister’s Fiancé

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Rylee Rogers is a twenty-three year old adopted werewolf. She is also a college graduate with a degree in photography. After graduating college, Rylee has spent the following year traveling. However, taking stunning pictures to build her portfolio was just one reason for her adventure. Rylee’s main agenda was to search for her missing mate. However, after spending a year traveling around the world and visiting every possible pack she could find, Rylee returns home deflated and mateless. Nonetheless, she is determined to live a happy life and settle down; to start her new life back in her hometown. With far less travel on the horizon, the goal is to open her own photography studio and build up her clientele. However, soon after Rylee returns home to begin the next chapter of her life, her sister, Chloe, also returns home to pay the family a visit along with her new fiancé. That is when Rylee’s life takes an unforeseen turn. Her world is instantly turned upside down in the most disastrously wonderful way she could never have dreamed of. There will hardships along the way. Will Rylee overcome all too finally get her happily ever after? To add to the difficulty of the situation that Rylee finds herself in, Chloe is unaware that Rylee is adopted, and Rylee’s whole family has no idea she is a werewolf.

Romance / Fantasy
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Rylee’s POV

Awe, nothing like breathing in the fresh mountain air of rural North Carolina. I love my morning runs.

Texas was great, but I sure did miss home. Five years was a long time to be away. Sure, I came home to visit a few times, but four years away at college plus the year I spent traveling after graduation was more than enough time to realize there truly is no place like home.

I missed my parents terribly, as well as my sister, Chloe, who I have not seen since I came home for a visit during my first year of college. We are only a year apart, but she decided to go to college in Colorado while I continued my schooling in Texas. We never crossed paths during any of our visits home. It’s actually crazy that I have not seen her in so long. The only thing that makes the distance bearable is that we talk on the phone every day, and text back and forth constantly. Thank goodness for technology.

I know it made my parents sad not to have us home together with them. I could hear it in their voices whenever I talked to them on the phone, and I can see it in their eyes now. Being empty nesters is not a good look for them. Hopefully me moving back home will help make it easier on them.

But gosh, I really cannot wait to see Chloe again. She just graduated from college a few months ago, and then she got engaged to her boyfriend of a few years. They will be here in a few days to visit. I am beyond excited to see my sister. It really has been way too long. It will also be nice to finally meet her fiancé that I have heard so much about too. He sounds like a wonderful guy.

I wish I could meet someone to share the rest of my life with, preferably my mate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely happy for my sister, but a part of me is also a little jealous that she gets to have what I’ve been looking so hard for. The whole last year I spent traveling the world “working” when in reality I used that as an excuse to visit all the different werewolf packs I could find. I hunted for my mate in every state, every country, every continent, and never found him. To say I am devastated is an understatement.

I have actually been searching for my mate for the last 5 years though, ever since I turned 18 because that is when werewolves can start finding their mates. It’s just the last year, I really ramped up my efforts. I was adopted into a human family, and there are no werewolf packs anywhere remotely close to my hometown, which left traveling as a valid solution to my mateless problem. However, after searching everywhere and with my mate nowhere in sight, my guess is he must have passed away before I had a chance to meet him. That unfortunately is not unheard of. I am terribly upset I did not find my mate, but I will accept my fate. I just hope he has/had a good life and knew love. Regardless, I have come to the conclusion that it is time to move on and live my life the best way I can. What is meant to be will happen. I just hope I can eventually find someone to love that loves me back in return.

I finally arrive back home after my long morning run. I am barely sweating or breathing heavy though, perks of being a werewolf.

I amble into the house, closing the door softly behind me.

“Hi sweetie, you’re back? How was your run?”

Mom, I love her and I missed her sweet voice.

“Hi, mom! Yeah I’m back. Run was good. Relaxing. I’m going to get a shower. I have an appointment in a few hours to meet with the realtor to see some potential studio locations. You can come with me if you would like.”

“Thanks sweetie. Maybe I will. It is always good to get some input with these kind of decisions. Plus I need to get out of this house.” I could hear the smile in her voice. I know mom gets bored being at home all day by herself while dad is at work.

I pad up the stairs and into the bathroom. After my nice, long, steamy shower, I feel like a million bucks. I do my makeup, hair, and get dressed before heading back downstairs. Mom and I eat the lunch she prepared while I was getting ready for my appointment. Soon after, we head out the door to meet the realtor at the first of three locations I will be seeing today.

Two hours later

Mom and I finally got back home after meeting with the realtor. He definitely showed us some promising studio locations. I can see my business thriving in any of the three spaces. Mom liked them all as well. It will be a hard decision to make. I will have to take some time and think this decision over thoroughly.
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