Mated To My Sister’s Fiancé

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Rylee’s POV

I wake up to a beautiful late summer morning. As I blink away the sleep from my eyes, I realize the day has finally come. Chloe and her fiancé, Ryker, will be arriving soon. Dad should be on his way to the airport to pick them up. Their flight is scheduled to land any minute now. I feel like there are butterflies fluttering around in my stomach with excitement. I cannot wait to see my younger sister. My heart is swelling with warmth and love. I have missed her so much!

I jump out of bed, ready to get my day started, and stretch out all my stiff muscles. I really should think about getting a new mattress. I have had this one since I was ten. It has definitely seen better days.

As I begin to move around my bedroom, my mind drifts to Chloe’s fiancé, Ryker. I wonder what he is like. I hope he will fit into the family seamlessly. We like cohesiveness around here.

I know Chloe has repeatedly told me time and again that he is a real gentleman. I am hoping for his sake that is true. If he treats my sister badly, my parents then I myself, will have to deal with him. He does not want that. My parents would go easy on him compared to what I would do. I smirk to myself at the thought of what I would do if I would be put in that position. Ryker does not know what he would have coming his way if he hurts Chloe. Although, I trust my sister’s judgement, and if she says he is a good guy and he treats her right, I will give him the benefit of a doubt.

Chloe has also made it well know that Ryker is exceptionally easy on the eyes. If I’m honest, I’ve seen pictures of him, the dude definitely did not miss out in the looks department. I can certainly tell he hits up the gym too, his muscle definition is clear to see. You would have to be blind to miss it, and even if you were blind, you could read his muscles like braille, I’m sure of it. That thought makes me chuckle to myself. I shake my head to get rid of those thoughts. I do not need to be thinking of my sister’s fiancés yummy body. He will be my brother-in-law soon enough.

His personality is what truthfully matters though. If he is as great as Chloe says, then I am truly happy for her. She deserves a good guy. Some of her ex’s were definitely not winners, far from it to be exact. However, if he does turn out to be a douche, I will let them know my thoughts. I will not let my sister marry someone like that, nor will I let a guy get away with piss poor behavior, especially towards my little sister.

After stretching some more, I mosey over to my closet to pick out an outfit. This is the first time meeting my future brother-in- law; I need to make a good impression. As I flip through the different hangers, option after option flying by my face, I finally decide on a pretty navy blue and white striped lightweight summer dress. It is simple but looks great on me. This will do. I hang it up on the back of my closet door and pick out a simple pair of white sandals to wear with my dress. I then walk over to my jewelry box and decide that a simple pair of diamond stud earrings and my diamond pendant necklace will go well with my ensemble. After I decided on my look, I go to the bathroom to freshen up and complete my morning routine. I finish my look off with a cute loose bun on the top of my head and some light natural makeup.

After I finish getting around and look presentable, I decide to saunter downstairs. I can hear the ruckus my mom is making down there. She must be going into overdrive preparing for Chloe and Ryker’s arrival. The heavenly smell of food is wafting up the stairs. Instantly I’m drooling, ready to dive in. I have not eaten breakfast this morning, and I am starving.

“Hi mom. Do you need any help?”

“Good morning, sweetie! Yes, could you keep stirring the sauce so it doesn’t burn? I need to finish cutting these vegetables up.”

“Sure mom, but what are you making with sauce and vegetables?” I ask as I put an apron on over my dress. I do not want to get pasta sauce on it. That would be just my luck.

“Hmmm…..I am not quite sure. I guess I will make some pasta and throw the veggies in the sauce to cook. Then I will mix the fried hamburger in with the sauce and veggies once everything is cooked. We can put that over the pasta. I hope it turns out ok. I’m sure your sister and Ryker will be hungry after their long flight.”

“I’m sure it will be good mom. You are a good cook. You know what you are doing. So is there anything else that needs done before they arrive? We have about an hour until they get here.”

“Um, no I do not think so. I just need to finish lunch then everything should be set. I already cleaned the house, washed laundry, and put fresh linens on your sister’s bed. That was all I had on my to-do list.”

As I look around, I can see everything is glistening. I can smell the cleaning products mom used still hanging in the air, swirled with the scent of laundry detergent and fabric softener. She has definitely been busy this morning. The house does look great though.

“Ok.” I say with a smile. Mom is always so well prepared, even over-prepared at times. I know she means well and just wants everything to be perfect.
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