Mated To My Sister’s Fiancé

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Rylee’s POV

Just as mom and I finish setting the table, I hear dad’s car pull into the driveway. For some reason, I start to feel anxious, but I am not sure why. Maybe it is because I have not seen my sister in so long, even though we talk on the phone all the time. On the other hand, maybe it is the fact that I am going to meet her fiancé for the first time. Meeting new people sometimes makes me anxious. I try to calm myself down as I hear the car doors slam shut.

“Oh my goodness” my mom squeals looking out the window. “They are finally here!” She runs to the door to meet them as I wipe my hands on the apron before taking it off and hanging it up. My hands slightly tremble for some reason as I do so and my stomach feels like it is doing summersaults.

All of a sudden, I start smelling something delicious, and it is not the food we just sat on the table. It smells like fresh air and pine, but in a new combination that I have never come across before. My nose followed by the rest of my body begins to tingle. Strange. “What is that smell?” I mumble to myself as I keep sniffing the air. My whole body feels like ever nerve has been heighted just from this peculiar smell.

My wolf begins to whimper with anticipation, and my brows furrow. I am completely confused. This has never happened to me before, and I am not sure what to make out of it. My wolf is not offering any insight on what is happening either. She seems just as dazed and confused as I am.

All of a sudden, my senses start going haywire. My body feels like a fire has been lit deep within it, like a raging inferno but in the most blissful way possible. I feel comfortably warm as the flames lick at every inch of my insides. My anxiousness gives way to the most serene calmness I have ever felt combined with the highest excitement that I cannot explain. My wolf starts whining and going crazy. I can feel her pacing back and forth with anticipation and excitement. ‘What in the hell is going on?’ I think in my head.

My wolf answers decides to answer me. ‘MATE!!!’

“WHAT?!!!” I scream out loud.

As I slowly turn on my head towards the door, I see my dad, sister and Ryker have already entered the house and are now standing beside mom. All of them are looking at me. My dad, mom and sister are giving me a questioning look. Ryker is standing there ramrod straight with his head cocked slightly to the side, his eyes twinkling as they connect with mine. I bet my eyes are the size of saucers.

“Ryker” I whisper still somewhat dazed. My brain is taking longer to catch up to what is going on than my body is. He responds with a smirk pulling at his gorgeous plump lips. I cannot pull my eyes away from him. He looks somewhat confused, but…..happy? I am not quite sure.

Chloe is now glaring at me. I can see her out of the corner of my eye. I am fully aware everyone is still staring at me as well, but I cannot look away from Ryker who is holding my stare with his own.


“NO! No no no no no no…… this can’t be happening!” I think to myself as my brain finally catches up to what is going on. I scrunch my eyes closed hoping this is just a dream.

At least I thought that I said it in my head until my mom replied with, “Sweetie what’s wrong? What cannot be happening?”

I open my eyes again. This is definitely not a dream. Everyone is looking at me as if I am crazy now, except for Ryker. He is looking at me like….. well, he looks like he is in…. love…?
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