Mated To My Sister’s Fiancé

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Ryker’s POV

After Rylee bolted out the door, Sandy ushered us all into the kitchen for lunch, exclaiming she did not want it getting cold. I was starving before we arrived, having traveled all morning, but now I lost my appetite. My mind is on one thing, and one thing only. Or should I say, one person. My mate. My Rylee.

I cannot believe it. After eight years, I finally found my mate. I have been looking for her since the day I turned eighteen. I have attended parties every year where members of my pack and neighboring packs come together to hopefully find their mates. Every year I lost a little more hope. That is why after this year’s party, I decided to propose to Chloe. I thought I was never going to find my mate, and I might as well live out my life with her as happily as I can. The only problem is, Chloe does not know what I am, or what I do.

She does not know I am a werewolf nor does she know I am the alpha of the Blue Lake Pack. I have kept my personal life with her completely separate from my business life with the pack for the last four years, since the very first time I met her. Chloe has never stepped foot on pack ground nor has she met any of the pack members, not even my parents or best friend and beta, Carter. She is human after all, and I mostly did it to keep her safe. She cannot protect herself against wolves, even though we are mostly civil. I rather not chance it. However, perhaps that was just my excuse I use to make myself feel less guilty about shutting Chloe out from the biggest part of my life. Maybe I selfishly withheld the truth because she is human and not my mate. It helped to keep the werewolves’ secret safe from outsiders. It would also allow for an easier out from our relationship when I found my mate. Or so I thought.

In hindsight, maybe keeping it all a secret has backfired on me now. I am engaged to my mate’s sister. I am mated to my fiancée’s sister. Fuck! Talk about shit blowing up in your face. GAH!!! I frustratingly rub my hands down over my face, scrubbing my beard that is starting to grow back in.

How are Chloe and Rylee sisters? Chloe and her whole family are humans, except for Rylee. I am sure Chloe and her parents are unaware of this. I will have ask Rylee about it later, in private. I have never heard much on their family history, but it is obvious there are some secrets to be told.

I draw my attention back to the table. As we eat, Chloe and her parents, Mike and Sandy, idly chit chat and catch up. I, however, am lost in my own little world trying to process what is happening and what will happen going forward. I only partially listen to what they are rambling on about, answering questions when they are concerning me.

After lunch, Chloe and Sandy clean up while Mike and I retire to the living room. We both sit on opposite ends of the couch as Mike turns the football game on. Neither of us talk, which is fine by me. I have a lot on my mind, and I do not feel like engaging in menial conversation that will draw my attention from the important matters at hand. Chloe comes in, bringing both her dad and I a beer. She gives me a small smile and returns to the kitchen where her mom is washing dishes. I crack open the cold beer in my hand and return to my thoughts.

Shit! I cannot believe my mate is my fiancée’s sister. What are the chances? How does that even happen? Talk about cruel fate. I need to call Carter when I get the chance, and let him know what is happening and that I finally found my mate. He will be so happy for me. He has been in the same situation as me. Going to those lame parties year after year for the last eight years trying to find his mate as well. Maybe he can give me some advice on how to handle this. I laugh to myself. Who am I kidding? He will be just as clueless as I am.

I am so happy that I found my mate. I truly cannot believe it. My pack will finally have their luna, and I will finally have my second half, my soul mate.

What about Chloe though? I proposed to her not long ago. I promised her forever. What will she think if I leave her for her sister? What will Mike and Sandy think when I go from one daughter to the other. I do not want to come between family. That was never my intentions. Hell, maybe Rylee will not even want me. Am I getting ahead of myself thinking she will? It is a lot to ask of her. This will ultimately affect her relationship with her family after all.

Rylee and I definitely need to sit down and have a serious discussion on where we go from here. It is as much her decision as it is mine. I just hope we can work out the best possible solution for everyone. I know what I want, but I do not know the first thing about her or what she would want.

When Rylee ran off, I could tell she was distraught that I am her mate. No doubt thinking about her sister and her parents. If I would have never met Chloe, I am sure Rylee and I would have had the typical mate meeting where you instantly fall into each other’s loving embrace, or so I hear. Obviously, that has never happened to me. Without Chloe though, I may have never even met Rylee. I heave a heavy sigh of frustration. Mike looks over at me, and asks, “Are you ok, Ryker”? “Yeah, just tired. It has been a long day,” I reply and lean my head back against the couch. Mike makes a noise, accepting my answer and turns his attention back to the game.

I chug the rest of my beer, place the empty can on the end table beside the couch, and look at the tv. Chloe and her mom come into the living room to join us. They sit in the middle of Mike and I. Chloe on my right, Sandy on Mike’s left. Chloe goes to give me a kiss when I look at her, but I turn my head and her kiss lands on my cheek. She furrows her brows, probably in confusion, but grabs my hand anyway and intertwines our fingers together. I let her.

Chloe and her parents start up conversation again, and I zone out not hearing a word they are saying. My mind drifts back to Rylee. I wonder what she is doing right now. I am almost positive she is not with a client, taking pictures. I think she just used that as an excuse to get away from me because she was overwhelmed. Hell, I do not blame her. I feel overwhelmed and a little suffocated right now too. I wish I could have went with her. Maybe she went on a run. I could use a good run. My wolf is antsy. Especially since we found our mate, but she took off on us.

We need to know how she feels and where she stands. I know in my heart that my mate is it for me. There will never be anyone else in my mind now that I have met her.

Rylee is absolutely gorgeous. Just one look at her and I was stunned stupid. I could not look away from her, not with those long tan legs and tall slim athletic build. Legs for days as they say. Definitely drool worthy in my opinion. I know she had my mouth watering. She must be about five foot eight inches tall compared to my six foot four. In addition, Rylee has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. They are big and round, and a smooth honey brown shade, the exact match to her waist length wavy long hair. Truly unique. I wonder if that is the color of her wolf’s fur as well. Her smell is incredible too. Lemon and cedar, so refreshing yet hypnotizing at the same time. It definitely stirs things deep inside me. She gets my heart pumping as it never has before.

Having seen Rylee now though and looking at her in relation to her family, there are really no similarities in their appearances. Chloe is five foot four and has blonde hair and green eyes that matches her mom’s. Sandy stands about five foot two and Mike is probably close to five ten with dark sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Looking at them and comparing them all it is clear, Rylee does not biologically belong to this family. I cannot believe Chloe never told me her sister was adopted, unless she does not know.

There are so many questions that I need answers to. However, the most pertinent question right now is, how am I going to handle this situation? It is going to crush Chloe if I leave her for her sister. ‘That is if Rylee accepts us and not rejects us’, my wolf reminds me. I internally groan to myself. I have always had that fear in the back of my mind when I think about finding my mate. I pray she does not reject me. Damn that would destroy me, probably worse than we would destroy Chloe if I leave her. I cringe at the thought. She is a wonderful young woman, and does not deserve that. Sure, I love Chloe, I would not have asked her to marry me if I did not love her. The mate bond is just way beyond anything I have ever felt for Chloe though. I cannot fight it. Even now, just sitting here and Rylee being where ever she is, I feel the connection pulling us together. I need to talk to Rylee. We need to work through this.

As I am sitting on the couch, my hand begins shaking, startling me out of my thoughts. I look down at my hand and realize Chloe is still holding it. Confused, I look up at her. Chloe looks apprehensive as she asks me if I am ok. I must give her a dazed looked because she looks even more concerned now. “We have been trying to talk to you for a couple minutes now. Are you ok?” She asks again. “Yes, sorry. I am just tired and zoned out thinking about work at home.” I lie but she seems to buy it. Better than telling her the truth right now. “Ok, well mom and I are going to start supper. Do you need anything?” “No, I am ok. Thank you.” I give Chloe and Sandy a small smile as they get up and head towards the kitchen. Jesus. Suppertime already? How long have I been lost in my own thoughts for?

I hear what sounds like the car Rylee left in, puttering up the street. The car pulls into the driveway, and I know that Rylee has finally returned home. My wolf and I begin to get excited. I feel like my whole being has been awaken. While she was gone, I felt like I was sitting in a fog. Waiting. Waiting for her. After a couple of minutes, which I assume Rylee spent sitting in her car avoiding the inevitable, I hear the car door shut. I begin to smell her intoxicating scent, driving my wolf and I both senseless. Soon the door flies open then slams shut. I whirl around just in time to see Rylee barreling past me heading towards the stairs. She catches my eyes along the way, and I hear her heart begin to race. She continues up the stairs, taking two at a time by the sounds of it. I chuckle to myself. I must really have her worked up. I hear a couple doors open and close, with her stomping around. Then the shower starts running.

Boy do I wander what she looks look under her clothes. Her tall slender frame. Her magical eyes and long thick gorgeous hair. I just want to run my hands through it, and her beautiful face and dazzling smile. She is definitely a stunning sight. Fuck! Now I am getting all worked up thinking about her naked body only a floor away. So close, yet so far.
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