Mated To My Sister’s Fiancé

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Ryker’s POV

After an entertaining dinner of making Rylee uncomfortable, followed by some mindless chatter, I decided it was time to go upstairs and relax. I had quite an eventful day, and I am exhausted. However, I know I will not be able to fall asleep until I get to talk to Rylee alone. The few words and looks we exchanged all day were not enough to sooth my wolf or I’s restless souls. That is why I did not go into Chloe’s room when I got upstairs. I decided to go into Rylee’s room instead and lay down on her bed listening to the conversation going on downstairs.

Her room smells just as delicious as she does. The smell wafts all around me as I open the door, swirling and mixing with the darkness. Deciding to keep the light off, I find my way to Rylee’s bed and lay down. As soon as I do, her smell bursts up from her bedding, dancing through the air and up my nose causing me to catch a good whiff. My wolf instantly goes crazy with desire. I sternly talk him down, but not without difficulty. I have to admit, I want the same thing he does. Now is not the right time for that though.

When the conversation on the first floor unexpectedly turns to Rylee’s love life, my ears perk up. I get up from the bed and crack the door open to hear better, but I do so quietly because I do not want to alert Rylee to what I am doing. Since she is a werewolf, she has a keener sense of hearing then her family. I do not want to give myself away that I am listening in, although, she might already suspect it. Sandy asks her about any recent or current boyfriends she might have. Rylee quickly responded no, that there is none. That is a relief I did not know I needed, but what she says next completely stuns me. She claims that she never had a boyfriend before, and she was not rushing the process.

I am just flabbergasted. Rylee has never had a boyfriend before? Has she been waiting for me this whole time? Has she ever been kissed? Is she a virgin? My eyes widen with realization. My heart rate goes up and my breathing becomes shallower. My perfect beautiful little mate is as innocent as they come. She waited for my wolf and I to claim her and her wolf as ours and us as theirs. She never wanted anyone but her mate. My heart start jumping in my chest as my excitement grows. There is no way she will reject me. Not after waiting all those years for me. She finally has me. I am right here. I takes all my restraint I have to keep from marching down the stairs, throw her over my shoulder, and take her somewhere we could be alone. My wolf likes that idea and is egging me on, not helping dude. This is going to be a difficult week.

As I calm myself down, no thanks to my wolf, I bring my attention back to the conversation. I hear Rylee claim that they already know where she stands with relationships and everything that come with it. She states that she is saving herself for the man she knows she was made for, her soulmate. My heart jumps again, I was right. Rylee has been waiting for me. I feel sparks erupting all over my skin and I swear I am seeing stars. I do not remember ever being this happy before. I can feel my heart swelling in my chest. I know I have a stupid happy smile beaming across my face.

My happiness is short lived though as guilt trickles in. I did not wait for her. I gave up on her. I feel my heart break a little and my wolf whimpers. I make a deal with him that we will just have to make it up to Rylee. We will treat her as our queen. We will take care of her and be there for her every step of the way. She never has to be without us ever again. That I will promise her. We just have a few hurdles we need to get over first.

Rylee draws my attention back by bidding everyone good night. I hear her heart hammering in her chest as she starts climbing the stairs. This makes me slightly nervous. I wonder if she knows I am in her room, or that I just heard their discussion. I quietly close her door and stand in the shadows behind it. As soon as Rylee steps foot in to her room, before she can even turn on the lights, I grab her and push her back against the wall. Her breathing increases, her chest rising and falling rapidly. I hold her wrists above her head with one hand, and use my other hand to cover her mouth just in case she screams. Her heart rate speeds up but quickly slows back down when she feels the calming sensation of tingles and sparks that are erupting across our skin. She knows it is me. I hear her breathing even back out.

This is the closest I have ever been to her. We are standing toe to toe, chest to chest, nose to nose. With each intake of breath, our chests rise and graze the others chest. Her smell is even more intoxicating up close. My brain is starting to get muddled. With a moment of clarity, I quietly close her door and remove my hand from her mouth. I slowly glide my thumb across her bottom lip as I do so. It is soft, plump, and inviting. I continue by trailing the back of my hand across her jaw line gently. I see goosebumps spring up across her flesh as she shivers. A soft whimper escapes her lips. I love the reaction her body has to me. My wolf is howling with excitement. My hand continues to drift as my palm slides leisurely down the side of her neck, coming to rest on her collar bone. I hear the sharp intake of breath from Rylee. I do not know if the feeling of the tingles caused it, or if it was something else.

Realizing I was still holding Rylee’s wrists above her head, I release the one, but hold onto the other. As our arms gradually fall to Rylee’s side, my hand slips from her wrist to her hand. I intertwine our fingers and grip her hand. I do not ever want to let go. I have a notion she feels the same.

Rylee reaches over with her free hand and searches for the light switch, not removing her eyes from mine. Once she finds it, she flicks on her bedroom lights. Not that we need the light, being werewolves allows us to see in the dark. I personally think the darkness upped the sexy factor of the moment we are having. Maybe that is why she decided to turn the lights on. The moment could have been too intense for her.

With the lights now on, we both stare deeply into each other’s eyes, getting lost in one another’s magnetic pools. We are both breathing hard. Our chests are heaving up and down, still grazing as they do so. Our lips are mere centimeters apart. One little move and they would be touching. Tempting. With my one hand still holding hers and the other resting on her collar bone, we just continue to stand there. Gazing into each other’s eyes, breathing in each other’s breaths, inhaling one another’s scent, and enjoying the magic of the mate bond. The stories I have heard do not compare to what I am experiencing right not. It puts all those stories to shame.

As we continue to stand there, lost in our own little world, I snap out of my mate induced intoxication. I can hear the conversation still being had between Chloe and her parents. At least I do not have to worry about her walking in and finding us like this right now. I do not think either of us have the will power to step away, or know what to do or say that would not be considered crossing the line we currently find ourselves standing on opposite sides of. Finally, I break the trance we are in by whispering that they needed to talk, searching Rylee’s eyes for agreement. She nods and whispers back, “I know”, her eyes searching mine in return. Her warm breath breezes across my face with her response, and stirs something deep inside me. Before I can register the feeling, we hear Chloe dismiss herself for the night and slowly start ascending the stairs. Rylee quickly says “tomorrow”. I nod, and quickly give Rylee a hug and a kiss on the forehead before quietly and stealthily slipping out of her room.

I cannot wait for tomorrow.
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