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A knock on my office door startled me and I looked up just in time to see the last person I expected at my workspace. "Hello, dolcezza. How's your day going?" He invited himself in without asking me anything as I knew he rendered me speechless from the unexpected appearance he made of himself at my office. He settled down comfortably on the couch and smiled softly at me like we were in a healthy, happy relationship and he just came here to give his lover a surprise visit! Damn him… "What the hell are you doing here?" I asked coldly and he shook his head in amusement. "Last time after you asked the same question, I made love to you on your couch!" He winked at me. x------------x "Isabella, a hard-working architect who wants nothing more but to get rid of her past.... --- Alexander, an arrogant billionaire who wants nothing more but to make Isabella never forget her past!"

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1: Disaster


I was really excited, standing in the bridal room waiting for my call; to go out and show myself to the people and make a walk on the aisle to reach in the arms of my soon-to-be-husband whom I love the most.

As the door was knocked, I took a deep breath looked myself in the large mirror which was showing a beautiful lady with a white elegant yet sexy bridal dress with a silver crown on her head ,her hairs tied in a low bun and the few curls of her strands framing her face; making her look like an angel.

“Yes, coming!” I called out adjusting my veil to hide my face, feeling really giddy and nervous. But the person didn’t wait for me and came in through the door making me gasp aloud.

“What are you doing here at this time? You should be on the altar waiting for me because I’m ready to be your wife, baby.”I said while staring at him with wide eyes. He shook his head and I looked at him confusedly.

“Forget about it because there is no marriage happening, Bell!”He spoke with a thick Italian accent which made my toes curl but now what he said confused me more.

“Why? Did something happen? Did I do something wrong?” I stepped towards him with worry but he instantly stepped back from me, like he didn’t want me to touch him or even close the distance between us. I stopped and felt hurt but ignored it because I wanted to understand the situation.

“No. Nothing’s wrong with you and me. But I don’t want to marry you. I can’t marry you, Bell!”He shook his head, denying me.

“WHY?” My voice raised suddenly because I’m getting frustrated by each passing second, my heart was hurting and beating really fast, and he’s not helping at all.

“Don’t fucking raise your voice at me, Isabella!” He bellowed and I again took a step forward.

“Or else what? You’ll hurt me, or shoot me or bury me alive in this dress when I’m so ready to be your other half for a life-time, huh?” I yelled at him without fearing from his threatening demeanor. He massaged his forehead with frustration and agitation.

“Bell, just leave already! I don’t want to see you near me. Okay!” He whispered without looking up and when I analyzed him, he was looking disturbed and afraid of something.

“Hey, look at me.” I lifted up his chin with my cold hand and he shivered. “Tell me what’s wrong? Did someone threaten you? Share whatever it is with me, I’ll understand but please don’t do this to us.” I spoke softly and he stared in my eyes without breaking it. I want to assure him that I’m here with him, at every step of our lives to support him, to be the shoulder he needs whenever he wants. When he continued looking in my eyes with a lost look in them, I caressed his cheek tenderly to comfort him and he instantly leaned into my touch like he’s yearning for it. This made my lips curl in a soft smile because I know he loves me, too.

For a moment or so, it was just me and him, standing close to each other, savoring the warmth of each other’s presence near and I, caressing his cheek and he, breathing softly and feeling my touch on his skin. And then he opened his eyes slowly, looked at me and suddenly he pushed me away with a force that I can’t endure and fell back on my bottoms with a thud. I cried out in pain and disbelief while he turned around and left without giving me a second glance. His actions assured me that after all this time, he used me some disposable thing and when he felt like he don’t need me for the pleasure so he discard me like a trash, left me on the floor in a bridal dress, utterly broken and unmendable, sobbing, mourning and curled on the solid cold floor in a mess….

4 years later:

“I think I’m okay with that design you made.” I appreciatively looked upon the creative wonder on papers in-front of my eyes spread on my desk.

“It’s an honor for me, Ma’am.” My most favorite employee as well as my good friend, Saira smiled at me with a glint in her eyes.

“Oh please! You know you already rule over my heart. Don’t act so normal.” I wavered my hands in the air in dismissal and she chuckled.

“I’m just teasing you. Anyway, when do I have to start working on this?” She asked me while collecting all the important papers from my desk’s polished surface.

“As soon as possible!”I said with a polite smile and she nodded her head enthusiastically.

“SO…. How’s everything going in your workaholic life?” Saira asked me after a while in a sarcastic tone, making me sigh audibly.

“Everything is going well as you can see I’m in love with my work rather than some pathetic, liar, cheater of any male species.” I said and she rolled her eyes.

“Oh please don’t you dare start on that ‘4 years ago’ topic again. I’m seriously planning on transplanting myself with another fresh pair of ears.” And it made me laugh really hard.

“Okay how about the male you befriended with last I checked?” She winked at me and this made me freeze for a second or two.

“He…. he’s a good human being, a good moral support in need. In-short he’s a great package of a friend but for love; I’m unavailable and he doesn’t see me as anything other than as a friend.” I shrugged my shoulders carelessly.

“Oh really! But he’s hot.” Saira’s eyes were distant and dreamy.

“I can play a match-maker for you.” I winked at her and she literally turned into a tomato while blushing.

“Aww you’re so cute!” I smiled at her adoringly and she rolled her eyes dramatically, trying to control her and I wavered her off.

When I came back from my workplace, I ordered some fresh juice and a healthy dinner because it was a really tiring day for me today. I took a long, soothing bath with a light instrumental music playing on my phone for relaxation and then when I finished, I wrapped myself in a towel and went out just to go into my walk-in wardrobe to dress up. But someone suddenly wrapped a strong muscular arm around me from behind and the other hand’s palm covered my mouth preventing me from making any noise. I panicked and started throwing punches, elbowed the stranger in the ribs and he groaned in pain and his grip loosened. I jumped away from him and ran into the closet, locking the door shut. My eyes were wide from shock and horror of the situation because he could be anyone… a rapist, a robber, a murderer or… I don’t know but suddenly I felt dizzy and sat down on the floor, still trying to process whatever happened a while ago!!

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