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Chapter 7

I woke up to the sound of my alarm on my bedside..

I rolled on my stomach and checked the time:11:00am.
Lazily I made my way to the washroom. After yawning several times and fighting against my sleep,I got dressed for breakfast.

As I was descending the stairs I heard dad say:
" It's okay everything will get better and besides your dad also wanted this." I peeked in the lounge and first got a glimpse of Dexter. He was staring down at his hands and an emotionless expression was on his face. But most definitely he was not happy. Something was bothering him.
I put my ear on the wall to get a good hearing.

Yeah I do eavesdropping too.

" I don't know I just think I won't be able to make it as successful as dad. And yesterday Ryan also called from the company to inform that all the new deals are failing." Dexter sighed and leaned his head back on the wall.

"Your dad had faith in you and it was only you he talked about once you were born. He always dreamed of you walking to the company one day and easing his burden, make it stand where it deserves to be." Dad squeezed Dexter's hand.

" That's the problem. I'm never good with fulfilling expectations."

" I'm sure once you go to the office with me, you'll do good."

"Mor...ning." I yawned,dragging myself on the breakfast table and behaving as casual as I could.

"Sleeping beauty is awake." Dad grinned.

I rolled my eyes and busied myself in eating pancakes.I was enjoying my heaven when mom squealed from living room: "Sylvia I chose some dresses for you to wear at tonight's party...Oh my god Celeste this dress is so beautiful!" Mom turned back to the magazine.

"What party,mom?" I questioned,unaware of anything happening around me.Instead of mom, Celeste replied.
"A ball party,dumbo." Cleste huffed in a duh-tone.

Before I could doze into my thoughts,Dadcaught a pancake from my plate and bit into it.I slapped his forearm.He grinned and went upstairs. Meanwhile I saw Dexter stood up and immediately left the living room and went out of the house.

Something is surely bothering him.

I dusted the bits of pancakes and went to sit with mom.She showed me some long dresses for ball parties. I had never seen such elegant dresses before.Each of them were breathtaking. I couldn't choose,they were all same:beautiful.

Celeste swiped through pages of magazines and at last selected a dress for me.It
was a strapless dress,brushing the floor.A bit of embroidery was on chest area,tight from waist.Celeste said we could make colour changes, so I chose:blood red.
I was done with my make up and dressing,thanks to Celeste.I,one last time checked myself in mirror: perfect. Celeste rolled my hairs in curls and did a natural make up.I was waiting for Celeste for more than a hour now,outside my washroom.Suddenly the door creaked and revealed Celeste?
My eyes widened and my jaw dropped.She was totally someone else.She looked at me and wiggled her eyebrows.
"Beautiful." I spluttered.
"Thank Y...Oh god Sylvia you haven't even wore your shoes!"She exclaimed, wearing her stiletto.

I looked at my stiletto and feet.I,in no hell was going wear these high heels.Cleste motioned me to wear it.
"Have you planned to sprint my feet or what?" I questioned,clearly disapproving them.
"Sylvia don't act like a two year old,you are big enough to wear them. " She mocked,a little irritated.

"Men made these heels to make women fall down so they could show their superiority." I joked.

She rolled her eyes.
" God, I've to check on Dexter too. Where have I gotten myself into?" She huffed and checked herself one last time in the floor length mirror.

" I'm sure he's big enough to get ready himself." I said.

" Duh. But that's not the problem. He was reluctant to go because of all that company problem but I pushed him. " She looked concerned.

" That's good. A party would surely put him at ease." I spoke with a hint of sarcasm and mock. She knows how much I hated parties.

She rolled her and exited the room.

I plopped myself on my bed and began to wear damn heels!

After buckling the strap I got up,ready to go downstairs;when my heels got stuck in my long dress.I became asymmetrical but hopefully steadied myself. Right at that moment door unlatched, revealing a strikingly hot Dexter.He was wearing a tuxedo with red bow.His hair were perfectly made and like always his ocean blue eyes,drowning me in.His hands were slipped in side his pockets.
"I...I...where is Celeste?" At last he managed to say.

"Downstairs." I was looking straight in his eyes.

"So you matched your dress with mine." He folded his arms on his chest and wiggled his eyebrows. I didn't realize this...Damn both of us have matching dresses! Before I could make any excuse,the door once again opened but this time in a hurry.

"We're getting late,for God's sake come down...by the way both of you look stunning in these dresses." Mom squealed,eyeing our dresses.A smirk was plastered on her face and then I knew who did this!! It wasn't a coincidence but a plan . Celeste was surely involved in it. Mom left us in awkwardness. Dexter turned towards me.
"How many boys have you planned to kill?" He asked sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes and proceeded towards the door or struggled in my heels and dress which was brushing the floor.
"Need any help?" Dexter asked.
"No,I am fine." But it was clearly a lie. I moved but failed.Dexter made his way towards me and offered his arm.
"Come on sy,I am not an alien." I rolled my eyes.

Sy. I like it.

I tangled my arm in his and let him carry my whole weight.The second my hand went over his arm, my veins went electrified. His scent was making every hormone in my body alive.

"You're too stubborn." Dexter declared,moving downstairs and helping me along.

"More than you could imagine." I joked.

Now it was his turn to roll his eyes.

The moment we went down,everyone was already gone? They actually left me with Dexter Ainsworth.I couldn't belive this.Oh I forgot,Dexter is the most trusted boy for my parents!

Dexter opened the door of his black SUV. What a gentleman!

The ride was quiet between us.Either Dexter was on phone or he didn't want to ruin the mesmerizing surroundings. It was dark outside but a few lights showed that we near some light? I closed my eyes and layed back. Music begin to echo through the car:
" you're lovely,with your smile so warm, And cheeks so soft ,
There is nothing for me but to love you,
The way you look tonight.

A lump was stuck in my throat.I layed there still, awkwardness building between us.

"With each word your tenderness grows,
tearing my fears apart
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
touches my foolish heart.

I saw from the corner of my that his lips had turned upwards. He was smiling. He looked calm compared to back in the living this morning. Though bags were forming under his eyes. One thing was sure, he was very good at masking his emotions. He never showed that he was unhappy or stressed out. He chose sarcasm and his cocky attitude to shield it. Wow, I never thought I would go that deep into a person.

Suddenly a thought occurred to me.
" Stop the car!" I screamed and instantly Dexter put on the breaks and it screeched to a halt.

"What's wrong?" He looked at me with concern.

" Is there anyway we can ditch this party?" I pouted.

Dexter exhaled with relief and moved his hand through his hair.

" God, are you always this dramatic or today is a special day?" He sarcastically asked.

" I'm down today. My true self would surely force you to bow down at me." I smirked.

"I'd love to see that. " He grinned.

" So are we ditching it or not?" I asked.

" Won't your mother kill us for not appearing with in...ten minutes?" He asked while checking the time on his watch.

" Not if I've dairheia and you're looking after me." I winked at him. He laughed and looked out of the window.

" And where exactly do you want to go, patient?" He raised his eyebrow.

" Surprise me, doctor." I replied not hiding the excitement.

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