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Chapter 8

Have you ever had the experience of pulling into a park with the most uncomfortable dress on? If not then let's have one.

" Do you really expect me to go into that sand with this frock and heels on?" I looked at Dexter as we stepped out of the car.

" And did you really expect me to take you to a seven star restaurant with this frock and...heels on?" He raised his eyebrows at me.

" oh wait...I can take you to a fashion show though." He grinned and pointed at my dress.

" Now I didn't know your surprise would turn out to be spending the night in the park." I shrugged and unbuckled my heels and carried them in one hand while grabbing the ends of my frock with another. I stepped on to the cool sand of the park.

We settled for the swings. My frock brushed the ground as I slowly swayed on it. The wind was cool and misty as it whirled my hair around my face. Dexter sat on the swing beside me and began swinging lightly as his shoes scratched the ground. I looked up and smiled as the familiar full moon sparkled over us. It was a starry sky tonight.

" Have you ever talked to the moon?" I asked Dexter while looking at the sky.

" I can't talk to someone who can't talk back to me. He shrugged and looked at the moon.

" Not all talking is done to get a reply. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you without saying anything or passing any judgement. You talk and it listens until you finally feel relaxed and assured to let it all out. " I smiled faintly remembering all of my talks with this moon.

I felt him shift in his swing and then he stood up. I gazed at him. Our eyes locked for a second and something passed in his eyes. Pain and hurt. He quickly looked away.

“ So you think the moon listens to you?” He chuckled as he began to walk away into the park. Did I do something wrong? I felt guilty. Gathering my frock, I jumped down and as a result my curls loosened and my hair covered my face.


I slowly walked through the park but Dexter was nowhere in sight. He had disappeared in the moonlight of the night. Just as I was about to scream his name, I saw a silhouette walking ahead of me. It was him. His back was turned towards me and he had shrugged off his coat and his sleeves were also folded up, his toned arms perfectly prominent. The shirt was also tucked out of his pants. I caught up with him.

"Woah...where're you going? The exits this way." He never acknowledged me but kept on walking until we reached a lake. He took off his shoes and socks and we dipped our feet inside.

" Ouch! It's cold." Dexter said and immediately pulled out his feet.

" Give it some time. It'll turn to normal." I said as I began to move my feet around while sitting on the edge of the lake.

" How long are you planning to live here?" I asked Dexter as he sat beside me and dipped his feet inside the lake, our arms brushing.

" A couple of weeks. Already missing me, huh?" Despite the darkness I knew he was smirking.

" You wish." We turned silent and only the sound of the water could be heard as we moved our feet around. Suddenly the crickets began to speak in the night.

" How are you so fearless?" Suddenly Dexter asked.

" Ah...huh?"

" I mean you were so bold back there when you ditched that party. You were not afraid for once as how would your mom would react. And then when you almost killed that harasser last week and saved yourself." He looked at me now and I saw a glint of spark in those blue eyes.

" I guess that's how I am. Wild." I shrugged.

" Wild. " He tasted the word and began chuckling.

" You're not afraid of taking risks." He looked at the sky.

" Nope. Not a chance." I clicked my tongue to the side of my mouth.

" Besides, its my life. I want to live it my way; full of risks, adventure and thrill. I want to feel every moment of it. I don't want to die ,regretting that I didn't do anything which I wanted to do in my life. " I smiled and closed my eyes as I said this. I could feel his eyes on me.

" A.nd...and what if somewhere life doesn't go the way you want it to, then?" He was intensely looking at me now. Waiting for my answer.

" Then I embrace it because I know what I did was exactly what I wanted. At least I wouldn't blame anyone else for my life. And it's my belief that God only gives us the pain that we can endure. So what to fear, dude? Just take a deep breath and...live!" I raised my head to the sky and spread my hands wide around me. I peeked to my side and saw Dexter staring at me and smiling crookedly. Ugh I love that smile.

" You know what I've noticed about you?" I rested my hands beside either side of my thighs on the edge and looked at him.

" Ain't you noticing me too much, Sy?" He smirked and I rolled my eyes.

" ...that you don't look around you. Look at every minor thing. Come'n Dexter look and tell me what you see." I pointed into the sky.

" Well...I see a moon, stars and darkness." He said.

" Look deeper."

" I see a lake with the tree’s reflection..."

" Go on."

" Grass, mud and I see...you." It was unexpected for both of us as we both became quite and stared at each other for what felt like eternity. The entire universe rolled around us as we both stared. Suddenly a car passed on the road and it's headlights fell on Dexter's face, revealing his gorgeous features and those ocean blue eyes. Instantly we both looked away.

" What's your favourite colour, Sy?" Dexter asked out of nowhere. Probably to kill the awkwardness.

" Blue." I whispered as a smile crawled on my lips. It was the colour of his eyes.

" What about you?"

" Hazel."

Let me forget the fact that I've hazel eyes.

Another awkward silence began.

"Have you noticed how some of the best nights of your life are the ones you didn't plan?" I asked.

" Yeah. Just now." He leaned back on the ground and laid down on the ground while resting his hands behind his head.

" I have a feeling, a lot is going to change in my life, this summer." He whispered in the night.

" Change can always take place. Only if you're willing." I smiled and leaned back down beside him. Our sides were touching. Very much and it erupted currents within me.

" Sy is mature too, huh?"

" Good at giving advice, I guess."

The moon began to hide behind the clouds and cold wind swooshed around. Though the temperature was falling but I felt warm. Probably because of Dexter's presence beside me. The trees tussled, making the leaves fall down.

" Sy."


" it's raining." Instantly a raindrop fell on my forehead. But both of us didn't move.

" Should we get up?" I asked still staring at the moon.

" Do you want to?" He asked.

" Do you?" The rain was starting to come down hard now.

" Your dress 'll get ruined and I'm sure your mom won't be pleased to see that." We both chuckled.

" Told you, give it some time. It'll turn to normal." He looked at me for a second and then smiled understanding what I meant.

The water in the lake. It was no more cold. Normal.
Just like our lives would be one day...normal.

" Let's go before the rain gets too hard on us." Dexter helped me get up and while holding hands we ran through the park and back to Dexter's car. The dress might have gone wet but it was worth all the rest of the dresses that I had worn to balls.

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