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Chapter 10

Can we meet at Starbucks today? Just like old times? I miss you.
I parked my Lamborghini in our usual spot, under the palm tree. Taking my keys out of the ignition I stepped out. I peeked to my right to see the spot empty beside my car which meant Sebastian wasn't here yet.
Late, like always.
I shrugged off my denim jacket as the usual warmth of Starbucks hit me. I scrutinised my eyes to the spot we always choose to sit in but this time it was occupied by an old couple so I settled in a chair right next to the door. The cashier, Aedan waved at me from the counter. I waved back and smiled. I knew most of the workers from here as I did an internship here last year.
I focused on my phone as I had no other thing to do and I wasn't into staring other people while they enjoyed themselves. Suddenly, my eyes fell on a girl outside the shop , no more than 10 years was sitting in shabby clothes and arguing with her mom. Her mom too had not cleaned clothes on.
" Dude, you beat me once again." I looked up to see Sebastian. He put his car keys on the table and took the seat in front of me.
" And you're late,once again." I glared at him.
" Fine, forgive me." He touched his ears as an apology. I rolled my eyes at him. I looked outside but the girl was gone.
" You know I can't be mad at you."
" I know." He chuckled and lightly punched me on the bicep.
" Damn, it's been so long since we last hung out in here." I stretched my arms.
" Yeah life was good before he interrupted." His expression changed suddenly as he turned serious.
" Get to the point, Sebastian." I kind of knew why he was here. He wanted to talk about Dexter. Though I still hoped he wouldn't lecture me about him.
" Look I don't mean to snoop into your life. But I really feel like he's not good enough." He finished.
" You mean Dexter?" I looked at him through narrow eyes.
He didn't answer that as if not caring what his name is.
" First you're my best friend and you have a full right to watch out for me but that doesn't mean you start calling any random guy my boyfriend. And second if you don't like him than it doesn't mean he's bad." I shrugged.
" So now you'll take his side and leave your best friend, I see." He scoffed.
" Seb, it's not about taking sides okay. He’s a nice guy and why are you even saying this?” I asked.
He sighed.
“ Okay well, I just don’t like it when he gets too friendly with you. I mean we were supposed to be best friends, no?”
I chuckled.
“ God, you’re such a baby.”
“ What? No!” He folded his arms and looked away.
“ Look, I know we’ve not been hanging out much lately but that doesn’t mean we’re not best friends any more. You’ve been hanging out with Celeste a lot too. Did that make me jealous? No.”
Suddenly a blush covered his cheeks.
“ Hmm, you’re blushing.”
“ No, I’m not.” He blushed even more.
“ God, you’re so cute.” I pinched his cheeks.
“ Get away.”
Suddenly my eyes fell on a bruise on his nose.
“ Hey, what happened you on the nose?”
“ Fell on the road.”
“ When will you learn to walk properly?” I giggled.
“ After you teach me, mommy.” He chuckled.
I scooted closer and leaned towards him on the table. Putting my hand on his nose, the place where he had a bruise. I said:
" Falling slowly, eyes that know me, and I can't go back. Moods that take me and erase me....," a smile crawled on his lips as he realised what I was doing. " You have suffered enough,and warred with yourself . It's time that you won..." Sebastian now put his hand over mine on his nose.
" Stop you've a horrible voice." He grinned.
We both bursted out laughing.
"We're such a children. " He declared while laughing.
" No, I'd sing that even to my kids." I grinned.
" Just because your mom sung that to us?" He smirked.
" ugh I miss those days." I chuckled.
" I'm sorry for being an asshole before. I mean it’s your life." He whispered. I walked towards him and said.
" No sorry and thank you in friendship." He opened his arms and I hugged him. He embraced me in a bone crushing hug.
" Seb, you're suffo- cating- me!" I tried to say over his muscular arms.
" Arh...sorry." He quickly let go.
" I'm sure you didn't just call me here to apologise. Come on spill the beans. " I folded my arms.
" What're you talking about, Sylvia?" He tried to play dumb.
" You know you're very bad at hiding, Seb. " I stared at him with I'M- NOT-GOING-UNTIL-YOU-TELL-ME- SO stare.
" Fine." He threw up his hands in air.
I raised my eyebrows.
" I like Celeste. A lot." He waited to get my reaction but I was blank because I was kind of expecting it.
" What? You're not surprised?" He asked shocked.
" You think I'm blind? I didn't know what was going on between you two?"
" So you knew all long?" He stood up from his chair.
" Yeah and I didn't say anything because I waited for you to tell me yourself. And guess what, I'm really happy." I smiled at him.
" you're not mad?"
" why would I be mad?"
" Because I stopped you from dating Dexter and now I'm telling you I like his sister." He looked down ashamed.
" But you apologised too. And again...WE'RE NOT DATING!" I almost shouted as I moved towards the counter to order our drinks.
" YOU WILL ONE DAY!" He shouted back.
We walked towards the counter where I greeted Aedan and a couple of other workers I knew.
We ordered our drinks. While we were waiting my eyes once again stared outside where the same ten year old girl was sitting with her mother. Her mother was scolding her and she was crying, while pointing at the door of Starbucks. Her Mother was fidgeting through her wallet, crashed it upside down but all came out was just one dollar. I instantly knew why she was crying. She wanted to get a drink but her mother couldn't afford it. My instinct punched me and I rushed out. Sebastian followed me.
I kneeled down in front of the girl.
" Hey." I offered my hand. She looked up with tears in her eyes. Her mother wasn't in sight though. She was sitting alone now.
" My mommy told me...to never talk to...strangers." She said over hiccups. I wanted to kiss this little cutie.
" And guess what? Your mommy sent me to get you a drink. You want it, right?" I asked.
She nodded and rubbed her tears with her small fingers.
" But...I don't have any money. Mommy...says we're - poor." She looked down.
" I-uh-" I was in the verge of tears now. I couldn't speak.
" Mommy is wrong. You're the richest person in this world." Sebastian kneeled down beside me and took her hand.
" Really?" She perked up.
" Yes. So with that said lets get you a drink." We stood up. One hand intertwined with Seb's while the other intertwined with mine, we walked back in Starbucks.
" What's your favourite drink?" I asked as we stopped in front of counter. Aedan looked down at the girl and then at me and then nodded understandingly.
" I've only had pink drink once in my life. But my mom likes latte. "
" Dragon drink and caffè latte please." I told Aedan. He gave the order while he talked to me.
" I've never seen anyone as generous as you. Thank you for helping these people out." Aedan said sincerely.
" Aidan, I never help them. It’s God who sends help, either through me or someone else. Today it's me. Tomorrow it'd be someone else. " I shrugged and ruffled the girl's hair.
" what's your name, cutie pie?" Aedan asked the little girl.
" Alaia." She whispered and automatically the corners of my lips turned up.
Aedan scribbled on the drinks and handed it to us. I payed.
“ Sylvia, I just got a call from office. I need to leave.” He gave me a quick hug.
“ See ya.” We exited together.
I and Alaia walked back to the table where Alaia was sitting previously. I put the drinks on the table with five hundred dollars. Alaia looked up at me in confusion and I smiled.
" You know what 'Alaia' means?" I asked.
" Joy." She giggled while sipping through her drink.
" Yeah. I shall never see this little joy turn into a poker-faced again. Understood?" I ruffled her hair.
" Underst-ood." She giggled totally lost in her drink.
" Now wait for your mom. Don't get lost." I grabbed my phone and wallet and turned around to leave.
As soon as I stared the ignition, a middle-aged woman with several accessories in a basket came by my window and began knocking. I rolled down the window.
" Please, can you buy some of my accessories. I've a daughter whose hungry. Please. Please Miss." She pleaded. I sighed.
" I'm sorry, I don't have any money right now. I gave away all I had. " I showed her my wallet.
She looked down and began to leave but I stopped her.
" But, I'll pray to God to help you get out of this difficulty. " she smiled and mumbled a quick thank you before getting out of sight.
I unlatched the front door to meet with an impatient Celeste.She was pacing in lounge.
"Oh for havens sake Sylvia ,why are you so late?"
" Sebastian and I met after a long time, we lost track of time."
"Whatsoever come let's go to your room..." She was now running along the stairs,her right hand gripping my left wrist.
"Woah,Celeste slow down."
As we reached the room she locked the door and jumped on the bed:
" Tell me Sylvia,did Sébastien talk about me?" She raised her eyebrows.
"Holy fudge balls! What did he say?" She was now jumping up and down.
" He said you...uh-" She broke me in mid sentence.
"Sylvia he said what!?"
Suddenly a plan hit me.
"You're nice but not his type,he wants someone to be more perfect and less talkative.' He said that'". The expression on her face was priceless.I roared into laughter.My stomach was aching badly.
"Haha...Cele...Oh God!" I rolled onto my stomach.
"What so funny?" Celeste asked.
"I...was kidding." Tears were rolling down my cheeks.
"Everything you said was a lie?" Celeste asked in a warning tone.
"Yea...h." The second 'yeah' blurted out,I was running for my life.
"Bitch I'll get you.How could you do this!!
Suddenly my speed subsided as I bumped in...Dexter!
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