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Chapter 11

I felt like crashing into a brick wall and then automatically loosing my balance.I closed my eyes,ready to fall down but-it never came.Dexter held my waist firm in his grip.I opened my right eye to assemble into blue orbs,shinning brighter than stars.His touch was tickling me from head to toe. Maintaining my posture I tried to stand but once again dropped in Dexter's embrace.
"You, okay?” Dexter asked.
I was so lost in the moment that my ears became voice proof of every sound.Celeste waved her hand in front of my eyes but no avail.
"I think you should let her fall down...she'll come back to reality." Celeste suggested.
"Dexter can you plea...what's going on?" Dad came walking in hallway,dressed in his night pyjama.The sudden presence of dad made Dexter jump.I landed on floor with a loud thud and a piercing pain in bump. Celeste rolled into fits of laughter.Dexter looked at me apologingly and helped me to my feet.
"What are you all doing in hallway,this late at night?" Dad raised his eyebrows.
I and Celeste replied simultaneously.If we would have told them about Celeste chasing me around the house,they would have asked us the reason and this would mean telling them about Sébastien. Dexter would have nailed Celeste by now.
"...Ar,we decided to drink water and then watch movie in theater, downstairs. Right, Sylvia?" Celeste nuged me in waist. She truly knows how to cover up.
"Right...yes." I nodded.
"And which movie are you watching." Dexter folded his arms.
"Harry Potter."
"Fifty shades darker."
I cursed under my breath. Where on earth fifty shades came from? Celeste has gone out of her mind.Dexter started laughing. Dad was browsing through his buisness papers on phone which was fortunate enough.
"I'll join you two after some work,to watch 'Harry Potter' and 'Fifty shades darker'...Let's's go Jacob." They left us standing in hallway,Dexter's laughter dieing with their footsteps.
"Harry Potter,seriously? No one talks about that dumb series now." Celeste now twisted her face like she gulped down full bottle of vinegar.
"Watch your tongue,that's my favorite series.And fifty shades darker? Are you out of your mind?"
"It's not my fault.It came out before I could stop it!" Celeste was now loosing her nerves.Miss trunchbull in Matilda would surely fit.
"Ok fine.Lets go in basement before Dexter gets a chance to mock us again."
"He is a prat." Celeste scoffed.
Two or three would be an understatement.We watched five or six movies. Dexter joined us in our third movie:Everything Everything. Most of the time was spent in silence as we concentrated on movie.Popcorns,coke and chocolates were sprawled on seats.We played shrades and Dexter made us laugh by telling us his ambarrising stories like, once he mistakenly entered girls washroom or When Celeste did make-up on his handsome face and right at the moment his crush arrived and got scared off. Most of the time it was I and Dexter . Celeste was busy texting someone. We were going along very well.
" If you ever get an opportunity to use a time machine, would you go back in past or future?" Dexter asked.
" Future." I automatically replied.
" Huh, why?" He raised his eyebrow curiously.
" Suffocated childhood." I shrugged.
" And you'd choose past, won't you?" I asked .
" Yeah." He nodded and smiled.
He must love his parents a lot that he wants to give up seeing his future and go back to meet them.
" What's one thing you miss the most about her?" I asked and he knew I was talking about his mom.
" The bed-time lullaby." He sadly chuckled.
" Go on. I'd like to hear it."
" It's embarrassing." He shook his head.
" come on ,I guess we're past that stage. You've already told me a lot of embarrassing stories. And I'm sure if this is from your mom, it won't be embarrassing." I smiled and nodded at him.
" Fine. Here you go..." Dexter began to sing it. Somewhere in between Celeste joined him too and together they remembered their mother. I felt tears forming in my eyes but I remained strong.
" That's it." Dexter looked down and closed his eyes. Celeste moved towards him and hugged him. He kissed her forehead. It was such a small act but it left me crying. I stood up to to give them some privacy when Dexter caught my hand, still hugging Celeste and smiled at me.
Time flew swiftly. Dexter checked the time and I gasped: it was 6'oclock in morning. We dumped our trash and parted our ways to our rooms. I brushed my teeth,combed my hair and slipped under my blanket. I tossed and turned but sleep never came. Celeste’s snoring was louder than polar bears'. She crashed on my bed as she was scared of sleeping alone. After struggling for what felt like hours,I dozed off,theatre's memories came flushing in my mind; like a dream becoming clearer and clearer with each passing moment...
I woke up with Celeste dancing on my bed in tank top. As she was jumping in zest so I was going up and down as well.
"Sébastien and I are going on a date.lalala." her new nursery rhyme was echoing in bedroom.At last she took mercy on me and plopped herself beside me.
"I know Sébastien asked you out for a date but have you selected your attire for tonight?" She cupped her mouth with her hand.
"Shit!" With that she sprinted out.
I sighed deeply and gazed at my bed on which I was sleeping seconds ago,nonchalantly. I hopped out of the bed and perorated into washroom. Stripping out of my clothes,I jumped in hot shower to evade dizziness.
I scrutinized my wardrobe and at last ended up in casual shorts and top.I plonked my hair in messy bun and tucked my top in shorts. Although it was dusk but still decided to crash in library:my love, saviour and what not but after food. As I turned in the corner,dad came into sight with two rosy red apples,he tossed one at me which I caught in mid air and begin to chuck through.
"Samantha called me to tell you that she and your school fellows are getting together in jade café.If you wanna go,contact her." Dad declared,halfway through his apple.
"Why didn't she call me?" Dad chuckled.
"She did but the sleeping beauty you are,you didn't pick up." Dad punched my bun lightly and departed.
Library was my first priority so I didn't give parties a second thought.I proceeded towards Celeste's room to check on her. I pushed the door ajar to examine the horrible witness.Myraids of clothes were scattered on bed,floor and even the window. Accessories were thrown in every direction.The tiediest room I ever saw in my life. Note the sarcasm. Right in the heart of the room was standing Celeste in picturesque look.
"You look beautiful." I moved towards her and helped her with earing.
"Thanks.Sylvia if you don't mind can I take your car for today?"
"Sure,just drop me to library."
Ok then,let's goo..." She dashed out of the room,her voice trailing behind.
Celeste dropped me in front of library.I missed this place so bad.The first hour was spent catching up with the librarian and going through books. The other hour was spent reading, heaps of books were sprawled on floor,beside me.
"Ping-pong." I grabbed my phone from the floor and swiped through the notification: Samantha had sent a video.
People were giggling and cracking jokes.Most of them were from Lawrence Park High. A boy who I did not recognize stood up and raised a toast: "this is for our reunion!" There was a chorus of 'cheers' from the crowd,followed by claps and hoot.I instantly clutched my phone,dashed books to their respective places;bid farewell to lucy(librarian) and sprinted out. First it wasn't any party type get together and second: Samantha would continue to send videos and make me jealous.
The sun had already set,making sky the colour of red ruby.The road was abandoned. I unlocked my phone to call an Uber since Celeste had taken my car, when suddenly a black SUV caught my eye. The car slowed down and began to reverse. My eyes caught the number plate which said:AINSWORTH in bold letters.
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