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Chapter 12

The car slowed down and begin to reverse.My eyes caught the number plate which said:AINSWORTH in bold letters.Car stopped in front of me and the window rolled down. A mickey mouse face was exposed first. My lips curled into a smile.Dexter was underneath the mask,trying to scare me. Seriously? Mask still on his face,he said:
"I am trying to scare you,get scared!" He started making hilarious noises.But he didn't know he failed.
"Are you serious? You want me to get scared of Mickey mouse,my first crush?Better luck next time!"
"Bad luck." With that he unmasked his face.I put a hand on my heart and made a terrified face.
"Now that's scary." Both of us began to laugh.
"Your dad told me to drop you as Eric is busy with your dad and Celeste took your car for shopping." He opened the door and I climbed in. I knew why Celeste had not told Dexter about going out with Sebastian because things weren't normal between them yet.
" Where're other drivers?"
"I don't know.Where do you want me to drop you,ma'am?" He asked dramatically.
"Wherever you like." I played along.
" Now if you want to go back to that park I-"
" No, absolutely not. I don't wanna get scolded again for ruining my dress." I chuckled.
" I wish I could get entertained." He smirked.
" Whats with you and your wishes of seeing me getting scolded?" I glared at him.
" It gives me pure bliss." He laughed and I punched him on the bicep.
" Go to hell." I muttered.
" I'd love to if you join me." He was hiding his smile now.
" I hate you." I pouted. This made him laugh harder.
The car began to travel through abondoned streets,with street lamps,illuminating the road and giving the perfect view of the shops on our right and left. With a screech the car hauled to a stop.
"Last time I checked,I didn't tell you where to drop me." I said as I saw jade café.
"I am Dexter Ainsworth.I have my resources." I rolled my eyes.He grinned croockedly,showing his perfect teeth case.Oh god,his smile drives me crazy.
"Oh yeah,I forgot." I hopped out and closed the door behind.
My eyes landed on a girl with perfect curves,simple yet elegant and tustles dangling from her shorts pocket.Our eyes met and Samantha immediately ran towards me,almost knocking one of the glass down.She unlatched the glass door,stepped down from the stairs and engulfed me in a tight hug.
"Hem hem..." someone coughed from behind.
We broke our hug and turned to see Dexter,one hand handsomely thrashed inside his jeans pocket and the other clutching my phone.I peered down to see my empty hands. I mentally face Palmed myself.
"I must have forgotten it in the car." I extended my hand. Dexter placed it in my Palm and turned to leave but Samantha stopped him:
" Hey handsome,won't you join us?" She said this almost drooling over him.Dexter turned to me:
"Should I?" I was taken aback at sudden recognition and turned as red as Sam's tank top.
"Er...ah...why a...re you asking me?"
Sam shook my shoulder a little and cupped her mouth.
"You are dating this Greek-god!OMG!"
"We're family friends." Dexter said.
"No we are not dating." I reassured her.
"Ah that sucks.Anyways come join us,you'll have the best time of your life." She started climbing the stairs.
Dexter looked at me with 'your friend is weird' look.
"Some other time." He opened the door,sat inside and vanished from the view.
Sam's eyes were glued to the spot where Dexter's car fitted neatly, seconds ago.I grabbed her arm and climbed the stairs,his "should I" echoing in my mind;bringing a delighted feeling to my heart.
A cold breeze hit us as we entered the café. I immediately recognized a few faces from high school. We moved our way through the crowd of teenagers.
" Look, who's here!" A girl with whom I had English literature in last semester shouted.
" Ooooooh!" Everyone shouted and Samantha raised a toast on my entrance.
I mumbled a quick thank you and smiled at everyone. Samantha, sending my discomfort dragged me to the far end of the room. It was dimly lit here and music, less screaming. We made ourselves comfortable in couches,facing eachother. Sam ordered our usual and dismissed the waiter.
"What are you up to nowadays?" Sam questioned,cocking her eyebrows.
"First you vanish from the surface of earth right after your birthday party then you come back to a reunion with a Greek God who doesn't take a step without your permission and then you tell me you are not dating? I may be dumb but I have eyes which sees more than it tells." I sighed.There was no way she's gonna let me go that easily.
"Ok then,what do you see?"
"That you care for that damn Greek God!" She screamed.
Most of the attention was on us now.Both of us waved to the direction of crowd. They chuckled and turned back to what they were doing.
"Stop acting innocent,I know you like him a lot." I giggled.
Relief washed over me as the waiter came by with our order.He placed our food and was halfway through delivering our drinks when accidentally he spilled our drinks on Sam's tank top.
"I am so sorry Miss.I was putting it the right way but I don't know how it happ-I am so sorry." Sam brushed the liquid down with her hand.
" It's ok." Sam said,waving it off.
I guess his apologizes were more than the damage made by him.
"I didn't like this top but still wear it in respect respect to my boyfriend,so I should probably thank you." Sam winked.
Waiter chuckled: "But I am still kinda guilty, so if you guys take this order as my opology,I would be very thankful." Honesty and guilt was evident on his face.
"Won't this effect your pay?" I asked.
"My pay isn't worth this food from me to you guys. He childishly blushed and departed.
"He is a nice guy." I turned towards Sam.
"I know because he helped me get rid of the top." She grinned.
I rolled my eyes.
"Why do you call Damien your boyfriend? Sam...you don't deserve him.You deserve someone who would care for you,make you feel like you are the only one;he would look at you with love,pleasure...I don't get you."
"The way Dexter looks at you?"
I ignored her inappropriate compliments.
I was frustrated and beyond that I wanted to punch Sam and knock some senses in her.
Damien was Sam's childhood friend. Samantha shared everything with him. She even told him the first time she got periods. Damien was Sam's childhood crush.As If he was a bad luck he never cared for her feelings but Samantha couldn't control herself when she was around him. Every time he turned her down,she came back with more effections. Samantha was truly a definition of love. The way her lips crawled up;the way brightness consumes her face,every time Damien is around makes me wonder if she'll ever forget him...but Damien...why does he do this?! You get one life in which you get some goals to achieve;memories to be made.You can never except life to be always happy,can u? But you can also not just sit back and wait for a burden to crush you,so you could never lift up.Problems never stop coming.They are merely upgraded.The happiest life,I believe would be being responsible for what you did and come back with more courage.You cannot write your fate but you can atleast control it?
"Welcome back to planet earth." Sam snapped her fingers in front of me.
"Huh...yeah so where were we?"
"I...Damien is really something else, Sylvia. Even if he doesn't love me back,my feelings would never change . I'll wait for him. I love him...I love Damien black." She sighed deeply and put her head on the table.
I squeezed her hand and put my cheek on his hand. I felt torn apart,seeing her this way.
"I had planned my whole future with him. Get married in California, honeymoon in Europe and love him till my last breath.I thought of him as a dream and he ended up being a nightmare." Her voice broke down.I tried to soothe her down by patting her back.
"Shh...you'll be alright."
We continued to sit in the same posture for a time when I shook her a little.Grabbing her head,I forced her to look in my eyes. I had to be strong in front of her and when I was such a bold girl,how could I make her feel like a piece of shit.
"Sam look at me.You are not just a girl.You aren't some hopeless girl who is deprived of love." My temptations were somewhat effecting her.She was regaining her posture so I continued:
"You aren't a drop in the Ocean but you are the entire Ocean...You need to show the real you to that shit and make him regret for letting you down.You need to become dauntless,not for me,him or anyone but for yourself. I know he doesn't give a shit about you but its okay for life to suck some times, right? Hell yes! But you don't have to continue with a life which sucks but you need to solve it,make it happier.If he gives you hundred reasons to cry,you have to give him thousand reasons to smile.I swear you'll win this time. Be a master to your fate,fight with an equal force. He's gonna beg you to come in his life." I finished up with a confident smile tugging my lips.
Sam was now sitting up straight,she rubbed her tears away.
" Oh my God! I got this! Thank you Sylvia. I think I know what to do." She quickly bid me goodbye and left.
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