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Chapter 13

Stop the car or I'll jump!"
Celeste screamed over the high music.
"Sorry but the car's not gonna stop." Sébastien declared,increasing the volume.
"For fuck's sake babe stop the car or u won't like my puke on your handsome face." Celeste scoffed,fighting with the car's handle.
"Sébastien stop the car or she'll ruin my brand new Lamborghini." I shook Sébastien shoulder from back seat.
Although I waved off Celeste's offer to pick me from café,she insisted to do otherwise. She came back from her date with Sébastien to pick me up, full drunk and unconscious. Sébastien told me she drank tequila to calm herself down but instead went otherwise. He said he kind of enjoyed Celeste's this side so he was teasing her from the moment he set foot in my car.
He parked the car and Celeste opened the door and sped out.She threw up three to four times while Sébastien rubbed her back.I was sitting in the car,admiring the view when my phone started ringing.I peeked at my phone screen to see an unknown number. Nevertheless I picked up.
"Sy where are you? Your mom's anxious." Dexter asked from the other line.
" Where did you get my number." This man was really something else.
"I have my resources syyyy." He declared in poetic Tone.
I chuckled and rolled my eyes. Oh he couldn't see me and that made me chuckle more.
"By the way who are you coming with...your mom wants to know."
"Sébastien and Celeste." I regretted instantly. Dexter wasn't supposed to know that Celeste and Sébastien were together.
"What do you mean by Celeste and Sébastien?" Dexter was now loosing his nerves.
Sylvia think,dumb ass think.Why does my thinking process ends when I need it the most?
"Hello...sy you there?"
"Yeah, actually Celeste picked me up and then Sebastian called to pick him too. " I sighed after making up the best excuse I could.
Dexter sighed deeply and continued.I imagined as his shoulders slumping down whenever he sighs.His husky voice brought me back to the phone call.
"I sent you a grocery list, bring up the things."
"Are you cooking?" I asked amused by the thought.
"Yeah and you are gonna help me so be quick." With that the line disconnected.
"Babe,Let's go home." Celeste spoke as Sébastien helped her get in.
"Shh...go to sleep." Sébastien occupied the driving seat.What luck or disaster my fate had designed for me was soon to reveal.
Things were unexpectedly expected. Dexter and I were in kitchen cooking Asian food:Biryani and karahi. Sébastien and Celeste were upstairs,cleaning Celeste.
Talking about us,the master chef's weren't doing well. Kitchen accessories were scattered in every direction,starting from the door to back door. Utensils were thrown on countertops and spices,well they were in air making a reddish fogg;which would choke u to death.
"Sylvia pass me the salt." Dexter extended his hand without averting his eyes from the mixture on stove.
"Where did u put it? I cannot see anything...ah...Is this supposed to be salt?" I asked holding a jar with white substance in it.
"Sy that's sugar." Dexter grinned and put in the salt spotting it from his side.
"How do you know?" We chatted for an hour, with him making so called biryani and I helping him with cutting vegetables and side stuff.
After about almost 2 hours both of us locked gazes and then eyed our food.
"Wasn't this supposed to be yellowish?" Dexter asked,spreading the rice on a dish.
"This smells heaven." I whispered with my eyes closed and breathing in the aroma.
"After all both of us made it." He gestured for me to arrange the table in dinning room.
I arranged the glasses on the table followed by some plates,fokes;spoons and knives. Dexter folded some napkins and showed me his 'Dexter style napkin folds' which were folded in a glamorous way.
"Now I'll show you 'sy style folds'." I smiled,snatching the napkin from his hands.
I tried to fold it then unfold it many times but miserably failed. Dexter was rolling on his stomach with laughter.
"Wait and watch, ok." I tried once again but failed.
"Come , I'll show you how its done." His fingers brushed with mine as he showed me his tactics.
"Are we gonna get any dinner today...Oh wow looks like u guys really worked hard." Celeste climbed down the stairs and inhaled the aroma.
"Looks like Sébastien did a good Job too." I whispered in Celeste's ear as we took our seats.
She turned pink as Sébastien came down and occupied the seat next to Celeste.
"You're blushing." Mom pointed out as she and dad walked in their pj's.
"Because this dinner smells heaven." Sébastien declared.
"I am sorry if I stink,because I am too hungry to take a shower." Dexter apologized,assembling next to me.
"You smell like rotten tomatoes." I joked with closing my nostrils with my hand.
"And you smell like raw eggs." Dexter spatted.
"That makes us even." I said.
"Looks like your raw eggs and rotten tomatoes have been fruited." Mom commented with enjoying our delicious Asian food.
"Definitely." Celeste replied as she put a mouth full of biryani in her mouth.
"Ummm...I don't believe this Sylvia." Sébastien mocked.
"I don't believe it myself." I said as I ate the first bite.
Ummm it was truly heaven. A bit spicy but was neutralized with coke and salad.
Now all of us looked at dad for appreciation.
"Well u guys...did a wonderful job!" The table erupted in chuckles.
I and Dexter did a high five and than went back to eating.
"Who taught you all of this Dexter?" Mom asked.
A moment of silence passed through the table when Dexter replied: "Granny."
"Mrs Bella is a very nice woman,I met her once." Dad said.
Celeste smiled to herself before saying:" She is our everything."
An awkward moment came. The air was thick.I couldn't breathe.I gulped down the leftover coke.
“Guess what guys?" Sebastian killed the silence.
" My friend works in CN tower and he got me free tickets for edge walk. I thought it would be a great idea if we go together and beside Dexter and Celeste will get a chance to see Canada too." Sebastian suggested. Dexter looked up at Sebastian with a stern expression.
" That'd be great,I guess." Dad said.
" I don't think so. Edge walk seems dangerous." Mom said while being overprotective. I felt my heart sink.
My mom had always been the criminal of killing my plans. She thinks I'm too young to do such things let alone drive myself alone. That's one of the reasons I'd like to go in the future rather in past if I ever get a time machine.
" It's all protected." Celeste chirped in.
Everyone looked at her.
" My friends... back in US did it." She defended. Dexter looked at him with suspicion.
" What do you say, Dexter?" Dad asked him.
" As long as we don't have work at office, I'm in." He simply stated.
Okay now he looks hot talking about work.
" Okay then what time? "
" Tomorrow. 10:00 am. "
" We'll be there." Dad stood up and left.
Mom put down his folk, intentionally making noise and then left with 'I -still -don't -approve -it- look-'
" Excuse me, I've to make a call. " Sébastien too left.
After Celeste went out, Dexter said: "You did a great job."
I rolled my eyes and said: " I just helped you with cutting vegetables,failed napkin folds and washing dishes if that even counts."
Dexter came closer and whispered: " Your mom haven't seen the kitchen yet...I'm going out to save my ass."
As if on cue mom screamed from the kitchen:"Sylvia we need to talk!"
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