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Chapter 14

We were seated in the car and talking about random stuff when my phone started ringing.
It was Sébastien.
"Hi!!" Sébastien greeted.
"Hey!" I replied.
"Where're are you guys?" Sébastien asked,clearly impatient.
" On our way."
" I thought you got scared." Sébastien teased.
"I am a brave girl." I giggled.
" I know. By the way I've got free food too." We both giggled.
We just love food too much.
" I'll make sure to not eat anything on my first date. My boyfriend will get scared and might run off."
" I'll kick his balls then." He laughed.
We headed to the front deck which would give us information. Sebastian was already there. There,on a side was a long queue,waiting for the tickets. A man in his late forties escorted us towards a lift which led us to 116th floor!
We changed into the suit,provided by them.It had belts and was in redish colour.I was excited and thrilled.My last electrifying ride was in roller coaster with Sébastien.
At the same time dad and Dexter came,wearing the same suits.
"Just on time." Mom said.
We attentively listened to the manager about details:" Edge walk is CN tower's most thrilling attraction and world's highest full circle hands-free walk on a 1.5m wide ledge, encircling the top of the tower's main pod.It is 1168ft above the ground..." Sébastien gasped and whispered in my ear:" 1.5m wide and 1168ft.Lets forget this Sylvia.This is nothing compared to the Rollercoaster."
"Sébastien it would be over in 30 min,don't worry." I reassured him.
"...you would be going in groups of six people . you'll get printed photos,a keepsake video and certificates of achievement .Participants will also experience Lookout,glass floor and Skypod...follow me."
We passed through a short,narrow hallway which had framed photos of people accomplishing edge walk. A door was connected at the end of the hallway.A cold breeze hit us as the door opened.The workers helped us stand on the ledge and connected our suits with ropes which were attached to the tower's main pod.For a mere second I was unbalanced but steadied myself. I took a quick glance downwards.
We were leaning back on Toronto!
It was a breathtaking taking view with nothing but air and lake Ontario beneath. It was a different experience for me altogether. A girl who’s parents had never let her go on a rollercoaster was standing one hundred and sixteen storeys above ground!
Wind swooshed , whipping our hair in our eyes. Fortunately, it was a hand-free walk so I put them in a bun.We started walking,struggling ourselves through wind.I didn't realize Dexter was walking beside me, until he spoke:" loo...sy!". Swooshing of wind was making it impossible to hear.
"Dexter,a bit louder!" I screamed on top of my lungs.
"Look down,Sy!" He gestured down.
We both gazed down at the same time,colliding our foreheads.
"Ouch!" We said in usion and erupted in laughter.
We walked for about 15min when we reached a camera.Dexter elbowed me.I raised my eyebrows at him.
"Look at camera,not me!"
Before I could do so,picture was already snapped.
We made witty faces at each camera and laughed over our own jokes.
"Look at this one,Sy!" Dexter touched my forearm to gain attention. I peeked at him and roared into laughter. He made a monkey face with squid eyes.
"Stop it Dexter or I’ll fall down! " I tried to stop him by punching his arm and forearm but he continued.
“ Sy!”
“Yeah!” We we’re now covering the the last corner.
“ What do you call a bird who’s afraid of heights?” He screamed.
“ What?”
“ A chicken.” Everyone in our group started laughing. While I just rolled my eyes. He grinned. He loves to annoy me.
We had accomplished our 30 min edge walk and returned back to where we started.It was one of the outstanding experiences of my life and maybe I’ve to admit the fact that it wouldn’t have been one without Dexter’s constant lame jokes in background.
"Sir,do you want to have a go at glass floor and Skypod?" The same manager asked dad.He handed over our photos and videos to Sébastien and Celeste who were now examining them.
"Sure." Dad replied and we begin to follow manager.
He stopped in front of a door and led us in. We looked through the Skypod and were awed. It was a spectacular view,about 1,465ft above the ground. Night was falling,diminishing semi-darkness everywhere. Lights,engulfing the city,illuminated the Vista.An elevator on the lookout level was designed to travel to the core of the tower,an additional 33 storyes above the Skypod.As we reached the 33 storey above the Skypod,all of us inhaled deeply. It was the most eye-catching view I ever saw.The visibility was as far as to Niagara Falls.
We stayed there for 10-15 minutes, standing silently as we took in the beauty.
After that we went around the corner to stuff ourselves. I ordered burger,fries,coke and was halfway through it when I felt a sharp pain through my head. I clutched my head in my hands and closed my eyes.
"You okay, cupcake?" Dad asked me,concernly.
"Yeah. Perhaps its because of the height I engaged to." I tried to assure them but it was clearly not just this.I was feeling nauseated. I ignored it and made myself live the moment.Suddenly I caught Sebastian’s eye ; he was glaring at me with deathly stare.
" Don't complain,argue or show any kind of horrible expression . I'm already nervous. " Sébastien said.He was pacing his room from last 20 minutes and playing with his fingers.
After eating we decided to head home but as Sébastien wanted to tell me something important so we were dropped at his apartment.
"Only if you'll tell me.I am waiting for you to spit it from last 20min but you are not!"
"Ok,ok I'm trying.He gulped down the water and positioned himself with me,on bed.
I raised my eyebrows and motioned for him to continue.
"I...I like...I really like Celeste. " He blurted.
" You already told me that, Sebastian."
"Yeah...there's more." He said, a little hesitating.
I waited.
" I'm thinking about... I don't know." He sighed and plopped down on the sofa beside me.
I picked up an apple from the basket and began biting through it.
" Won't you help me?"
" Only if you tell me anything." I shrugged.
" I'm thinking about telling her that... I like her. " He finally said.
" That's great."
" You think she likes me back?"
" She does." I chuckled remembering my last conversation with Celeste about Sebastian.
" What so funny?"
" Nothing." I shook my head.
“ How did your date night go at the club other night?” I asked.
“ Cool. I guess.” A hint of blush crept on his cheeks.
“ Come on, tell me everything.” I scooted closer to him.
“ There’s nothing to tell. It was a normal night with a girl.” He shrugged.
“ Oh who’re you kidding? It was Celeste, for God’s sake!” I chuckled.
“ Fine! We kissed.” He looked away.
“ Oh my God! Why are so...sad then?”
“ Because she was drunk and I don’t think it means anything to her.”
“ Believe me, it does.” I nodded.
“ Really?” A flicker of light appeared in his eyes.
I nodded.
“ It’s time you become a man and confess.”
“ Yeah I think I should. “ He nodded.
"Ok let's grab some snacks and watch Netflix." Sébastien suggested.
"Yes!" I pumped my fist in air.
It was nearly midnight and we had watched 1st season of stranger things and some movies.
" When are you going back to LA ?"
"I have a friend's wedding to attend and some old friends to meet...in a month,probably."
"How about if you take Celeste with you to the wedding?" I asked.
"Yeah that would be great.I would get a chance to introduce her to all of my friends at once."
I nodded.
"What's up with you and Dexter?"
I choked on popcorn and almost spilled coke.His question took me off guard.
"Er...nothing, why?"
"You are differnet around him." He declared.
"Why do you hate him so much?" I asked,changing the topic.
"I don't know why but he doesn't like me. " He shrugged.
" No, he's just overprotective for his sister." I defended.
" I know but I don't feel good while dating Celeste behind his back. Beside we'll eventually be together in US."
" I guess Celeste should talk- ," I coughed and quickly pressed my hand over my chest as I felt a pain shot through my collar bone.
" Yeah." I excused myself to the bathroom.
As I was coming back from the bathroom Sebastian got me off guard by standing right outside the door.
" Holy shit! You scared me."
He was staring at me with arms folded.
" Why are staring me like that?" I asked as I played the TV. He walked towards me, grabbed the remote and switched off the TV.
" Seb what're y- "
" You're not taking your meds, right?"
" Seb, not today." I sighed and sat down on the bed.
" Sylvia why don't you understand. It's your life you're playing with!" He almost shouted.
" I know. " I picked up at my nails.
" Sylvia look I care for you. Today it's angina, tomorrow it can be atherosclerosis and then heart at- " He stopped and sighed.
" Do you know why I liked you Sebastian, because you never questioned me. You understood me so well. You knew how I never want to bother anyone for my problems. I don't want to get the bad things in my life consume me. I want to forget and move on." I stood up.
" But Sylvia this can't go away with forgetting. You need to fight." He walked towards me.
" You think I'm not fighting? And beside who says I'm not taking my meds? I do take them, I just...just don't want to make them part of my life. I want to wake up fucking every morning and not think that today I'll be damned with another angina attack! I want to fucking...live, Seb. I want to see the world." The last two sentences were in a low voice.
He walked towards me and hugged me.
" We'll fight this together. You're my Sylvia. The strong Sylvia. " He kissed my forehead.
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