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Chapter 15

Lipstick...yeah red one!"
"God where did you put it...eyebrow brush,Mascara, eyeshadows...here you go-catch it!"
"Can you ask Sebastien to wait for 5 more min?" Celeste asked, while applying lipstick .
"Man,it's a shameless act to make your date wait for like what 100minutes.'' I replied back.
"I never told him to wait...he wanted us to stick together every time and show an impression of a couple.''
I furrowed my eyebrows.
"Okay! Okay.Now don't start lecturing me again on 'if-I -like-Sebastien-then-why -not -be -a-couple." She was nonchalant and a bit irritated. All I knew was that she was taking her relationship for granted.
"Lets hope you're not gonna dump my best friend." I said,while trying to clean the mess of clothes, Celeste had made.

"of course not! I just want to have some good time before starting my uni-'
She was cut off by Sebastien breaking into the room.
"I'm actually seeing our couple to beat the rest...Bride and groom as well." Sebastien winked at Celeste. Sebastien was wearing a black tuxedo while Celeste paired it up with white floral dress. Sebastien was actually surprising me day by day with his interest in romance. She rolled her eyes and departed from the room.
"What's the matter with her these days?" Sebastien asked.
"I'm not sure but seems like her admission in California college of arts has turned her focus towards it." I folded the shirts which were thrown on floor.
"she wants to beat the bush,I see." He bid me farewell and left.

I sighed and landed on my bed with hip first then legs. I turned over my stomach and clutched the pillow under my chin. Suddenly my eyes landed on the map on my wall. I examined it carefully. Since I was a child I wanted to be free and go to every country in the world, sit with people, listen to their stories, eat their food. I wanted to experience every kind of home this world had to offer.

I unlatched the door to my closet and grabbed my diary. While sitting on the swing, I began to scribble.

" Everything seems to be happening in a rush these days. But the good kind of rush. It's like finally the adrenaline I wanted to experience from very long finally unveiled itself. My whole life has been upside down since...Dexter entered. When I look at him, I feel like the missing piece to my puzzle has been found. He just has this vibe around him which attracts everyone in the room, or perhaps it's just me. Everything I've been hoping to experience seems to be possible around him. It's like the dream I have in me seems to be reaching its goal when I'm with him. I think I..."

The creaking sound from behind the window forced me to stop. I took a look but nothing. I put down my diary and went to use the bathroom. Just as I was done,I opened the door-

"Aaaaa- someone covered my mouth with his hand. My eyes widened and fear started building. I struggled to uncover my mouth but to no avail. I bit on the hand hard.
Shit. It's Dexter!
"For-god sake Sylvia,I wasn't harassing you." He mocked while checking his injury.
"Even if you plan to , you can't." I shrugged and sat on the bed.
He rolled his eyes and put his injured hand in his pocket.
"Couldn't your reflexes do something else instead of screaming?"
"Well if you hadn't scared the shit out of me in the first place , this wouldn't have happened."
There was a knock on the door as dad said: "cupcake,are you awake? Just wanted to collect my charger."
I looked at Dexter and panic arose in both of us.
"Yeah dad...give me a minute!" I shouted back.
" Now hide because dad doesn't know you are here or came through the window." I said as I moved to open the door but stopped.
"Where are you going?" I asked him as he proceeded towards the door as well.
"Downstairs to hide." He said sarcastically.
"Will you stop teasing and hide because it's gonna question my character." I realised my mistake instantly.
"Ah...I meant I...I-
"No worries, I'll hide in the bathroom."
"Don't know why are you being nice but-
" Sylvia what's taking you so long?I have to do some important work."
"Coming, dad!" I opened the door after making sure Dexter was completely out of sight.
"Thank God!I thought I had to break down into your room." He shuffled through the racks and bedsides while my eyes were stuck on the bathroom door.
"Something wrong?"
"Uh...no,all good."
A loud noise came from the bathroom and then the sound of switching on the shower.
"Is someone in there?" Dad asked as he took a step towards the bathroom.
"No! I mean no,it's just the shower...some problem with shower. Yeah."
"Ok,remind me tomorrow morning to get it fix..."
There was some more clattering in bathroom ,things being thrown,accidentally.
"Uh...dad you should go and take some rest,it's already midnight." I tried to convince him.
"You are right...goodnight." He departed not without giving me a weird eye. I closed the door and sighed with relief.
" Your shower gel smells awesome...and of course your mermaid hair shampoo and towel."
Dexter was leaning on the door frame with water dripping from his hair and collar. He was actually looking handsome.
" You nearly got me killed."
He moved towards me as water droplets fell on my rug.
"And ruined my rug." I pointed down.
Instead of being sorry he smiled. Not even an apologetic expression. How rude.

" Care to tell me what brought you here?" I asked as I sat in the window frame.

" I was missing my old friend." He shrugged.

I shook my head.

" You are running from dad, aren't you?"

" You got me." He chuckled.

I heard dad was giving him a hard time in the office.

" You work so hard, don't you?" I asked him.

" And I deserve a tour around the world, don't you think?" He joked.

I sighed and looked out the window.

" Did I open an old wound?" Dexter asked while walking towards me.

I kept staring out at the stars and the moon, illuminating the night. Suddenly I turned around.

" Come on, I'll show you something." I jumped on my balcony.

" Sy, What're you-"

" Just follow me. " I gripped the ladder connecting my balcony to the small room on top. I began climbing it.

" But why-"

" You question a lot, Dexter." I said , my voice began fading as I climbed on the last step and hopped in the room.

I smiled as the familiar warmth hit me. It was a small room with no roof. It had two walls. One wall was filled with my paintings as a child and the other had a huge world map pasted on it. My telescope sitting in middle and a few diaries filled with facts about different countries. A huge plastic castle of Elsa, identical to the one in Disney was resting, now covered with dust.

" Woah." Dexter called from behind me.

" What room is this?" He asked as I proceeded towards my telescope.

" My dreams."

" Huh?" He walked towards the wall with world map and looked through it.

" You mean you want to tour around the world and...go to Disney world?" He asked, surprised.

" Yeah." I adjusted the telescope and looked through it.

" So what's the problem?" He asked, now fidgeting through the facts on countries.

" It's not as easy as you think." I sighed. The moon looked beautiful just like the first time I saw through this telescope.

" Wait...what is this stuff toy for?" He picked the soft cotton candy cushion from the floor and pointed it at me.

" Oh I loved cotton candies a lot so my dentist gave me this so I wouldn't end up with cavities in teeth."

" You chewed on it whenever you craved for one?" He asked sarcastically.

" Kind of. I was just five."

A moment of silence passed where I observed different planets and moon.

" Now I didn't know all your wishes could be fulfilled if you ask for them at Trevi fountain in Italy. " He looked up from the diary with the facts about Italy.

" Look, a shooting star!" Dexter screamed. I looked up and really there was one.

I ran towards the window and kneeled down on the knees. He too sat down.

" close your eyes, quick!" I asked him.

" But why?" He looked confused.

" Just close your eyes and ask for your biggest wish."

I too closed my eyes and closed my hands in fists and wished. After a minute he shook my shoulder.

" Care to give me an explanation?" He asked.

" If you ask for your biggest wish in front of a shooting star, it gets fulfilled." I stood up and walked up to the world map, examining it.

" How can a mass of rock burning in the atmosphere make your wish come true?" He walked towards me.

" Read it somewhere." I shrugged. He chuckled.

" You know as a kid I had three wishes.”

“ Well I’m here, what’re your other two wishes?” He crookedly smiled. Damn, did I just blush?

“ Nothing.” I rolled my eyes and began to to rub the dust off from the castle.

" Where do you wanna go?" He asked me while looking at the map.

" What?"

" Here, " he picked up the darts.

" ...have these and make your target. Wherever it lands, you'll go there."

" Dexter, stop."

" I know it's hard but just do it once. " He looked at me.

" Dexter it's not a joke okay. Come on...lets go down." I began descending the stairs.

" Sy, listen!" But I was already halfway down.

I jumped on my balcony. He hopped beside me.

"Fine. Then Come with me. He walked towers the railing and looked down.

" Where?" I asked .

" I ruined your bedroom rug with water then made a joke out of your dreams, right? Let me make up for it. " He began climbing down the railing.

"I think there is this thing called stairs which leads downs-"
"There is this thing called fun-which can only be felt through reckless things." He winked and once again melted me with his crooked grin. I grinned back.
He offered me his hand but I decided to rely on my own strength. He jumped down without further ado. I tightly held the railing and after counting three released it. I landed on the surface with a loud thud and someone's hand. Dexter?
"Ow Sy, what's wrong with you?First my finger and now my hand." He whispered in a complaining tone.
" It's your fault to always appear out of the blue." I replied back.
"Anyways...sorry." I said.
"I didn't hear. Could you repeat it?"
"I'm sorry."
"I still can't hear you...a bit louder." He declared,mischievously.
"Sorry!Sorry!Sorry!Sorry!So-" I shouted close to his ear.
"Fine. Fine,I accept your apology." He moved away,shielding his ears. I smirked.
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