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Chapter 16

" What's the worst accident you've ever come across?" Dexter asked as we walked down the street. Tapping my finger on my chin as an impression of thinking,I raised my eyebrow,not to mention it was so cold to even raise them.

"Fell from the monkey bar ,I guess."

"And that's the worst?"

" One fractured arm, left foot sprained while several scratches on body. " I grinned.

" Was it really the monkey bar that you fell from?" He sarcastically asked.

I laughed in response.

" I was a naughty child." I folded my arms over my chest as as we turned a corner.

" I pity your parents." He chuckled.

The road was abandoned and except for the street lamps illuminating the road, it was dark. We had walked out of the commercial zone. It was just the grass and fields surrounding the road. We had come pretty far away from the home.

" I hope my mom doesn't check on me tonight. " I said. If she does I would be surely grounded for the rest of my life.

" Don't worry, you're safe with me." He said in a low yet husky voice. It made me smile while my heart beat rapidly against my chest.

I didn't know such a small sentence could make my heart flutter this much.

We walked for another minute when he suddenly asked:

" Do you like fireflies?"

" I guess. I mean I'm not afraid...at least." I shrugged.

" Have you ever seen one in real life?" He asked.

" Yeah, we used to have a lot of 'em in our backyard when I was young. Haven't seen one in a long time though. Dad said they're extinct now."

" Well we're here to see that." He stopped.

The wind had turned colder now. I put my hood over my head and exhaled into my palms to warm them. We were at the end of the road. It was total darkness.

" Ready?" He asked in a low whisper.

" Yep."

We turned the corner and I nearly gasped. I covered my mouth from screaming in amazement.

" Wow." In front of me were hundreds of fireflies, shimmering in the darkness. They had covered the entire field, giving us way to walk towards them.

" Isn't it beautiful?"

" It is." I whispered as we walked towards them. As we stopped in between the field, the fireflies surrounded us. I looked up at him as an outline of his face appeared in blinking light of yellow. He touched one and it smoothly landed on his hand. I moved towards Dexter and touched it.

It was such a small gesture yet it made my heart full. We captured several fireflies and touched them than let them fly up in the sky.

I walked a few feet in the field and let my hair down. It was so peaceful and relaxing.

"Mmmm. It's so relaxing." I said while closing my eyes.

" I know." He whispered from few feet away.

" This is exactly what I was talking about. This air, it feels so good. The smell of field's, so nice. Now imagine feeling the exact air but in a whole different country. Instead of field, there are mountains or a beach? You're sipping tea or maybe...Pina colada with you say...Italian people. They're telling you what life's like there while you tell them yours. Just...imagine, Dexter." I sighed and looked at the sky.

He didn't say anything just kept staring at me and smiled a little.

" What?" I asked.

" Just wondering if Italian people like Pina Colada." He chuckled.

" Believe me, you'll understand one day how it feels when you can't reach the thing you love the most." I stated and began to walk further into the fields.

" It's dark, don't go further away. " He stated as he walked towards me.

" And a few seconds ago you said I was safe with you." I smirked to myself.

He walked closer and stopped just as we were a feet apart. He looked at me directly and stated:

" Trust me, you're safe with me."

I carefully unlatched the door to our house. It was dark inside, no lights and no sound. Just as Dexter began to climb the stairs, I closed the door behind me and took off my shoes.

" Have you seen the time?" The lights were switched on as mom walked out of the kitchen in her night dress while holding a glass of water.

" Arh...no, I forgot my phone at home." I stated.

" At least you could've told me." She put down the glass on the table and folded her arms.

" You wouldn't have let me go." I looked down.

" Look Sylvia, we care for you. Parents can be overprotective and there is nothing wrong in that. We love you." She stated strictly.

" I'm eighteen for God's sake. I know how to take care of myself. You don't have to baby sit me anymore! " I shouted and almost regretted it. I had never once in my life screamed at mom nor dad.

" Old enough to shout at your mom, I see. " she looked down.

" Mom, I don't want to shout at you. But you... I feel like I'm a prisoner. Eighteen years! I did what you told me. I sacrificed my dreams, my wishes just so I wouldn't hurt you- I... Nothing is gonna happen to me mom. There're millions of other kids of my age having fun, living their life. Why doesn't anything happen to them? And I'm afraid the little life I have will end up with me in this house." I sighed and sat down on the sofa.

Mom walked toward me and took a seat beside me. She brought up her right hand and tucked my hair behind my ear. Then she cupped my cheek and spoke:

" I know you're mad at me, really mad. And I'm sorry if it made you feel like a prisoner but I had to do what I could to not...lose you." Her voice broke and tears began to come down her cheeks.

" Mom...I- "

" I had a miscarriage before you. It was dangerous to have a kid after that. I struggled....three years later you were born." I felt moisture forming in my eyes and within seconds I was crying. She was rubbing my cheek with her thumb then brought up my hand and kissed it.

" why didn't...you ever tell me?" I asked.

" Your dad said it would be easier to forget if we don't recall him. "

" How old? "

" 3 months of being pregnant." Mom chuckled as tears ran down.

" I'm...sorry Mom." I hugged her and she put her chin on my head.

" We love you, Sylvia." She whispered.

" I know."

We stayed in that position for several minutes when mom pulled back.

" Wow. This feels so good. A weight lifted off my shoulder." Mom smiled.

I smiled back.

" Now I think I can trust you with caring for your own self. You're all grown up. " she smiled.

" All parents would've acted the same way, Mom. I'm sorry for misunderstanding you." I looked up at her.

" I guess you can never understand until you actually become a parent." She grinned.

" Mom!" I whined.

" Come here, sweetie." She opened her arms and I hugged her again.

" Go and get some sleep. You're going to start your life tomorrow. No more forcing." Mom sarcastically said.

" Good night, mom." I began to climb the stairs.

" Night, sweetie." She switched off the light and walked towards her room.

" Mom?" I called out in darkness as I stopped on the staircase.


" I'll always be there for you. "

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