Take my heart

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Chapter 18

I struggled my way up the greasy pipe. It had twigs grown out of no particular order. Prickling at my legs and stinky smells became usual until I reached the window sill. Dexter's snoring was heard from inside. I lowered my bag and threw in his room before jumping in too. Surprisingly not much sound came out. At least not too loud to wake up Dexter.
First I decided to just throw myself at him and scare the shit outta him but then I listened to my other self: Be manner full! But how weird of me to not think about manners when I had climbed in his window and made plans of running away? I silenced it. There is no fun without being reckless... Dexter had once said.
I roamed in his room for a while. Not wanting to ruin his calm and peaceful expression while he lay their. My dad had really been hard at him,hadn't he? Suddenly he stirred in his sleep and I stopped dead. Suddenly a thought struck me: what if he wakes up and thinks I was admiring him? Which technically was correct.
I grabbed the air pods from his bedside which was blasting 'wrecking ball' through it. The plan was to put the pods in his ear to wake him. Suddenly something jolted inside me and my hands became still air. My inner self spoke.
What the hell are you doing?
He was never in your life and never will be. It’s your own battle. What if he wants different things and you different?
I stepped back and taking a last glance at him, I grabbed my bag and climbed back down the window.
I would’ve just walked a few steps towards my car when I heard a loud thud behind me. I turned around and saw, wait is that Dexter?
He stood up and brushed his clothes. Our eyes locked and with a billion dollar smirk spreaded on his lips, he said.
" Couldn't get enough of me,can you?"
I smiled. Right there and then I wanted to run and hug him but I didn’t.
" Relax,I'll let you see me for as much time as you want. Just don’t sneak into my room again." I know he was joking but the embarrassment wanted me to kill him right there.
" Sorry.Wait,technically you should be the one apologizing because you accused me of some false infatuation." I walked towards him while talking,my index finger pointed directly at him.
"fine,sorry.Now kindly tell me the reason you evaded my sleep?" He raised his eyebrows.
I walked towards him and after taking a deep breath I said: "we are leaving for airport."
"I’m sorry what?”
" You heard it right. I wanna see the world.” I pouted.
" You ain't serious,are you?" He asked.
" See, I don't know if I am sure or not and to be honest I don't even want to know if I am or not. I just wanna go out and stretch to every inch of the world." I smiled and shrugged.
" Get some sleep, Sy." He declared in a sleepy tone.
" I don't need any sleep."
" You sure you didn't hit your head somewhere?" He asked as he moved his hand through his messy hair.
I rolled my eyes.
“ If you don’t wanna come then it’s fine. I can go on my own. Just do me a favour and don’t tell anyone.” I took a few strides forward. He didn’t stop me nor he followed. I stopped and and turning around I took a glance at him.
He put on his jacket and sighed.
" Why are you like this?" He raised his eyebrows.
" It's simple...my life my rules." I shrugged and began to walked towards the car but he caught my hand and turned me around.
I sighed.
" look I don't want to blame anyone for my life. If today I go out and God forbid our plane crashes then it would be because I boarded it, for my own dreams. I wouldn't blame anyone. Or if today, I don't go out and die tomorrow, I'll blame every person in this house for the rest of my life in the grave." He seemed to get what I said because he let go of my hand and smiled.
" I wish I could understand you, Sy." He grinned.
" One day you will, I promise." I grinned back.
Just as Dexter slipped in the car, I stopped and looked back.
Was I doing the right thing?
"Sy, what are you waiting for? Come on." Dexter called from the car.
Would mom and dad ever forgive me for what I'm doing? But they also did the wrong thing by being overprotective.
" Sy, what are you thinking?" Dexter shook me. I looked up and he was standing beside me.
" Am I doing the right thing?" I asked.
He looked at me for a second then smiled.
" Do you want to do this?"
I nodded.
" Then trust me it would be a hell of trip. You'll love every second of it, I'll make sure of that." I felt a burden lift my shoulder.
I grinned at him.
" Then let's start this hell of a trip!"
" Oh yeah!"
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