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Chapter 19

We rushed to the entrance and got our passports and tickets checked. I,one last time peeked at my back to Scrutinize my birth place where I had lived like a free bird yet prisoner. Dexter kept on asking If I was sure about all this and when I glared at him and said:" Never been so sure about anything in my entire life. " He looked away still not satisfied.
We were not using a private jet since my dad would contact the pilot first to know where we were and the loyal pilot's they are,they would blurt out on the first ask.
Dexter accidentally stepped over my foot as he arranged the bags over the area.I cursed and settled in the squeezed window seat. Dexter came and too settled down but his oversize coat was taking half my seat. He passed an apologetic gaze and brushed off the coat.In the process his elbow hit my head twice. Economy class really sucks that's for sure. I winced and said: " You really should get some sleep!"
" Because you wanted me to come with you on this trip so bad,right?" He mocked.
Before I could protest any further a woman in her late 60s or something occupied the seat beside Dexter . She had this 'don't-disturb-while-I'm-on-the-plane' kind of look. Dexter eyed me before pushing his head on the headrest and dozing off. I looked out of the window towards the sun rising between clouds, yellowish colour draped over sky. Dad would wake up anytime soon and go to office but not before realizing Dexter's absence since he used to be the first to occupy the breakfast table. Eventually mom would realize me missing as well and obviously suspicion would grow. I had left a note on the breakfast table which said:
I know you guys are freaking out and all but listen I had never questioned you guys as to why you always had bodyguards around me because I thought you guys could never be wrong and now I think I can't be wrong because I'm out; not just to catch my dream but breathe for the first time. I'll be back soon,don't try to find me.
Lots of love
Before, I had known I was meant to travel, to experience new things but the last point motivation had just arrived. Better late than sorry. I had no freaking plan or arrangements but the determination that I was on the right path made me want to reach out to every possible corner of the world. I closed my eyes and layed my head back. Dexter's big hand engulfed mine as the plane
took off. Here we come Paris!
I woke up with constant poking at my elbow. My head and neck hurt from sitting in the same position for past 3- hours. I massaged my neck.
"You truly drool, sy." Dexter said.
An airhostess in her late twenties was standing with a trolley filled with beef steak. The freshly baked steak's aroma hit my nostrils, making me moan. Dexter chuckled beside me. Before I could take my dish,I remembered that I wasn't allowed to eat things with high fats because of my heart disease. I shook my head at the hostess and extended my hand into the bag to get my sandwich. Sylvia always comes prepared! Dexter raised his eyebrows.
"You are actually denying a steak for a sandwich?!"
I wish I could tell you how much I want this.
"Hmmm...it's super tasty and yeah a lot better than this steak." I declared,making my best to stay interested in the sandwich.
Dexter rolled his eyes and focused back on eating. He kept on making pleasurable moans while eating which made me drool thrice. Nevertheless;I focused on my thing. As soon as I finished,I started to get up for the bathroom. In the way I tripped over the old woman's bag but prevented myself from falling. She shooted daggers at me. I mumbled a quick apology and rushed to the bathroom. In there I stretched my body and relaxed myself. It was almost 3 hours on the flight! Mom and dad would definitely be panicking by now. I sighed and returned to my seat. Dexter and the woman were engaged in a conversation. The woman had a pout on her face or that's atleast what I assume it was, and Dexter was nonchalant as ever. I made my way to the seat, carefully this time.
"Oh babe how much I missed you." Dexter cooed while putting his head on my shoulder. I was taken a back and nearly fell out of the window. Before I could take an action he added:
" Now you won't ask me to change my seat,right?"
"Nah,how can I separate an engaged couple but I'm warning you again: she is gonna make you suffer. You'll probably need to have warning signs in your house because she's gonna trip over every single thing."
The woman ended her hateful speech of me and went to sit on the other side of the plane.
"For your kind information,when did we engage? " I asked Dexter.
"Just now."
"Just kidding. The Woman wanted me to exchange seats with the woman in the third row because according to her a girl and and boy shouldn't sit together if they are not a couple."
I looked at him with narrowed eyes.
" So you got us engaged?"
" It's not that we got engaged in real,did we?"
I had no freaking clue why I blushed so freaking hard on this. The way he said it made excitement bubble inside me.
He sensed it and quickly changed the topic.
"Can I know when we're landing because I swear I've been on this flight for 42 years. I am bored out of my mind." Dexter said while shifting in his seat.
"Not used to travelling in economy class, Mr Ainsworth?" I mocked.
"Same goes for you,Miss Addison. " He mocked back.
"Is that so?" I asked while moving my head closer to his.An amused grin appeared on his lips. As it was cm away,I stomped on his foot hard with my foot. He was taken aback and squealed in pain. Everyone turned their attention to us. I ducked in my seat. An airhostess came and told Dexter to maintain decorum since people were resting as it was direct flight. Three rows down from our seat there was an empty seat. I got up and quickly made my way there. Dexter would have surely killed me by now. I passed him a sheepish grin from my seat.
Before I dozed into a deep sleep,I got an imessage from Dexter:
I’m gonna make you regret this tonight
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