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Chapter 21

We woke up around 4 in the noon. I cursed under my breath. We already wasted a whole day! Dexter was nowhere to be seen.
I walked towards the window and opened the curtains. A gasp escaped from my mouth. The whole paris was lit in front of me. A few bicycles and cars were traveling on the road. Restaurants were illuminated with Neon lights with their French names. In a little distance an old woman was knitting outside her house as her dog flapped around. The scent of smoke and mixture of wood swelled around me. I closed my eyes and inhaled the scent. This was the last place I thought I would end up in.
"Are you planning to spent the whole tour in this window?" Dexter had just arrived from the shower. His hair were wet and partially covered his eyes. He raised his right eyebrow so high that it almost hid under his hair.
"Who knows." I went to the bathroom and freshened myself up. The bathroom was so elegant that I could spent all day in there.
"Where do you wanna go first?" Dexter asked as he handed me the map. It was the map of paris. I pointed out to Seine.
"I thought you would say louvre."
"Well... I didn't say I wouldn't go to louvre." I mischievously smirked. He smiled.
"Smart ass."
We walked down the cobblestoned pathway which lead into a lake. People were paddling into canoes at one side and on the other boats were moored. I shoved out a fifty dollar bill from my pocket. Dexter looked at me with disappointment.
"Be grateful for what you have."
" They won't accept this." He shrugged and sat on the deck.
I walked towards a group which seemed the local residents. They were helping untie the boat. I spoke to them in french. At first they were hesitant to let us in and remarked that all the tourist boats had left and the last one was leaving. But as soon as I showed them the fifty dollar bill; the fat drunken man let us in. The boat was small and cramped with people but was enough for me and Dexter.
"I think you might be good at travelling after all." Dexter said as we boarded. Both of us sat in the far corner of the boat with our feet dangling down and into the water.
"I know right."
"How many languages do you know?" He asked as we crossed through a white washed building with an ancient Grey tomb.
"Umm...Two quite well, two a bit dizzy and one..."
" God,I'm sorry I asked!" Dexter's expression was pure shocked.
"I loved learning new things and visiting places from when I was little so couldn't help it. " I shrugged.
"Makes sense why you are so desperate to reach out to the world. "
The water flew beneath us with a shimmery golden light. We were now under the bridge,passing in silence as the laughter and music of paris died down,slowly fading away. Only the sound of our feet in water was echoing through the air.
As soon as we moved from under the bridge a yellow radiance hit us. The sun was setting and it casted it's reflection in the water. The mood immediately changed. People on the boat and beside the banks stood and watched the view. Lovers tangled with one another,birds chirped their songs and old ones came out and had their afternoon teas. I sighed and brushed my fingers in the lake. The water was warm just like this moment.
My heart swelled up,became heavier from each path we crossed. I wanted to capture this moment but I knew it would be useless. Days pass. People forget the previous days' miseries,accidents and move on towards new happiness yet here was I : stuck with my own misery which was over casting my lifelong happiness. I didn't want to leave a trace. I just wanted to capture my every experience in the part of my heart which nobody could take.
"We're running late. Be quick!" I almost shouted at Dexter. After the canal tour we decided to stuff ourselves with some french food. I instantly ordered crepes and Citron presse drink. But Dexter kept on moving up and down the menu cards. He argued he doesn't know french that's why he was having a hard time but when I asked to read him out he just dismissed.
"Suggest me something."
" I'm not suggesting you anything."
I called the waitress.
"Why?" He looked at me quizzingly.
"That's because I'm ordering." I told the waitress to bring two crepes with nutella and Citron drinks.
"And how would I know you're not poisoning me?" He cocked his head sideways.
"Why would I do that?" I sat back with my legs crossed on the chair. Call me weirdo!
"Because I made you sleep on the sofa bed." He grinned.
"Well in that case you'll have to eat to know if it's poisoned or not."
"And what if it is?" He too crossed his legs and made an expression of amusement?
I tapped the fock(with which I was fidgeting from the moment we sat here) on the table and twisted my mouth into a pout. Dexter was clearly enjoying this.
"Then I'll drink the poison. "
"You mean how Romeo drank for juliet? "
I wanted to say 'Yes' but I just remained silent,drinking my own embarrassment.
"You'll do that? " He narrowed down his eyes at me.
"Of course not! I'm too young to die."
Dexter sat back,a little disappointed?
"I know you're not strong enough to sacrifice yourself." His tone was friendly but he was trying it hard to keep it serious.
"The reason should be worth sacrificing the life for." This made him stop and think over again. As much as I wanted to discuss this and give him clues of my growing disease ,I laughed and changed the topic. Crying and ruining the trip for him was the last thing I wanted. Even if it meant causing pain to my own self.
"If you like chocolate,then this food would be appreciable."
"I hate chocolate."
He declared nonchalantly. I sat there with my mouth hanging open.I lifted myself of the chair and rested my hands on the table, leaning towards him.
"Are you for real? No person on this planet can ever say that."
"Then call me an alien." He too stood up and towered over me.
"I bet not even aliens would deny it.Today I'm gonna make you like it." I sat down.
"Then make me." He folded his hands and heated me under his gaze.
At this moment he looked a lot more than a human. His muscular arms and chest stood out. His shirt was being a lot smaller then his large and bulky torso.
To prevent my thoughts wandering any further,I called the waitress. Although 'I' had called her but she seemed a little too eager to help Dexter. Well I'm not jealous but a little irritated.
" Some extra Nutella,please." I spoke through gritted teeth. The waitress dismissed.
"You've got to be kidding me. Crepes already contains a heck of chocolate." Dexter objected or almost cried.
I shook my head.
" I think you have some old war against it which you don't seem to let go." I suggested as our food arrived.
"Nope. You just seem to have a bottomless appetite for chocolate. " He started sipping through his drink.
I quickly dig into my food and almost moaned as the warmth of chocolate melted on my tongue. Food is truly heaven. Dexter just sat there and laughed his ass off.
" You seem like a nerd moaning for the first time while hav..." I cut him off.
"Shut up! No bad language around my food!" I shouted and went back to my food.
"Now let's start with the food." I said as I put my finished plate a side.
He raised his right eyebrow up high.
"I mean let's 'make you' eat your food."
"And what exa..." I put a spoon full of nutella in his mouth. His face twisted into disgust. He made horrible faces.
"Now you can't waste our limited money by spitting it out,can you?" I was laughing my ass off. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. I've never laughed this hard in my entire life. The waitress eyed Dexter with an irritated look. He lost a bimbo!
All in all he ate all of the crepes with nutella. We paid our bill and stepped outside. The air was a bit chilly which was odd since Europe hadn't gotten any rain since 10 days.
"Chocolate isn't that bad after all,huh?" I nuged him in his arm.
"Every person would say that after eating a heck of it." We walked down the dark abondoned street. I wrapped my jacket tight around myself. Dexter pocketed his hands in his pants.
" I think everything happens due to accidents." I blurted out of nowhere.
"Accidents?" We passed a bricked house with a few bulky,dark looking guys seated in the yard,playing poker.
"Yeah,you know when something happens unexpectedly and turns out to be life changing." I didn't expect him to get any of it but instead he nodded. I continued:
"And I believe every accident has a cause with not always positive consequences but better than you realize. For example, our meet up was an accident which lead to this trip." I shrugged and pocketed my hands. We cornered into an alley and down the cobblestoned pathway. I heard footsteps behind us quicken.
"So you think my eating chocolate was an accident which lead me to like it?" He stopped and turned to me.
"Exactly!" I didn't know wether it was my voice that echoed through the alley or the persons who caught me from my wrist and spun me around.
"What a jewel..." It was the same guy from the group we crossed,who were playing poker. The rest happen in a blur.
Dexter punched him in the ribs. I swear I heard them Crack. Deja vu hit me. The first ever guy who hit me was back in Canada which changed my life. It was in the same kind of alley. Tears threatened to come. I pushed them back.
In no time we heard loud footsteps
running from somewhere coming towards us. Dexter asked me to run but I stood there,gazing at the guy on the floor.
"Are you okay...Woah!" Dexter caught me before I could land the second punch at the guy. I wanted to beat the crap out of him. Take out all my aggression and trauma on him but Dexter entangled our hands and ran farther away. We heard footsteps running behind us. Adrenaline ran down my spine and my heart pumped out of my chest as we ran and ran. Suddenly Dexter turned a corner and backed us into a wall. The guys having lost track of us,ran away.
We were breathless. My legs ached from running too fast. Having angina wasn't something I could control. My heart hurt badly. I wanted to scream out in agony but I just stood there , breathing hard in front of Dexter.
In the hustle bustle we didn't realize how close we were standing. Dexter's face was cm away from my very own and his hands were on the either side of me on the wall. He looked at me through narrowed eyes. I could hear both of us heart beats. A wave of pain crossed my heart. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth to prevent screaming. He moved his face closer to mine. Our nose were touching. I knew he was going to do it. But I also knew I wouldn't return it. The pain was unbearable.
What shocked me even more was when he didn't kiss me but instead put his forehead against mine. His hands rested on the either side of my cheeks and whispered: “ You’ll be fine.”
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