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Chapter 22

Have you ever been in a situation where everything is going so fantastic and suddenly something happens and boom, turns out to be the worst night?
Well this is exactly what happened last night. Although angina attack was a minor one but Dexter insisted on returning to the hotel. I couldn't even take a step without being breathless. So Dexter picked me up all the way from the alley to the hotel.
He even let me sleep in the suite and made himself comfortable on the couch. Though late night I did felt the other side of the bed dip as he snuggled under the covers.
I lowered myself in hot tub. Water engulfed me in. Sometimes life gets so unpredictable that not even you can control it. life is short and we do not have time gladdening the hearts of darker people but be cheerful. This is what I learned today. Though I didn't want to leave a trace behind whenever I die but easing people's heart through a smile wouldn't take much, would it?
I smiled and closed my eyes shut, as the boiling water relaxed my sore muscles.
I've no idea how long I was in there because when I came out Dexter wasn't in sight. Today was our last day in Paris which means we would be receiving our bags today;on our flight to Italy!
"Breakfast's ready!" Dexter entered with a tray in hand and an apron wrapped around his torso. He looked damn hot!
"You made those?" I asked, eyeing the delicious looking variety of pancakes and coffee.
"What do you think?" He asked as he settled on the bed.
"How did the chef even let you enter the kitchen? I heard she's so stubborn."
" She couldn't deny my charms."
Who could!
I laughed out loud. He really knows how to change my mood. I bit a pancake and nearly moaned. He's got some serious food skills.
We ate in silence and sipped our coffee because I hate to be interrupted while eating.
"How're you feeling from last night?'
"Better." To be honest I was still the same. My heart still hurt and beat a thousand times per minute.
"Has anyone ever told you how bad at lying you are?"
I knew it!
"Wearegettinglateletsgo!" He laughed at my fast forward mode.
Have you noticed how good I'm in covering up?
We just walked on the streets of Paris, up and down the road. We still had a few hours until our flight. In our way, we stopped at an ice cream stall and ate a few. Dexter clicked some of my photos while I was licking my nose and hands and said his grandma would absolutely faint at my untidiness.
"Can you reach your nose through your tongue?" I asked, licking my nose.
Everyone around the stall looked at me with amusement.
"That's not difficult."
"U bet." I whispered in his ear.
He grinned at me and stick out his tongue as an attempt to reach his nose. But failed.
"Dont laugh, just watch." He chuckled as I held my stomach in uncontrollable laughter.
Everyone around the stall had their tongues out and tried reaching their noses. A blonde boy with freckles did a good job and almost reached. We both high fived.
"C'mon, let's go...thanks for the ice cream. We loved it." Dexter dragged me away from the stall. What the hell happened to him?!
"Hold on! Why 're you acting weird all of a sudden?" I untangled my wrist from his grip.
"Nothing." He was trying to avoid my gaze.
I came closer and tried hard to hold back my smirk.
"You're jealous."
"Why would I be?" He scoffed and turned away.
"Because the boy could lick his nose and you couldn't." I shouted
"I can! Look! " He screamed from where he was standing. He stuck out his tongue in the middle of the road. I rolled on my stomach as every passer by looked at him.
I ran towards him and jumped on his back.
"Come on,show me Paris." I said in n excited tone. He gripped my legs tight as I wrapped my hands around his neck.
"I swear you won't regret this one." He said as he rushed down the slope with me on his back.
We climbed down the stairs to enter the area where we could get a closer look at Eiffel Tower.
A man checked our tickets and let us in.
I was in Awe as I walked towards the big tower I only saw in pictures. It was even more beautiful and huge in real life.
“ Wow.” I whispered.
“ Great. Now I’ve a sprained neck. How can someone look at the full tower while standing here? Stupid architect.”
“ Firstly it’s your mistake, because you have your neck turned in a wrong angle and secondly, Gustave Eiffel. Not stupid architect.” I sternly remarked.
“ No offence.” He shook his head.
We began to walk under the tower.
“ So tell me some interesting facts about this tower, or should I say La Tour Eiffel?” He teased me.
“ I think La Tour Eiffel is fine.” I giggled as I touched the exterior.
“So why did your Gusta...Eiffel, or whatever this man is called built this?” He dramatically pronounced the name.

“ Well to show off the fact that Paris has great architecture.”
He took out his phone and we both took a selfie with the tower in background.
“ Still not impressed.” He shook his head.
“ Its the best place for lovers. Maybe you can propose your girlfriend here.” I stated and glanced at him to see the expression on his face. He smiled but as he caught me looking, he looked away.
“ Hmm good idea but I’ll have to ask her if she’s comfortable with it.”
“ Are you crazy? Girls are smart. She’ll get a clue that you’re going to propose and then all surprise gone.”
“ And very dramatic too.”
“ Huh?”
“ Yes you girls are dramatic.” He stated as a matter of fact.
“ I would’ve fought on that but right now we need to climb 16650 stairs, so come on.” I begin to walk but he caught my elbow and turned me around.
“ Hello girl, I’m Dexter Ainsworth. Not an Olympic participant.”
I rolled my eyes.
“ And FYI, we’ll get late for our flight too.” He checked his watch.
I sighed.
“ Fine, we’ll take the lift.”
“ With no money?” He raised his eyebrows.
“ Watch me.”
After flirting for almost ten minutes the bald guy finally let me on the lift.
“ Merci, merci.” I thanked the guy as he let Dexter on the lift too because he was my friend with a short memory loss and would get lost without me.
“ Bienvenu.” The bald guy smiled flirty and winked at me.
I looked away as the lift begin to gain height. Finally after several minutes we stopped. I felt dizzy as we looked down.
“ Holy cow!” Dexter shouted.
I gasped and nearly fell out as I saw the view in front of me. The whole Paris was in front of me, shimmery and lightening. A few tourists were sprawled on the ground and they were like lego people.
“ Oh my God, Dexter. We’re here. We really are in Paris and look at this, how beautiful.” I chirped up and down.
" Paris for you, my lady." Dexter grinned and presented a bow.
" Thanks...it's beautiful." I blushed at his billion dollar grin and rubbed away the tears forming in my eyes.
“ Are you okay?”
“ Yeah, just a little emotional.” I smiled
He put his arm around my shoulders as we gazed down. We remained silent as we observed it. The sunset behind the horizon spreading invariant equatorial color's across Eiffel tower. Rich hues of red, orange and yellow blended into the sky as unique kind of tranquility washed over. No one dared to disturb the beautiful silence that spread through. My spirit soared at the sight as I realized I would've to leave soon.
"I wish we could stay here for a longer time." I said as we prepared to leave.
" We can. Its not like we've got much to go anywhere. " He shrugged.
" You're not in a mood to miss our flight, are you?" I raised my eyebrows.
“ Maybe.”
"Well if it means I can...”
Suddenly we heard shouts and screaming. I looked down but everyone was looking at the sky, so I glanced up and nearly fell down.
A small hot air balloon was flying with a banner saying will you marry me? Written over it. The lift guy looked at me with...disgust? Why?
I looked at Dexter but he was as shocked as me.
Did Dexter do this?
We stood there for a minute staring at each other when we heard hooting.
Great a guy was proposing someone downstairs.
Dexter awkwardly looked away.
Did he think I proposed?
“ Ahhh... we should..ah go down.” He stuttered as sweat slid down his forehead.
I wanted to laugh so bad. But I didn’t because it was super awkward to even move.
“ Maybe next is your turn.” A girl whispered to me as we came out of the lift.
"Damn,hurry up Sylvia!" We hurried from one lounge to another. We were late, which means our flight had either left or going to leave soon.
" I'm running as fast as my legs can carry me!" We We reached but the security guard stopped us. My heart almost went dead.
"The plane has already left." The guard spoke nonchalantly as if he wasn't concerned at all. And why would he be?
"Can you not arrange two seats in any plane? " I pleaded.
"Sorry." He turned away.
" Forgive me Senorita for not fulfilling your last wish. Sorry, I can't show you Italy before you...die." He clasped hand while he spoke. I stood numb in my position. How does he know about my condition? I tried to speak but nothing came out. Tears threatened to roll down.
"But I promise I'll find another way. Just accept my...proposal." I looked at him wide eyed. He winked and gestured towards the guard. He was acting this all up?! I cleaned the sliding sweat and sighed.
"Say something,he's watching." Dexter whispered.
I waited and than spoke :
" Though I know I would regret if I don't go on this trip but I think I wouldn't regret as much now since you gave me so many memories; I can happily die..." I choked on my voice. I wasn't faking it.
"I'm so sorry..." Dexter whispered and pulled me in his chest. I let the tears roll down. I was clearly loosing it.
"You two,come here." The guard called us as he brushed away his tears. He handed us two business class tickets. Woah!
"Go on and fulfill your last wish. Keep me in your prayers." He forced a smile. I and Dexter, simultaneously kissed him on either cheek and took a selfie. The generous soul!
As we settled in the plane, Dexter said:
"The tears, how did you..."
"I took acting classes when I was little so probably that." A lie.
He looked at me with pierced gaze then turned away and fastened his seat belt.
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