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Chapter 24

Though travelling in business class had never been a problem since dad had private jets but travelling this way was something else. I almost thought we missed it until Dexter pulled that act and poor guard, who bought it.
The flight was long. We spent the first few hours taking a massage, which was amazing and than watched "Lucifer." We saw so many episodes that we actually remembered it's dialogues. Dexter slept in the last hour. Sleep never hit me due to the excitement bubbling inside me.
I shook him as we landed.
" We're in Italy!" I grinned.
He laughed at my over enthusiasm and grabbed his bag. We climbed down the stairs. Hot wind swooshed my hair into a mess. We waited until we got our money, which we exchanged.
"So, what do you want as I've grown rich overnight?" He asked as we exited the airport.
"I'm sure money has nothing to do with what I want. Infact, it just creat barriers." I sighed and put on my sun glasses.
"What are you? Lucifer?" He narrowed his shades to look at me.
I chuckled.
" What made you think that?"
" You said you don't want money, so maybe you like punishing people." He shrugged. An amused grin was plastered on his face.
"Ok,than tell me..." I tapped my chin.
We both looked at each other and as if on cue, we both said in union:
"What's your deepest, darkest desire?" It was hilarious. As I said earlier we had remembered every dialogue of Lucifer.
"Lucifer is surely gonna haunt my dreams from now on." Dexter chuckled.
You might have googled Colosseum a hundred times if you're a big admirer like me but believe me seeing it this close is a whole different feeling. We had hired a tourist guide who gave us a tour along with other tourists. The structure was spectacular. We learned a tone of things about which we had no clue earlier. Like: the place was used for sword fighting which was a source of entertainment for the king and spectators. Moreover, king used to throw parties here. The thing which struck me most was that it was used for navel battles. The tunnels were filled with water!
Next we moved to Roman Forum. Our guide, Max gave us a wonderful tour around the buildings. To say Roman buildings were full of architecture would be an understatement. We spent almost an hour roaming around the streets, admiring the graffiti. We had visited these places in morning because the intense heat of sun would have burnt us to death.
Finally we settled for a hotel. The receptionist was super friendly. She handed us our room cards. She spoke Italian in quite an awesome accent which made Dexter gawk at her. I knew a little Italian too which made things less complicated.
I slid the card in its slot and a green light flashed, indicating it had unlocked. I was standing in biggest hotel room I'd ever been in. It was more of a suite. To the right was a small kitchen with a table and high stools. In the center was living room with a spacious window, showing the city beyond. To the left were two giant beds with lamps on the either side which were dimly lit. I turned towards Dexter. We both threw our bags and ran on the either beds. I choose the one with the window. The mattress was so comfortable that as soon as my head hit the pillow, the sleep engulfed me in.
I felt someone poke my arm. I turned on my side and snuggled in the pillow. As sleep welcomed me again, someone tugged on my blanket and pulled it off me. I wanna kill this individual! No one disturbs me while I'm napping. I groaned and opened my eyes. A transparent water bag came into sight. Than the person hovering over me, Dexter.
The water bag was an inch from my face with it's lid open. I shrieked and jumped down the bed.
"What the hell were you trying to accomplish?" I spat at Dexter while checking my clothes for any wettness.
"Trying to wake you up." He shrugged and put the bag aside.
"I'm sorry I'm hard to wake up." I was embarrassed.
" You should be, considering the different methods I used to wake you up. I pity your mom." He chuckled.
" My mom doesn't wake me. Sebastian does." I smiled to myself. His face turned serious and a hint of disappointment washed over his face.
Ar...did I do something wrong?
" How long have I been sleeping?" I asked to Change the topic. I opened the curtains to realize the sun had nearly set.
" Just three hours." He said sarcasticly.
" Which means it's dinner time!" I punched my fist in air. He chuckled.
I took a quick shower. Considering the high temperature, I put on a khaki cotton shorts with a tea pink blouse which covered my cleavage. I put my hair in a bun and did not care to apply make up. I exited the bathroom.
Dexter was sitting on the bed, impatiently tapping his foot. He was wearing a denim shorts paired with a plain black sleeveless shirt. Well, his biceps were surley a site to see.
"Thank God, you're..." He choked as his eyes drank me in. A few seconds later he continued.
"...out." He finished. I was red as a tomato.
" I like your shorts, they're cute." He complimented. I wanted the floor to open up.
"Thanks." An awkward silence grew.
“ Were did you get these clothes?” I asked as I didn’t let him pack his stuff before leaving.
“I went shopping.”
“ Without telling me?” I meant in a way that he didn’t take me along but he took it other way.
“ And what about those things that you didn’t tell me about.” He stated and exited the room.
What just happened?
A black SUV was waiting for us. We both climbed in and the engine roared to life. The journey to restaurant was quite and kind of awkward.
“ I’m sorry about earlier.” He finally met my gaze.
“ You were a little harsh."
“ I know. I’m sorry.” He sighed and ruffled his hair.
“ Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?”
“ No. I wish...I wish I could explain. But...” He looked outside the window and then back at me.
“ It’s okay. Take your time.”
He continued to look outside when suddenly he looked back at me. His eyes were sad and something more I couldn’t comprehend.
“ Sy, do you think there’s something I should know?”
I was frozen in my seat.
“ I..about what?” I managed.
“ I don’t know...you?”
“ Uhh...I...” I wanted the universe to explode there and then.
Sweat began to run down my face and inside my palms.
“ I’m not forcing you. Not at all. Just know that I’m always here if you need me.” He squeezed my hand.
I nodded.
Another silence.
“Which restaurant are we hitting on?” He asked.
" Italian and the rating was good.” I stated.
Finally the car pulled up at a restaurant. Two valets came and opened our doors. A fresh pasta aroma hit us as we entered. A waiter greeted us.
"I'll be your waiter tonight. Follow me. " He spoke in thick British accent which surprised me since not a lot locals spoke english in Italy. He led us to a table with Jasmine and tulips around it. The fragrance was so fresh and lively. I absolutely loved the atmosphere.
We ordered two kinds of pasta and few other Italian dishes and our drinks. We talked for a while until our food arrived. We instantly dug in, leaving now trace in our plates. It was shockingly delicious.
"You wanna have dessert?" Dexter asked as he called the waiter.
" Sure.” My mood wasn’t good due to the guilt washing over me since the car. Maybe I should tell him. Or maybe not. He’ll be deeply disappointed. It’ll hurt him a lot. It’ll feel like I used him to come on this trip.
But he came because he wanted to not that I forced him.
I sighed and dabbed my mouth with the handkerchief.
"Will you order your own or go by chef's choice?" The waiter asked while taking out his notepad.
"Chef's choice?" Dexter looked at me for my approval and I nodded. The waiter dismissed.
"I'll be back in a minute. " Dexter excused himself.
I twirled my finger around my hair as I waited. Suddenly Dexter's phone begin ringing. The caller ID said: Evelyn. I almost threw up. Why was mom calling him?! I contemplated wether to pick or not. But the phone stopped ringing and message popped on the screen.
I hope you and Sylvia are doing okay and safely reached Italy. Do keep me updated. Lots of love from me and Jacob:)
I wanted to throw the phone right into the wall. I had never thought Dexter of all the people would betray me. As I was controlling my nerves, Dexter came back and sat.
" Everything okay?" He asked as he scanned my face until his eyes landed on his phone which was in my hand.
" So you know." He sighed and leaned back on the chair.
" You were the one I trusted most." I said in a sad whisper.
"I kno- "
"How could you?" I spat at him. I never thought we would ever fight. This felt weird but he made this happen. Now I wanted to yell at him but I knew he would say nothing and just listen me bark.
" She messaged me too but I ignored it, thinking she could become a problem in this trip and you were talking to her all this time, not even caring about me once." I shouted. The waiter came twice and told me to lower my volume but I couldn't.
" I do care about you, Sy." He stood up and came to my side. I grabbed my phone and walked out. He was the last thing I wanted to mess with.
I walked down the street for a few minutes until he caught up with me. He was breathless.
"Let's sit in the park and settle this?" He gestured towards a small park with a few benches.
"Fine." We settled on one.
" I know what I did is wrong and I should have told you before taking this step but you need to understand that she's your mom and she's concerned. " He gazed into my eyes. It felt like what he was saying was right. That's the problem, he's always right. I sighed.
" Dexter, I know she's my mom and she's concerned but I can't let her stop me from reaching out to my dreams just like she's been doing all those years. For once, I want to be free."
I grabbed my head in my hands. The whole situation drove me crazy. Dexter stood up and knelt down on his knees in front of me. He took my face in his hands.
"No one's taking away your freedom. It's just your insecurity. She just wants to make sure you're okay and thanks God when she talks to me and confirms you're doing okay. She literally loves every picture I send of you." He tried to convince me.
" You've been secretly clicking photos of me?" I furrowed my eyebrows. He dropped his hands from my face but still sat in front of me.
"Well...yeah but for a good cause." He quickly said. I looked down.
"Let your mom care for you, Sy. You're lucky to have one." He looked away. His voice barely a whisper. Suddenly realization hit me.
I realized what he did and why he did it. I felt a pang of pain in my chest. I squeezed his hand and cursed myself for throwing him in this situation.
"Dexter...thank you." I whispered. He turned to me and raised his eyebrows. I nodded.
" Well...thank me with an ice cream since you ruined my dessert too." He pinched my nose and walked out of the park.
His mother must be an angel to give birth to him.
"C'mon Sy, my stomach can't wait for it! " He called.
"Coming!" I shouted as I grabbed my phone and walked out.
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