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Chapter 25

We were beyond knackered as we reached our hotel last night. I didn't even care to change my clothes as I hit the bed and slept.
Last night was amazing. After eating our dessert, we roamed around in the parks and shops. I bought some gifts for mom and dad and Sebastian. While we were on our way to the hotel, mom called again. Dexter asked for my approval to pick up the phone. I nodded, hesitantly.
"Yeah...yeah, no we're good...no I don't think so...I did." Dexter spoke to Mom. I had a feeling mom was bombarding him with questions.
"..let me ask." Dexter put the phone on hold and turned towards me.
" She wants to talk to you." As he said it, I felt I would faint. I wanted to talk to her but there was an 'insecurity' inside me which terrified me. It made me feel like, she would snatch me away from this world. My world!
"I don't- " Dexter cut me of.
" Sy, please for my sake talk to her. " He pleaded and handed me the phone. I looked at him before speaking :
"Hello." My voice was shaking.
" Oh my God, sweetheart! " Mom literally yelled in the phone.
" Mom, I- " she interrupted.
" We miss you so much, Sylvia. You gave us a near heart attack on your disappearance. " Mom complained.
" I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." I said.
" It's ok. I and your dad saw a bunch of your pictures and we were so happy, honey...." She trailed off. Her side of the line went silent for a few seconds. As I thought the line has been cut, she spoke again:
" I'm sorry. I really am." She almost whispered.
I felt a lump stuck in my throat. I couldn't speak.
" I know the way we've been stopping you from reaching out to your dream, no parents has ever had. We're glad you did what you wanted to. " She sighed.
I finally found my voice.
" Don't apologise mom, you've just been doing all of this for my protection. " I reassured her.
" I'm proud to have you as my daughter. Your dad will be overjoyed to hear we talked. "
" Thank you, mom." I felt a huge rock lift from my chest.
"Shhh, take care of yourself. "
" You too." Before I ended the call, she shouted:
" Hold on to the guy, he's a handsome lad!"
I handed the phone back to Dexter.
" Thank you, again." I stared at him.
" For what? " He furrowed his eyebrows.
" Everything. I don't know what I would have been if you weren't by side. "
" You would have been the same lively and funny Sy that I know. My presence makes no difference except, it increases the dessert bills." We both laughed.
" Talking of dessert, let's get some." He grinned. I rolled my eyes.
I woke up and showered. Dexter ordered our breakfast. To say, the breakfast was delicious would be an understatement. There were pancakes with different flavoured syrups and cappuccino. The aroma alone was toxic.
" Where are we going today?'' Dexter asked as the room service came.
" Yesterday I heard a few locals talking about a dance club and a villa, it sounded fun." I explained.
" A dance club?" He raised his eyebrows.
" Yeah?"
He nodded and went to the bathroom.
" I told you we took a wrong turn."
" No, we did not. Just continue driving. " Dexter said as he checked the GPS.
After breakfast we decided to hang out in a Villa. It had a dance club where an English band was playing tonight. It was 2 pm so we still had five hours until the concert.
We rented a scooter. Most people in Rome drove it and it looked super cool. So, yeah we also got one. I drove while Dexter sat behind me.
" Dexter, I can't drive blindly. I need to know the directions!" I shouted over the high traffic. My hair was a mess due to hot wind.
" I'm searching, just keep going." He said as he scrolled on his phone. I parked the scooter a side from the road and took off my helmet.
" Sorry, but I can't move this scooter in heavy traffic with no directions." I folded my arms and leaned back on it.
"Sy, what the...found it! C'mon, hope on. I found the route! Dexter enthusiastically said.
" Alright." I hoped on the scooter and buckled the helmet. Once again, I started driving. He kept telling me the directions.
The city was full of architecture. Every building we passed had it's own structure and design. So historic yet modern. Suddenly my eyes caught something, I could never deny. Cotton Candy! Before I could contemplate anything, my foot pressed the break and our scooter bumped into another scooter. And not just any scooter, a cop's scooter.
Cop signaled me to park the scooter. Dexter cursed under his breath. I gulped.
" Don't, just pretend you didn't see his signal." Dexter whispered in my ear.
" What? What do you mea- " I asked him.
"Just do as I said." His voice held authority. He was surely going to put us in trouble. I was going to turn the scooter in cop's direction when Dexter's hand came from behind me and gripped the handle. He turned us away from the cop and accelerated.
" Dexter, slow down!" I shouted over the high speed. Adrenaline rushed down my spine. Although I was sitting in the driver seat but he was controlling the scooter. He kept on accelerating. I gazed behind me, the cop was following us! As I looked in front, a group of children were standing, admiring the building. I screamed and signaled them to move a side.
" Move!"
They quickly scattered away as we crossed them. The cop were at a distance from us. But still they were following us. We had no idea where we were going, just turning where we could. I put my hands over Dexters on the handle and together we turned a corner. We drove as fast as we could.
Suddenly I saw a small street in a corner. I turned and we drove in the street. The cop wasn't following us now. They probably lost us. I parked the scooter and unbuckled the helmet. We both hoped down.
"Come on." Dexter tangled our hands and we ran. We were in a market. There were different stalls of fruits and vegetables. A few spices and variety of other goods. As we were roaming around, I saw one of the cop. He stared back at me.
"Dexter, Run!" I shouted and we ran backwards. We collided with a a banana stall and all the bananas fell down.
" Sorry!" I shouted as we both ran for our lives. The cop was running after us. Suddenly I saw a bunch of long sticks leaning against a wall. I kicked them and all of them fell down behind us. The cop was trapped. I mentally patted myself.
A cab was going on the road. Dexter waved at him. It stopped. We both sat in and drived off. I exhaled and leaned against the headrest.
" Today...was fun." Dexter said, out of breath.
I looked at him and grinned.
" Yeah, I enjoyed a lot !" I laughed.
" By the way, what made you bump? One second you were traveling smoothly and the next you crashed. " Dexter asked.
" Well I saw cotton candies and I couldn't think straight after that." I shrugged.
"Oh yeah, one of your three wishes." Dexter chuckled. He remembers? I didn't know he listens to me that attentively. I felt my heart go wild and cheeks heat up.
"What?" He asked.
"What, what? " I asked.
"You're red as a tomato." He pointed to my cheeks. I blushed even harder.
"Where to, sir?" The cab driver asked. I mentally thanked him for saving me.
" Villa Borghese." Dexter replied and turned his head towards the window. I swear I saw him blush.
The Villa was lavish with formally landscaped gradens and lakes. It was designed by Ponzio and Vasanzio. The gardens had several beautiful fountains. We took snaps and roamed around the area.
We went into an art gallery. I held my breath as I saw all the spectacular paintings. Dark and melancholy, they seemed to tell a story of sadness and abandonment. Every master piece was full of emotion, of a tale so dark yet so familiar, I found myself wanting to cry.
Looking around, I saw Dexter staring at them in awe despair too. It was absolutely beautiful.
After a long tour, we were tired and hungry. As we still had two hours before the concert, we decided to have a little picnic. We bought a picnic sheet from a near by store and a few sandwiches and juice. And of course Dexter's dessert.
We ate and took a few pictures with the local children. It was fun. They tied a rope with a tyre and made a swing.
" Come on, let's swing." I suggested.
" The rope won't bear you. Too heavy for it." Dexter joked.
" If it can't bear me then honestly, it'll break on your turn too." I reasoned out.
" Oh n-"
The kids interrupted us.
" We've made this swing so strong, it can bear both of yours wait together too."
" Nah, I don't think so." Dexter shook his head, smiling.
" Try it for yourself, than." They handed the swing to Dexter.
" Sy, let's ' try'." He emphasized on the word try and smirked at me. I wanted the ground to open right than.
" No, I'm good." I said.
" I see, you're scared." Dexter giggled.
" No I'm not." I replied.
" Yes you are. Come on say it with me. Sylvia is scared! Scared! Scared! " Dexter shouted with all the kids around the ground.
" No I'm not!" I shouted back.
" Then show us." He smirked.
I moved towards him. He sat on the swing. I felt a little hesitant in the beginning but then sat down. My back collided with his chest. It was hard as rock. His scent was toxic and flushed me. Suddenly a kid pushed us from the back. We were swinging! My hair went wild and smacked on Dexter's face.
" Move away your hair!" Dexter laughed. Our swing was going a little too fast. I laughed.
" This is what you get for teasing me!"
"Fine, stop the swing!" He shouted.
" First, apologize!" I couldn't control myself.
" ... sorry! I'm sorry! Is that fine?"
" I can't hear you, a little louder please!" I teased him.
A kid pulled us back and slowed down our swing. I didn't even realize every tourist around the area was staring at us until our swing stopped. I, awkwardly stepped down.
" My legs are going to be sore, forever." Dexter massaged his legs and thighs.
" Well I didn't offer myself to sit on your thighs. You did." I shrugged and walked forward.
" At least wait for me!" He yelled.
We reached The Art Cafe. Several lights were illuminating the club. Loud music was blaring from the speakers. My mouth hung open as I saw the heck of crowd inside the club. They were swaying with the music. Though the crowd wasn't all good to see( champagne and vodka were the only bottles in their hands) but atmosphere was energetic and lively.
" I don't thin- " Dexter turned towards me
but I was already line gone in the club.
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