Take my heart

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Chapter 26

I pushed myself into the club. The crowd was suffocating. The lights were dim and an alcohol aroma was filing the club. Several teenagers were kissing and making out. I literally vomited as I saw them. I looked behind me but there was no trace of Dexter.
I passed the dancing floor and went in the backyard. A huge lightening pool was placed there. The music was dim here and the place was also cozy. Just a bunch of people sat here.
Suddenly I heard the DJ speak:
" Now comes the star of the night! Our talented singer, Dexter Ainsworth!"
I turned back and ran to the concert area. There he was, standing on the stage, forever hot. He had a microphone clasped around his mouth. Thousands of people were staring at him and shouting out his name.
"Dexter! Dexter! " Everyone shouted. I stood there, grinning at him.
Typical Dexter, I thought.
" For you, Senorita." Dexter sent me a fly kiss. I literally fainted. My body was shaking and I was blushing so hard, my body couldn't control it.
He started.
" I wanna follow where she goes,
I think about her and she knows it,
I wanna let her take control,
Cz every time that she gets closer,
She pulls me in enough to keep guessing,
And maybe I should stop and start confessing,
Confessiiiiiiing, yeaah
I felt my heart flatter and whole body warm up. He might not be singing for me but the way he stared at me through the whole song made me think otherwise. A guy passed with a tray of tequilas. I stopped him and gulped down 3 shots in one go.
Angina, my foot!
"Oh I've been shaking, I love it when you go crazy,
You take all my inhibitions,
Baby there's nothing holding me back,"
I was now on the 5th shot when I felt someone's hand grab my wrist. I looked around and with a blur illusion I saw Dexter. When did he come down the stage? I was tipsy and couldn't see clearly.
He took the tequilas from my hand and put them away. Then grabbing my hand he pulled me on the stage.
"You take me places that tear up my reputation, manipulate my decisions,
Baby there's nothing holding me back!"
I was dancing freely around him on the stage. Every individual down the stage was gawking at us and mimicking the song.
"She say's she's never afraid,
"Yes I'm not afraid!" I shouted behind him but thankfully due to loud shouting and music no one heard me.
"Cz if we lost all night and we took it way too far, I know we'd be alright
I know we would be alright,
And if you were by my side and we stumbled in the dark, I know we'd be alright,
We would be alriiiight!"
Dexter walked towards me and stopped really close. Our foreheads were touching. He was out of breath while my breath was stinky due to tequila. The whole crowd was watching us as we stood in the middle of the stage, our foreheads together, eyes closed.
" Kiss her!" A chorus begin from the crowd. I waited and didn't open my eyes.
Dexter exhaled, his minty breath fanned my face. He moved closer, just as his lips were close to mine, he changed his stance and kissed my forehead.
"Aww!" The crowd spoke.
He took of the microphone and whispered: " you're drunk, let's go."
He tried to pull me down the stage but I pouted.
" Nope, I like here."
He chuckled. I swear I wanted to grab him and kiss that croocked smile. He was driving my drunk self crazy.
"Sy stop pouting, it's driving me crazy."
" I will pout! I will pout!" I childishly pouted.
My own voice was like hammers in my head. I held my head. It hurt.
" Come on, no arguing." Dexter sternly said and finally pulled me out of the club.
"Heyyy! I want to peeee!" I shouted and tobbled over my own steps. Dexter caught me by the waist.
"Sober up, Sy." He said, a little harshly.
" Stop commanding, I'll do what I want to. You always scold me and talk to other girls. I hate you!" I cried and pushed him back. He caught me.
" Hold on. When did I scold you and talked to other girls?" He asked.
"Alwaaaays, Mr hottie." I pocked my finger into his chest. He laughed.
I tripped again and he caught me by my waist and picked me up bridal style. I wrapped my arms around his neck and put my head on his chest.
He walked for a few seconds that way.
" Are you kidnapping me?" I asked.
" I won’t mind doing so." He replied.
" I'm tired." I said while listening to his heart beat thumping against his chest.
He walked for several minutes when he suddenly put me down.
"I'm in no hell gonna ride your bike!" I declared as I saw the bike in front of us. It was chilly outside and my dress was sleeveless. Dexter helped me in his leather jacket. Why is he suddenly caring so much? Well...I don't have any problem though.
" Don't worry I've got an extra helmet. Now get on." He said as he started the bike. I hugged the jacket closer as it smelled like him. I hopped on. With a swift motion we were moving with the zest. I hugged him from behind as we went on.
" I won't be able to drive if you'll hold me this tight." I quickly let go and he started chuckling. I shove him in his back.
"Ow, what was that for?"
Before I could answer I realised instead of going to the street to hotel we were going on a different street.
"Dexter, hotel’s that way." I pointed out.
" I'm intentionally forgetting it." He declared. I smiled to myself. After some minutes he pulled out in front of a huge house. There were no lights and it kind of looked haunted. Dexter took the helmet from my hand and put it on his bike. He entangled our hands and we proceeded in the building. It was so dark that without Dexter I'm sure I wouldn't have made to the end.
"Dexter I don't get it.Why did you bring me to this haunted place?" I asked tightening my hold on his bicep since darkness was my old enemy.
" Wait. Are you gonna take advantage of me?" I asked stopping in my tracks. Though I knew it wasn't the case. He too stopped and looked at me for a long moment before saying.
“ You talk a lot, don’t you?”
While looking at him I felt he was about to say something else but changed his mind on the last second.
He moved a bit further until we reached a window. He pushed it open. I gasped and nearly fell out.
The scene in front of me was breathtaking. It felt like entire Rome was in front of me. The shimmery lights from the whole city were laid right here. The night time adding to its glamour. Nothing else could make me more sober. I inhaled and closed my eyes. Some moments of peace was all I wanted, to get away from my tiring life . All difficulties had faded away as I saw the busy city doing its night chores. I peered at moon and stars, they too were illuminating the sky. A cold breeze swooshed my hair into a tornado. I smiled as I felt Dexter's hand move and clutched my hand. His presence beside me was driving me crazy.
"It's...beautiful." I whispered, without tearing my eyes from the view. He intertwined our fingers and tightened his hold. It felt like he wanted to say that he would always be there for me. He would help me out...take away miseries. He didn't even know what was waiting for me out for there yet it felt like he knew everything. I did what I- thought I would never do : I let myself drown for time being.
A tear slipped down then another and another until I could control it no more. Dexter rubbed the tears with his thumbs,once again not asking why I was crying. He put his chin on my head as I sobbed in his chest. He didn't soothe me because sympathy was the last thing I wanted. His hand on my waist was enough . His billion dollar scent was another factor which calmed me down.
We stayed like that for several minutes, he holding me while I soaked his shirt with my tears. He planted soft kisses in my hair as his hand gently rubbed my back.
Finally I pulled away.
" Your drools ruined my shirt." He moved away and checked his shirt.
" I don't drool!" I chuckled as I brushed the tears with the back of my hands and checked the corners of my lips,in case he was right. He watched me with his hands in his pockets. I stared back.
Suddenly he took a step closer and kissed my forehead. I was frozen in my spot for as long as I can remember.
I had contemplated to never tell anyone about my growing angina but if an option of telling him ever came up I wouldn't mind...
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