Take my heart

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Chapter 27

Last night was a haze. I don't remember anything after I passed out after our hug, more like he sangTo put it all together it was a nice day. The best part was running from the cops and then seeing the art gallery. It was absolutely a fun day, until I woke up in the morning to come across a severe hangover. Though my head didn't hurt as much as I expected it to but the pain in my chest was unbearable. I couldn't sleep well and kept on rolling on my side. I even forgot to take my medicine! Shit.
While washing my face in the bathroom, I closed the tap and gazed at my reflection. I had surely grown thinner from past three months. And slightly pale. If I did not take my medicine, it might turn into a coronary disease which in some cases can even cause death, my doctor had said this the last time I met her. Why didn't I take my medicine then? Do I want to die? Of course not!
The biggest reason was that I forget to take them. This tour had made me so relaxed so far that I didn't remember I had a disease multiplying inside me. It made me forget my problems and just enjoy like a normal teenage would do on a tour. But these meds were close to the realization that I had angina or some other nonsense heart disease. I was done stopping myself every now and then from things which I would have normally done. But unfortunately I couldn't stop taking them since they were my real support on this tour. Without them I would have been deposited in a hospital. The pain hadn't totally subsided.
Sighing, I closed the door behind me and opened my backpack to get out my meds. Taking the water from table, I gulped them down. They would surely do for now. And by now I mean, for the rest of our tour!
Dexter knocked on the door and then proceeded in. He was the walking definition of hotness. His hair were wet from the shower and he was wearing shorts with shirt , which showed off his muscular body beneath it.
" How're you feeling now?" He asked.
" Better a litt- wait how do you know?" I furrowed my eyebrows together.
" I know what happens when you gulp down shots of tequila down your throat. Plus you kept on tossing and turning last night." He said the last part more concerningly.
" Yeah probably due to tequila." I had an urge to ask him about last night.
" Umm Dexter?" As I stammered on my words, Dexter smirked. Does he know what I'm about to ask?
"Did I...I mean we- sorry I- " He cut me off.
" Say it Sy." He folded his arms and observed me.
" What happened last night?"
" Exactly what was supposed to happen." He shrugged and smiled.
He smirked and proceeded towards me. I took a step back. He continued to come closer until I hit the wall behind me.
He came closer to my face and said:
" I didn't know you had such a dirty mind ,Sy?" He was smirking.
My eyes widened and I gulped. This is the reason I never drank before. You never know what you blurt out. Did I say anything about my disease?
Who knows!
What I did next was the weakest act ever. I had never thought in my whole life that I'd cry in front of a guy.
But the guilt of doing something of this sort with the man I thought was most charming and would never take advantage of me was horrific. I had to let it out.
" Damn! Sy stop crying." He tried to calm me down.
I lost control. I was hiccuping.
" I was kidding! I swear I was kidding. Nothing happened."
I wasn't listening.
" I didn't even sleep all night. I was up, awake and sitting on the bed across fro tours. I swear nothing happened."
I choked and screamed as shame washed over me.
" Stop it!" He shouted in a loud deep voice.
" Look at me." He shook my shoulders with his hands.
My puffy eyes travelled up to meet his.
" I can be the man who runs away with a girl, I can be the man who flirts away with girls and I can even be the man who dances confidently in front of a huge crowd but believe me, I'll never be the man who'll take advantage of a girl while she's drunk." He was looking directly into my eyes now and with a hurt expression he said,
" Did you really think this low of me?" He took a step back as his hands went down to his sides.
" Dexter, I..."
He turned around and begin to walk out of the room.
" Dexter wait!" I ran towards him and turned him around.
I had to tell him this today.
" I don't know about you. But as for me... I didn't cry because I thought you took advantage of me but what we have is so precious and close to my heart that for a moment I thought I ruined it. The bond we have can never compare to all the relationships I have in my life combined. I'll never want to ruin it this way."
We looked at each other for several minutes when he finally smiled and hugged me. As I tightly wrapped my arms around his torso he placed a quick kiss on my forehead.
" You looked quite sexy when you were drunk though." He winked.
" Shut up!"
He chuckled. I swear he looked a thousand times more handsome as he chuckled and the sunshine seeped through the window and on to his face.
" Are you done packing?"
"Huh? Yeah. Yeah, done." I need to get a grip on myself.
" I'll be waiting downstairs." With that he shut the door and left but I swear I saw him smirk again.
We checked out and grabbing our bags we entered the lift. It was on 2nd floor so we waited for it to come up. After a few seconds, it clinged opened and an old couple walked out. I smiled at their purity. Even though wrinkled, aged, fractured yet their love seemed pure as a newborn. I don't know what came over me and I said:
"You guys look lovely." They smiled and nodded in agreement. I don't know there seemed a connection between them and me. I had no freaking clue.
We proceeded in and Dexter pressed the ground floor button. The door clinged shut and begin to move down. The air was a little too dry inside. I tapped my foot impatiently.
" You alright?" Dexter asked, seeing my change in behavior.
" Don't you think it's taking a little too long to get down?" I asked, unbuttoning the top of my shirt. I felt suffocated.
"I don't- " Dexter's sentence was cut short as the lift budged and came to a halt. The lights went out too.
" Damn." Dexter said as he moved towards the door.
I felt like all the air suddenly gushed out of my lungs. I ran towards the door and banged on it. Hard.
" Help! Help! I...I can't...breathe." I shouted, dropping my bag.
I was claustrophobic. And angina added the cherry on the top.
" Hey, hey Sy you okay? " Dexter came beside me and turned me around to face him.
" I...I- " I inhaled as sweat dropped down my forehead . Dexter moved my hair from my face and said :
" Look at me. Sylvia look at me!"
I did.
Before I could process anything he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him, such that my head now lay on his chest as he rubbed his hand on my back.
" Calm down. Breathe in. Breathe out. In. Out." He gently and rythmically delayed his therapy.
It was absolutely not because of his therapy that I calmed down but his scent. I begin to soothe down as his scent enveloped around me, wanting to stay there forever.
A few minutes passed by and we stayed like that.
Suddenly somewhere chains rattled and with a clanking sound, the lift moved up a little and then with strong force was pushed back down.
I was taken off balance and slammed into Dexter who too lost his posture , making us land on the floor. Well did I say Dexter was on top me?
Well... I was once again wrapped in his scent and melted to the highest point possible.
" Damn it!" Dexter laughed and rolled from over me. I took it as an opportunity to regain myself.
A lot to digest in one day, I must say.
" Seems like fate is patching up us on purpose." I chuckled as I stood up.
" I don't believe in fate." He said as a matter of fact.
" Where , against you did it go." I asked.
" What do you mean?"
" I mean people usually go against it when something not in there favour happens. They start to loose faith. " I shrugged.
" Maybe. But I didn't quite believe in it from the start. And after my parents, everything just went low. " He stated.
I bolted up and looked down at him.
" From the start? " I raised my eyebrows, a small smile forming on my lips.
" Ah, you know- "
" What about before the start? Did you believe in it back then. You definitely did because you cannot stop believing in 'fate' without actually believing in it first." I declared.
" God, so philosophical."
" See, God doesn't just come on everyone' s lips. It has its own reasons. " I winked as the lift opened.
" We are really sorry for this inconvenience. Our system's wi- " I held up my hand to stop the manger going into any further apologies Turning my head at him I smiled and said:
" May be the fate had destined it to happen. Don't be sorry. Have a good day. "
With that I grabbed my bag and walked out of the hotel and onto the road, with sunshine seeping down the sky; bringing in yet another hopeful day.
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