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Chapter 28

"May I know the reason for your sudden change in behavior?" Dexter asked as we waited outside the hotel.
" Just having a good mood." I flipped my hair off my shoulder and winked at him. He chuckled and checked his watch for the third time in a row.
" And remind me again, what are we waiting for?"
" Have patience. " He said and fidgeted his pocket to get out his phone.
I sighed and sat on my bag's trolley. Yes I'm that 'old woman'.
" Dexter I cant sit like this anymore." I stood up after sitting for almost ten minutes now.
" Then lie down." He chuckled and I rolled my eyes.
I looked around me and suddenly caught sight of a pamphlet sprawled down on the pavement. I picked up and smiled to myself.
" Come on, lets go." I began to drag my bag down on the road.
"Sy get back here. The car would be here any minute now." He called out frustrated.
" See you at Trevi Fountain!" I screamed as I began to race down the road with my bag's trolley screeching the road.
I sighed as I sat down exhausted. It had been nearly an hour since I parted with Dexter with the hope to find Trevi fountain but look at me, all tired with no phone and no hope of finding the fountain either. As I lowered down my head between knees, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up and saw the old couple from the elevator standing before me. I smiled and quickly stood up.
" Can we help you somehow, lady? You look lost." the old man asked.
I hesitated for a while and looked around then said.
" Can you by any chance know the directions for Trevi Fountain?"
Immediately a huge smile formed on old woman's wrinkled lips.
" What a great timing! See didn't I tell you God helps those in need, George?" she looked at her husband and he nodded as a smile of acknowledgement appeared on his lips too, as if finally understanding something which her wife had spent a long time telling him.
" Follow us, lady. We're heading the same way." They began to walk ahead. I sprinted up to keep up with them.
" Thank you, Ma'am."
" Thank me later, lady."
we walked for at least ten minutes more, turned a lot of corners which made me once again thank the couple for escorting me as the route was truly a maze.
" There."
A massive fountain of at least 85 feet tall and almost 65 feet wide came before me. water was pumping out of multiple sources and a large pool in front, surrounded by myriads of marbled statues. It had to be the most beautiful thing I ever saw. A lot of tourists were surrounding it, clicking photos and...throwing coins. Exactly what I came here for.
" Three thousand euros is thrown into it everyday." the old woman said beside me as she peeked in the pool.
" The legend holds that a coin thrown into the fountain will ensure a return to Rome. This also dates back to a tradition of ancient Romans who threw coins in it to make the gods of water favour their journey or help them get back home safely." She explained.
" What happens to all this money?" i asked as I glanced in the water. Surely there were thousands of euros in it.
" Goes in charity. To Caritas. They use the money for a supermarket program giving rechargeable cards to Rome's needy to help them get groceries. " she threw one herself.
" Caritas. It means 'love'. " I declared.
The couple nodded and smiled. suddenly I heard a commotion beside me and instantly Dexter appeared from behind a crowd of people. He sighed with relief as he caught sight of me.
" Sy, don't you ev-" he stopped as looked at the old couple.
" Aren't they from the elevator?''
" Yeah helped me get to the Fountain." i smiled at them.
" Well thank you, Mr and Mrs...? "dexter stopped to get their names but instead the woman interrupted:
"Look at you guys. Ain't they looking lovely," she turned at her husband and he nodded. " come on smile at the camera then."
Our backs were turned towards the fountain as we faced the polaroid in the woman's hand. As we smiled swooshing wind whirled through, making my hair fly everywhere, a few were on Dexter's face as well.
" Here. What a cute photo we have." she took out the photo from the polaroid and handed it to us. Surely it was cute. Dexter was looking at me while I s struggling to keep my hair down while the massive fountain was behind us.
" You're resembling Annabelle, Sy." Dexter chuckled as I hit him on the arm.
" Fine, Sorry."
As we looked at the couple I realized they were observing us. The old woman had her face on George's chest while his chin was resting on her head. i smiled awkwardly.
" Here, throw these in the pool." she handed me three coins. I and Dexter threw them together in pool but I didn't know why she gave me three.
After throwing them i walked towards her and asked to which she said:
" One for making jurney safely to home. Second for seeking love and last one...for wedding bells."
I stood there stunned at what she said. I felt a shake at my arm. I looked up and saw Dexter.
" Where did they go?" He asked and I quickly looked around. They were dispersing through the crowd. A huge group of reporters was surrounding them.
" There."
They were not some ordinary people, that's for sure. Because the way photographers were forming a circle around them. It told that so.
" Dexter..." I began.
" Owners of caritas." He finished.
" Dexter stop whining." I chuckled.
" We lost the only source which could take us to...and now youre making me walk for past thirty minutes and then you don't even me to protest?!" Dexter said as he stopped in the middle of the road and spread out his hands.
" I know you wanted to go on that car badly but we had fun at the fountain didn't we? Besides the car was taking a long time to reach." I stopped too.
" Now how are we gonna go?" Traffic started to become thick. Angry honks and screams were thrown at Dexter but he stood there without moving a muscle, staring at me angrily. I ran towards him.
" Dexter, come on. You'll come under a car or something." I tried to drag him but he was strong.
" Go away. Im not going anywhere." he folded up his arms.
" Dexter stop being a child. com- oh my God see the car could've crashed into us!" A car wheezed around us.
" I need to get out of Italy, right now!" He sat down on the road as a small smile appeared on his lips but he tried to hid it.
" Dexter, fine. I'll get you out of here. just please stand up." I laughed as I begged him. People were staring at us now like two teenagers gone crazy on a road in Rome.
" I know you wont." He acted stubborn. this made me laugh harder. a small crowd had formed around us. I tried to drag him again but to no avail.
" ill even get you a candy. That's like a good boy." i laughed as he stood up.
" come on, lets geta candy." we ran from the road and on to the pavement.
" What the hell was that Dexter?" I asked while laughing.
" Just being wild, I guess." that made me stop and smile at him.
" Well I had fun." I shrugged.
" And here I thought i was successful in pissing you off."
" Then I' m sorry to announce that you've failed. "
He chuckled in response and sat down on the pavement. I took a seat beside him too.
" You know what, Dexter?"
" You cant be at two places in the same time. Always cherish the moment you're in. Value even small, tiny things of your life. " I smiled.
He stared at me for good one minute before saying :
" What if the plan I had in my mind was more fun then this?"
" If you want to do everything today, then what's for tomorrow?" I raised my eyebrows at him and he seemed to get what I meant because he became quiet. Neither one of us talked for a long time. But unlike other countless times, this silence wasn't tense or harsh or seriously uncomfortable; it was familiar. i broke the silence and said.

“ sometimes you have to learn to let go.”
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