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Chapter 29

After about sitting on pavement for ten minutes a car pulled over. It was 1970's Chrysler convertible. I know this because I've been working in a car showroom.
I'm kidding. I've seen enough old movies to know this. Anyways, the exciting thing was : it was roofless!
The guy handed over the keys to Dexter and in return Dexter gave him cash. I threw my bag in back seat and climbed in the car. Dexter started the ignition and before accelerating and grinned at me.
" Get ready for a thrill."
Dexter called the same guy he asked before for the car and offered him extra cash to bring the car down where we were sitting. Finally he agreed.
We have been driving around Italy for about ten minutes now. Though I didn't have any objection as I'm a fan of travelling but this was something else. I kept on asking Dexter about the plan but he continued the excellent job of ignoring me. Ive no idea why he has so many mood swings.
" Can you pull over for second because I've to pee?" I looked at him with puppy dog eyes.
He laughed and shook his head.
What the hell?!
" What? I've to pee."
Still ignoring.
" Unless you want me to pee here and ruin this elegant car!" I screamed.
He did not budge and in turn put on the volume of radio, pretending not to hear me.
" AS YOU WISH!" I stood up on my seat and grabbed my jeans from the waist. Just as I was going to do my business, not that I was in real going to; Dexter pulled over the car and slammed the brakes. He motioned towards the church.
Note the irony.
" I'll get back to you later!" I shouted as I jumped out of the car and sprinted towards the washroom. Not that I knew where it was.
I was at the backside of the church and as I was nearer to realease the pressure in my bladder, I slammed into someone and her bouquet fell down. I apologized and picked it up. It was my favorite: white roses. Bringing my eyes to her face, I found out that she was the bride. And absolutely flawless. But the error was : she was crying?
" Umm, you okay?" I asked, controlling the need to pee urgently.
She dabbed at her eyes and faintly nodded.
I would have surely stayed and consoled her if it wasn't for my pee. I dashed into the washroom and did my business. After washing my hands, I came out. The bride was still standing there, looking outside the window. I went near her. In front of us was quite an architectural scene. The building of Catholic Church. After a few moments of silence, the bride spoke:
" 1st January at exact 12:00am...an amazing moment." I looked at her in confusion.
" I proposed him." She sadly smiled. I assumed it was groom she was talking about.
" We had the best three months of our lives. We visited every corner of the world, shared the best moments." She chuckled, while her mind was somewhere remembering the memories. I smiled back.
" I thought it would be hell of an awkward thing, you know me proposing him and all. But...but he made it so beautiful and normal that I dont regret doing it. " I nodded because I could relate to it with Dexter always making me feel comfortable.
" But then things changed. Something or maybe distance pulled us apart. We talked less, met once in 10 days. He shifted to italy for his studies and I was in Switzerland. Let's just say my...feelings for him changed." She shrugged and turned her face towards me.
For a few seconds I absorbed what she just said.
" And you're still marrying him?" I asked.
" I guess."
She's got to be kidding me. This is only supposed to be happening in movies, right? It's her wedding, for God's sake! You have to be sure who you are marrying. I chuckled.
She sadly chuckled with me.
" You're kidding, right?" I raised my eyebrows.
" I wish I was." She sighed and sat in the window.
" You know what he said me yesterday? That he would have to put a chair behind him when I willl come down the aisle, because he would definitely fall after seeing me." After a pause. " He won't be able to take it in. He will break down ." She gazed down the window.
" Won't you?" I asked. We looked at each other for a minute until she broke the silence:
" I'm already hollow. I don't feel anything."
" That's because you've never given it a real thought." She opened her mouth to interrupt but I continued.
" You think you've thought over it several times and you might have but the real thing is you've never understood it's real meaning. It's the most precious thing one can ever get. The three magical words. You don't understand there importance because you've never said them. " She looked at me shockingly but understandingly.
" It's not like I've said them ever but I know when I'll feel the urge to. You know it too but doesn't acknowledge it. It's inside you, just take it out. And today is not an ordinary day. It's 'your 'day. I know for a fact that the events that led you to marry this guy were not just something normal; they were precious. They were your presents. And two things 'truly' happen only once: love and wedding. " She was already crying. I blinked my eyes and said:
" You're still not caring how you'll feel but that he would get hurt? Damn it, Miss bride if this is not love then tell me- " she lunced at me and my grabbed shoulders, the expression on her face showed that she just discovered something.
" I...I love...him! I fucking love him! " She declared through muffled cries. She rubbed the tears away and laughed, the most genuine one I saw since I met her.
"Thank ...you so much!" She grabbed the flowers, smoothed down her hair and ran towards the door but then rushed back towards me. She took the side of her corset and clasped it in my hand:
" If I don't reach on time, my fiancee might faint, Miss Bridesmaid."
As we walked down the aisle, the glamorous wedding opened before me. It was arranged in the backyard of the church. White chairs mixed with white lillies covered the area. It was simple yet elegant. My eyes landed on the groom. He was wearing a black tuxedo and his face had a concerning expression which instantly softened into a calm one on seeing the 'bride.' He wasn't nervous,as I assumed he would be. But love was radiating from his eyes and himself. He was literally the reason behind the positive atmosphere. His friends punched him on his forearm as we got nearer.
I looked at my surrounding to take in the view. The guests were standing up in respect for the couple. Suddenly in the crowd my eyes landed on food,wait no, on Dexter who was eating food. When did he come here? He looked up and our eyes met. He was looking at me with the same expression as I at him. What-the-hell-are-you-doing-here expression. His face brightened and he smiled at me. As if I was a magnet with different pole, I returned the warm smile. Suddenly the 'bride' elbowed me. I looked at her and literally got embarrassed. I had stopped in my tracks while I was returning Dexter's gesture and every guest was staring at us. She smirked and nodded towards Dexter. Wait is she thinking....no no please don't.
We reached the groom and he extended his hand to help her on to the stage. As soon as she stepped up, she clutched on to his torso and fiercely kissed him. The groom was himself taken by surprise. A roar of 'Awws' went through the crowd. The priest coughed when they didn't pull back. Everyone laughed.
The priest started the ceremony.
" Do you, Gabriel Grayson take jessica Contor as your wife in times of sickness and health , poverty and wealth?"
"I do." Dexter whispered behind my ear. My heart came into my throat. He slipped his hand into mine as they delivered their vows. I held onto him tight.
It was the most emotionally happy scene I had ever come across and was grateful for Dexter to hold me.
"That was wonderful, wasn't it? " I asked Dexter. He didn't reply instead focused on eating. I shook his arm.
" What?" He finally looked up.
" Oh nothing just talking to myself about how wonderful the vows were." I sarcastically remarked.
" Ok then, carry on." He again went back to ignoring me.
" Come on Dexter, I'm talking to you!" I shouted.
"I tho-" He was cut of as the bride approached us.
" Oh lovebirds can you stop making the audience jealous for a while? I can see your love from far away stage, so why not have a little Rumba and show off?" She asked as she made an expression of ' I-KNOW-SOMETHING-ROMANTIC-IS-GOING-BETWEEN-YOU-TOO."
"NO, no that's no- "
" That's exactly how it is." Dexter smirked.
Jessica smirked back.
God, no!
" Come on guys, it's my wedding!" She pouted.
" Oh wow I didn't know that." I declared.
"So you're not coming?" She raised eyebrows.
"Nope." I popped the ' p '
"Don't be jealous then." She grabbed Dexter's hand and dragged her to the stage. Calling a beautiful blonde, she made them partners. They fitted quite... perfectly. I turned my face around because I had no wish to see them. No absolutely not because I am jealous, but...
It's not like I've feelings for him, do I? No no that can't happen. I looked at him, dancing freely as sun reflected it's sunshine on his hair and face. His lips curved into a smile as he raised his head towards the sun. He was enjoying the sun, or should I say 'the blonde's hands which kept roaming on his body, rather then doing dance. My eyes widened at the scene. She was leaning in to kiss him?
We met like a month ago and I haven't kissed him. How dare she! I stepped down the chair and practically ran towards the stage. I could feel Jessica's smirk on my back. I grabbed blonde's hand and lightly pushed her to the side. I rested my arms on his shoulder. He didn't flinch nor passed any sarcastic comment but grabbed my waist tightly and pulled me closer to himself.
We danced around one another for God knows how long and honestly I had a lot of fun. Though Dexter kept on charging for food every now and then but I enjoyed. Finally when my feet gave up I took a seat behind the stage. I and Dexter were talking when suddenly a bouquet fell in my lap. A limp got stuck in my throat. I looked up and my eyes met Dexter's. The bride had thrown the bouquet behind her and it fell in my lap which meant I was the next one? No how could that be possible. I inhaled the fresh flowers scent. They looked fresh, nicely wrapped in a bouquet but as I held them up they begin to decay or should I say to me it looked like dieing? Even if they had been plucked from their home, the garden they looked as fresh in the bride's hand as in a garden but when they fell in my lap they lost their beauty. Why?
"Don't tell me you're actually thinking about getting married now? " Dexter joked taking the bouquet from my hands.
I shook my head and started walking towards the car.
" If you want I can arrange it and in return I'll keep all the food to myself. " Dexter declared as we hoped in the car.
" Obviously." I laid my head back on the headrest.
The engine came to life as the car took down the road.
I kept to myself for the first five minutes. The previous thoughts kept on bugging my mind, drifting from angina to heart attack to-
" Here's my test." Dexter said.
" Test for what?"
" To know what's occupying your mind since we left the church. "
" Shoot." I faced him.
" I'll speak a word and the first word that comes to your mind on hearing it, you'll say that out loud. The rule is you can't take longer than two seconds. Are we clear?"
"I've a feeling this is going to be hard but go ahead."
" Green." He said.
" colour." I said.
" Friend."
" You."
" Love."
" Food. "
" Hmmm...Trip." He said.
" Europe." I was actually enjoying the game.
" Disney world."
"Dream." I rufflled my hair.
" Life."
" Eh..." Suddenly I felt exhausted, tired of everything.
" You can't take longer than two seconds." He looked at me.
" Fine I lost. Now what's the result Dr. Dexter?" I raised my eyebrows.
" According to my test you have problem with life. "
" Now that's nonsense. I don't have a problem with life. I mean look at me I've got everything I ever dreamed of; escaping the house, wandering in Europe and enjoying my life." I said, trying to avoid the question.
" Sometimes when you get everything is the moment you realise you haven't gotten anything at all." He said, looking at me through peripheral view.
For the first time I felt speechless. I looked at him. He shrugged. How could a person be so smart?
" It's nothing really. Don't stress yourself out." I said putting my glasses on.
" How ironic." He said putting his glasses on as well.
Am I that open book? Anyways I'm not in a mood to cry over my future. I pushed myself up and peeked my head out of the roof. My hair flew everywhere as Dexter hit the radio. A very slow romantic song came up. Like an eagle disentangled from the seat I spread my hands out wide and closed eyes.
Sometimes it's all about a moment. Just a moment to make you realise about anything. Make you fall in love. Make you happy and grateful for even a single breath of air that you're breathing.
I opened my eyes with mountains surrounding our car. I glanced around me. We stopped near some border. Where were we?
" Welcome to Switzerland, darling." Dexter declared as he spread his arms and grinned.
This man!
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