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Chapter 30

" So you're telling me that we're a metre away from entering Switzerland but we can't go in?" I asked Dexter while swinging my backpack on my shoulder.
" Yeah, but..."
" What a great surprise." I sarcastically remarked.
" Look what they're saying is that," he moved to my side." we can't take this car with us because of some policy issue but 'we' can."
" Unless we get that scooter again."
" I don't know about the scooter but how about a...tricycle?" He pointed towards a tandem bicycle leaning against the border wall. Though no one was close to it but it definitely belonged to someone. I shook my head and turned away from it. Not even a second passed by and Dexter was standing in front of me with tricycle.
" Get on."
" Hah you think I'm really going to get on that?"
" Yes because if you don't I'll use my ways and I'm sure you wouldn't like that." He smirked.
I rolled my eyes and climbed on the cycle.
" Asshole." I muttered under my breath.
At first we had difficulty moving the cycle in sync but gradually a sequence was made. My feet were mostly in air and less peddling.
" I've a birth mark on my right elbow." I shouted from the backseat.
" Behind my right ear. " He shouted.
" All time favourite movie: Titanic.”
" A walk to remember.”
" I love dogs." He said.
" Ugh me toooo." I chimed as we cycled up the slope and got on the bridge. To say it was the most elegant bridge I ever saw would be an understatement. The entire bridge was above the ocean. It connected melide border to lugano another place in Switzerland where we were going. They were the best thirty- minutes of my life, I swear. My hair flew in every direction possible.
" No serious girlfriend." Dexter cut my thoughts.
" Playboy." I smirked even though he could not see me.
" What about you?!"
" Wasn't really up for grabs."
We wheezed through the people walking on the bridge, accelerating everytime.
" No tattoo." I declared.
" Have one." He said.
" Where?" I asked.
" I'm sure you wouldn't be interested to know." He said( I'm sure he smirked too.)
" Sorryyy!" I screamed as we almost hit a baby in pram.
We both laughed. Okay that wasn't funny but then why did we laugh? Have we gone crazy? Probably. This made me laugh harder.
" Oh my God look at that!" Dexter pointed towards the sky. I looked up and saw a flock of birds crossing above us. Why does the day keep on getting better and beautiful? Did I do something earlier that made God happy? But I don't remem- then Jess and Gabriel crossed my mind. I smiled and snapped a shot of birds. Then I and Dexter took a few selfies.
" Phewww here we are." Dexter stopped the cycle. We got down. I looked around me. We were finally in Lugano. In front of us was a spacious lake with mountains surrounding it. Small restaurants were scattered everywhere with some offering an outside setting while the rest cozy and cool inside.
" Are you hungry.?" Dexter asked.
" Arh..."
" It's on me."
" Sure why not!" I said and started walking towards a random restaurant. I heard him chuckle.
We settled for seafood since we were beside a lake and it kind of added to the mood. We placed our orders and waited.
" Let's play twenty questions." He stated, adjusting his hands on the table.
" Try me." I put my hand under my chin.
" Hmm... weirdest habit?" He asked.
" I guess singing in the bathroom. Coolest person you've ever met?"
" Definitely not you." He chuckled as I rolled my eyes.
" Actually your dad."
" Ha my dad is not cool." I objected.
" He is. Your turn."
" A reckless thing you've always wanted to do?"
" Scuba diving. You?"
" Though you can't ask the same question but it's sky diving." I said.
" Damn we're so different like I wanna touch the ocean bed and you wanna touch the sky." He made an expression as to be offended.
I laughed at that.
" Opposites attract." I made air quotes.
" Would you prefer a small family or large?"
" I mean two to three kids would be fine. What is one thing you miss about being a child?"
" Going to bed while listening to Mom's bedtime story." A sad expression covered his face as if remembering that time. I lightly squeezed his hand. He nodded.
" And Your?"
" Peeing in bed and getting away with it."
" Eww! Gross!" He scrunched his nose and we both laughed.
At least he laughed.
" Something you'd like to change about your life?" He asked as his gaze became more intense. I grabbed the glass of water and gulped it down.
" Ahh- "
I was grateful for the waiter to come. He served us food. I instantly ducked into my food because the food was delicious and also...to avoid Dexter's question.
" Thank you." We said to the waiter as he left.
"Ummm." I made this moaning sound as food entered my stomach.
" Sy, stop." Dexter slightly laughed as he gazed around the restaurant.
" What I loved the food! Mmmmm." This time I made the sound intentionally because the expression on Dexter's face was priceless.
" Sylvia, I'm serious everyone is staring our way." He was turning serious.
" Okay," he relaxed until I again moaned. " Mmmmm so freaking go- "
" Ouch!" Dexter literally threw the glass of water on my face. My entire shirt was soaking wet. Okay that hit me really hard. I grabbed his glass and splashed the water on his face.
" That's better." I went back to eating.
He grabbed the entire water bottle and begin to empty it on my head.
" Dexter stop!" I tried to slap his hands away and jumped down from my seat and in the attempt hit a couple behind me.
Oops that hurts.
" Sorry, I... Dexter stoooop!" I was running around the restaurant with Dexter right on my tail. He wouldn't stop this way. Snatching the bottle of wine from the counter( ignored the screaming from manager) and poured it on Dexter's head. At least I got to see a purple faced Dexter.
" Dang it, stop!" Dexter screamed.
" You two ,come here !" The manager called out.
That stopped both of us. We made our way towards a fifty year old looking bald guy. We stood in front of him with our eyes down as water soaked my hair and clothes and in the case of Dexter, wine.
" Don't you have any manners?" He spoke in a Swiss accent.
" We're sorry for what we did, sir." Dexter apologized.
" Sorry? This generation." He shook his head and rubbed his hand over his face.
" Get out."
" Sir we're so-" He cut me.
" Fucking. Get. out!" He barked. I shivered. Dexter took my hand and grabbed our bags as we stepped outside. A cool air hit my face and taking away the small guilt I was feeling.
We walked silently side by side for a few seconds than looked at each other. A small smile was crawling on our faces until they turned into fits of laughter. Dexter was banging his hands on the pavement while laughing and I was rolling on my stomach.
We’ll be a whole ass of teenagers by the end of this tour.
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