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Chapter 31

We walked side by side down the lane. The air was absolutely amazing and the view spectacular. Surrounded by the spacious swiss greenery centering around crystal blue Lugano lake.
"I can't imagine you as a business-man." I said looking at him.
" Now you're underestimating me." He chuckled.
" No not all. I just can't put a man like you into an office where he works his ass off and you know does the boring stuff." I shrugged.
" Now being a billionaire is not boring. " He scoffed.
" I know and being a billionaire with your own successful efforts is also something but I mean...is this really what you want?" I raised my eyebrows and folded my hands over my chest. He seemed taken a back and averted my eyes.
" It's okay if you- "
" My dad wanted me to take over his business." He sighed and moved towards the bank of the lake.
I stood there contemplating what to say. Then I moved to his side.
" And you did...pretty nicley . " I said.
" The company, where it's standing now is only because of my dad. I tried to take over and I did pretty professionally at first but then...ah and your dad says I need some time to get used to this and I'll be fine." He had a regretful expression on his face as he kept his eyes in a far away distance, not really focusing on anything.
" I'm sorry to hear that."
" I mean I do my best every day; employed the most productive people, look after affairs, pulling the best deals but...I- I as a C.E.O is- "
" Not satisfied?" I offered.
" Yeah not satisfied." He sighed and moved his hand through his hair in irritation.
" Do you know why that happens?" I asked.
He shook his head.
" Okay let's look at it this way. When a child starts walking, he takes his first step with utmost risk, right?" He nodded. I continued.
" He might fall the first time but gradually gets used to it. Now when he actually starts walking he never even think about his first step because he thinks it's normal and everyone must do it but what he fails to understand is the moment or the feeling behind it. How he actually started walking. Who helped him. The joy, the happiness behind it. "
" So?" He raised his eyebrows.
" So he's satisfied but actually not. Because by then his priorities or in this case his spirit changes, increases. He aims at bigger things. From walking, he aims at running and then going into a marathon. " I smiled and and he smiled back.
" Just keep your priorities straight, work on what you really have and step by step grab the bigger goal. Small steps always leads to marathons... and yeah in all of this don't lose your charm. " I squeezed his hand and he intertwined our hands.
" Do you think my dad's happy with me?" He asked staring at the lake.
" Dexter... I think he's proud of you but he would've been more happy if you did what you want to do. Parents are always happy when their children are happy." He now stared at me. I smiled and nodded.
" Follow your heart." I chuckled and proceeded walking.
" Come on close your eyes." Dexter pleaded.
" But why?"
" Trust me you'll thank me later." Dexter stated as he covered my eyes with his hands.
" Fine, lead the way." Dexter led the way to God knows where and after a few steps he moved his hands away from my eyes.
" There you go."
" Oh my God." I gasped and covered my mouth with my hand in amazement.
In front of me was the most amazing view I had ever seen. We had walked up here in a village. But what I didn't know was the view that it offered. I could see the crystal lake but in a very small size. The mountains still surrounded it but it looked like it was some kind of a painting, absolutely flawless. People looked like Lego sets. I drew in a breath. I couldn't have wished for anything more.
" You're welcome." Dexter moved to my side.
" Thank you. Really thank you Dexter for bringing me here...in Switzerland and this place...I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else in the world." Okay I was being a little emotional.
" Ha don't tell me you're gonna cry because I've no qualification in handling crying girls. " Dexter grinned.
I inhaled deeply and chuckled.
" Unless you count granny in." He laughed.
" No surprise there." I remarked.
" Do I look like that much of a good boy?" He asked smiling crookedly. *Ugh that smile*
" Nah rather some cocky, self- obsessed kind of a guy." I sarcastically smiled and walked towards the locals.
"Hello!" I waved at the local children playing around. They smiled and waved back.
" Hey!
" Hi!"
" Do you think they'll understand English?" I asked Dexter.
" Dunno take a try." He ruffled a kid's hair.
"Umm do you guys know a good place for shopping?" I asked.
" Seriously Sy you think a 10 year old can tell you where to shop?" He shook his head in disbelief. " Do you guys know a good place to eat?" Of course he would ask that.
" Why am I not surprised, huh?" I asked keeping a poker face.
" At least a lot more fun than ' shopping.' " He made air quotes.
" But we just ate." I tried to reason out.
" For future reference?" He declared.
" You...you keep on eating. Look at you, all this fat." I stated in an annoyed tone.
" This is no- "
" I think you're tourists and looking for something?" A guy said from behind us. He didn't look like a local but somewhere from Asia.
" Yeah actually we're looking somewhere to sho- "
" To eat." Dexter cut me. I clenched my fists. Today is going to be the last day of his life!
" Oh it's down the lane towards the left. They've got most delicious food in town. They're some other things you should also do.By the way how long are you here in Switzerland?"
" A day or two." Dexter said and I felt my heart sink.
" Oh then you should really go for scuba diving. It happens in Interlaken and of course the swiss culture. Man you'll love it." He said and punched Dexter on the bicep. Dexter was clearly not liking this guy because he kept his face straight and seemed less interested.
" It was nice meeting you. By the way I'm Ali." He offered his hand and I shook it.
" Sylvia . It was nice meeting you too, Ali."
" Okay then I'll leave you guys here."
He started walking away and when he was at least a few metres away he turned around and shouted:
" By the way these kids don't understand English!"
Wow we've been fighting on that!
" As if we didn't know." Dexter whispered under his breath.
" Pardon me?"
" These Asians. Don't you think they're too touchy?"
Now someone is jealous!
Before I walked of he added
"...and as for this 'fat', these are muscles!"
" Dexter I don't think we should do this."
I tried to convince Dexter to rethink his decision.
We had travelled all the way from Lugano to Interlaken just to scuba dive because it was on top of Dexter's ' To-do' lists. And when Ali suggested us Dexter couldn't think of anything else and just booked the Uber and brought us here. Now we were travelling in the boat to the middle of the ocean.
" I'm following my heart, isn't that what you said? And besides what's the worst that could happen, huh?" Dexter put his hands on my shoulders.
" We can...drown." I said, my voice slightly weak and cracking.
" I promise I won't let that happen." He stared intensely in my eyes than tightened his grip on my hand.
" Come on let's go."
We stood up and checked our oxygen tanks and swim suits one last time to make sure everything was okay.
" On count of three." The instructor said.
" One." I inhaled deeply.
" Two." I looked at Dexter and he looked back.
" Three." We both jumped in the water.
The water was cold at first but as we went deeper down the ocean, it turned normal. I kept on glancing above me to check how far we were from the surface. I still felt a little nervous and fearful.
We followed the instructor as he led us down and down towards the ocean bed. It was slightly darker here. Myriads of fish of different kinds surrounded us. I even saw a few dolphins in distance. Suddenly a sea horse tickled my hand and I instantly pulled back and collided with Dexter. He grabbed my hand and pulled me on his back. I was literally on his back as he swam into a darker cave. I tightened my hold on his torso.
He flashed a torch light as we entered the cave. I saw the cutest thing ever. A mommy dolphine was feeding a baby dolphine. Dexter and I stayed there for a few minutes, admiring the scene then we departed. Dexter kept roaming around the ocean, showing me different kinds of species of fish and coral reefs. Honestly, coral reefs were creepier than all other sea species. I didn't even touch them if you cut the one thrown at me by Dexter. They made me realize the ability of God to create tiny species no matter where and when. It's only He who could give the humans the lungs and fish the gills.
After almost an hour the instructor signalled for us to go back. I felt sad because I was actually enjoying being under water.
Yeah I was enjoying being under water.
We hoped on the boat and dressed back into our clothes. By the time we came out of the dress room, the sun was setting. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by a feeling I couldn't quite define. It was a mixture of joy and peace and like something I just discovered. I looked over at Dexter, he too was as stunned as me. I sat down and stared at the setting sun and couldn't help myself thinking that one more sun had set, one more day had been deducted from not so my life.
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