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Chapter 32

Sometimes your life turns a 360 degree angle, sending you in a completely different world. You don't realise it until you stop, play the whole situation in your head and boooom you hit the target.
At least that's how i realised it.
I was lying in my cozy Swiss bed, staring at the ceiling with an even more cozy blanket over me while my phone was plugged in the socket and resting on the bedside. I was trying to sleep but I couldn't. Probably due to the fact that I was in Switzerland or maybe because I didn't have enough time left and it'll be over soon. I didn't know.
A ting of my phone brought me out of my thoughts. While laying in the bed I picked the phone and unlocked my phone. It was a message from dad.
Miss ya:)
I smiled and dialled my dad's number. He picked up on first ring.
" Hey."
" Cupcake." His voice was hoarse like if he hadn't slept for days. Usually it happened when he worked overnight. It was evening there as they were 6 hours behind us but still he seemed tired.
" You didn't go to office?" I asked.
" You always catch me." He chuckled but instantly died away.
" Have you been working overnight?" My voice sounded low and weak.
" Had to keep myself busy."
My side of line remained silent.
" Enough of me. How're you and how's Italy?" There was some sighing on his side.
" We're in Switzerland now."
" Oh. I'm sorry you just keep moving so it's hard to keep track." He sounded hurt.
" Dad...I'm...Im sorry. I should've told you." It was no more than a whisper. Tears threatened to come out.
I heard him sniff. Is he crying?
" Da...dad?" My voice broke down.
" I'm sorry I just miss you so much." He was crying too. I could feel it but he was trying to hide.
" I miss you too." I was on the verge of tears now.
" shhh...shh don't cry." Dad consoled me.
"I...I-" I couldn't say speak as I constantly stuttered as tears wetted my cheeks and pillow.
" I'm glad you called." Dad finally said.
" Me too."
" How's Dexter?"
" Fine."
" How's Switzerland?"
" peaceful." I said as I looked out at the view.
" I can feel it through your voice."
" How's mom?"
" Fine but a little too much hard on me since she doesn't have you to scold." He chuckled.
" I'll be back soon." My voice holding a promise.
" Be safe."
The call ended. As I put my phone on bedside I felt good. It felt like a huge burden lifted off my chest. I made a side note to call mom tomorrow.
A wave of cold wind swooshed through the window and sent my hair flying in every direction possible. I crossed the room and reached the window and in balcony.I noticed the moon fading behind the clouds and stars almost as if there were none. It was still night but almost a few hours before dawn would break.
" Woah is this really who I think it is! " Dexter called from behind. I turned around. Dexter had two mugs in his hand. Did I mention how cute he looked in black sleeveless track suit and messy hair?
" Sleeping beauty decided to break out of her sleep." I chuckled as I took one mug from his hand.
" Tea?" I asked, eyeing the mug.
" Any problem with that?" He asked as he took a sip.
" No I just didn't know you could make it." I shrugged and took a sip. Yumm, that's the best tea I've ever had.
" I'm a man of many talents." Dexter smirked.
I rolled my eyes and looked at the mountains and lake out of the window.
" So how was the experience yesterday?" Dexter asked, referring to scuba living.
" Amazing. I mean it was really... something."
" Told you."
" Thank you. It wouldn't have been possible without you." I was actually referring to all this trip and everything he ever made me feel.
He looked at me intensely for a second then begin chuckling.
" What?" I asked.
" Nothing," he turned his gaze away from me and on the view outside. "Just wondering how my life would've been If I hadn't come on this trip."
" A hell of boring. After all I wouldn't have been there to chill you up." I rolled my eyes dramatically.
"No doubt there." He grinned.
" What were you looking forward to when I asked you to come on this trip? More like forced you." I flashed him a smile ad he chuckled.
" obviously to travel, meeting new people, seeing new thigs--the whole shindig." He made air quotes.
"Yeah me too and also the fact that for once you feel like you're in control of yourself. You're not in a cage anymore. There are millions of people to learn from and a free will. "
He remained quite for a while and then stated.
" We should do it again."
I stared at him. Just the thought of going on another trip and making more memories with him made my heart beat faster. For a while I forgot I was sick or I didn't have enough time left.
" We'll see each other again?"
" Why wouldn't we?"
"I-I dot kow. I mean we both live in different countries ad you'll be busy with your business and I..." I trailed off due to Dexter's paralysig smile.
" You what sy?" He inched closer.
" I..I want ice cream!" I said distractedly.
"Ice cream?" Dexter began to laugh ad scooted away. He knew how much he intimidated me.
" I-I thik we've been through too much together to just not see eachother again ,you know...And I also believe that we wont be leaving each other any time soon." He was looking straight at me. An awkward silence grew so he quickly added.
"-Im way too charmig. What can I say. " He shrugged and smiled crookedly.
His words rought a genuine smile to my face, and I stared at the lake because as I point out, his smiles would eventually become death of me, and though it would be a satisfyig death with Dexter's smile the last thing I remember, I wasn't ready yet. Still a lot to see out there.
But at least he spoke the words I wanted to hear.
We sat in a comfortable silence, sipping our tea and talking about random stuff when suddenly he asked.
" Do you think whatever happens in our life is because of fate?"
" Yeah. I mean I think everything that happened or going to happen is meant to be. But that doest mean we stop moving forward and just lie down and say everything is meant to be."
He chuckled. " Of course not."
" I think-well its what I believe- but of course you can reject the idea, that everything happens for a reason." I declared gazig at the stars as I gathered my thoughts to help him understand me better.
" You mean like coming to this trip had a reason behind it?" As he spoke his curls fell on his forehead ad moonlight sparkled on his face.
" Yeah." I added but he was not going where I wanted him to, so I scooted closer and explained.
" Maybe us comig on this trip meant for the airline to collect money or for me to get out of my nonchalant life. Maybe If I had been still back in Canada I would have had an accident so God sent me here. Or perhaps lets say God wanted us to interact ad open up to one aother so here we are." I shrugged and smiled.
" Couldn’t we interact at your house ad become close?''
" We could but maybe not like this."
" Okay I've another one. You came from America to Canada this year. Why not last year?" I raised my eyebrow.
" Because my college e-"
" Because I made a plan to come on this trip this year and you had to be a part of it too so..."
" You're unbelievable." He scoffed. I took a bow and he chuckled as he shook his head.
Another comfortale comfortale silece passed. Three to four hours had almost passed since we were talking because the streaks of dawn was about to break.
" Dexter?"
" imagine if the person you love the most leaves you for your good. What'll you do?" I was shocked at myself for asking this but the momet the words came out I didn't regret them.
" I think if I'll truly love that person then I won't give up. I won't force anything on them because according to me if you love someone hard then it's okay even if you don’t get them because they've made your life beautiful and taught you to love and it's enough for you to live the rest of your life remembering it. but also I think in love there's no good or bad for two peoples separately. You endure each other's pain together and there’s a always a way to work things out and believe me love can even pend your death."
As he spoke those words I stared in his ocean blue eyes as they reflected the words my heart could never say. I stared at his lips as they would part and close perfectly. His face as it brightened up and resembled the first rays of sun that streaked between the clouds and fell on the balcony. Slowly and gradually differet shades of yellow spread across the sky like paints on a canvas. It was such a breathtaking view.
Suddenly I felt Dexter's arm wrap aroud my shoulders. My right shoulder dig into his collar bone due to sitting too close. As his hold tightened around me it felt like no matter what problem I’ll hit with in life, if he’s with me I’ll pass through it. I put my head on his shoulder as we observed the dark sky turning into light. Another dawn breaking, bringing a new promise
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