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Chapter 33

" Come' on, Dexter!" I whined for the hundredth time.
" No way, Sy." He shook his head and began to walk on the street.
I jogged after him and caught up with him.
" Please, Dexter! It'll be hell of a fun."
He shook his head again and kept walking.
" Only sky diving. Nothing else. I promise."
" I thought there wasn't a plan." He put his hands in his jacket's pockets.
" But we do have a list." I smiled, showing my perfect teeth.
" Well next time I'd be more specific with my question."
I rolled my eyes.
" What's the list then?" He stopped and turned around.
" You don't have to know it," I quickly added, " yet."
His light blue orbs stared into mine for a few seconds as the people on the street busied themselves either in the food or looking around the beauty of Switzerland. I broke the stare.
" So?"
" You're going to be death of me." He said through gritted teeth but I did notice the small smile on the corner of his lips.
" I knew it!" I screamed and ran to catch up with him.
" You can never deny me." I lightly punched on his bicep as I smirked.
He smiled. But why is there sadness in them?
" Where did you go?" I asked as Dexter walked out of the sky diving office.
" Just wanted some information before throwing myself in the death pit." He shrugged.
" From the medical centre?"
" Yeah. Just wanted to know at what rate my heart is gonna beat out of my chest."
I rolled my eyes.
" Thought you went into hiding." I smirked.
" I'm not thaaat scared." We walked towards the ticket booth.
" You've already agreed. You can't back out." I said as I paid for mine and Dexter's ticket.
" I...I'm not ba-cki-ng out." He stuttered as he stared at the people in sky with a horrified expression.
" Are you scared?" I mocked with a hint of amusement.
" No way. I never get scared. And this, well it's just a piece of cake." He scoffed and began to walk towards our helicopter.
I shook my head and followed behind.
The instructor gave us basic instructions and taught us a few moves while balancing in air. All this time I noticed sweat sliding down Dexter's forehead but u didn't stop him. Because as much as I wanted to live and enjoy every second of it, I wanted him to do the same.
I intertwined our fingers as the helicopter took off in the air. We were prepared with our parachutes on our backs. I squeezed Dexter's hand and he looked up as if he might piss in his pants any second now.
" Take a deep breath and it'll be fine." I assured him.
" Look at me. Dexter look. at. me." He did and I saw the hint of fear in them for the first time.
" What are you afraid of?" My voice was barely a whisper.
" Dying'."
I smiled and without breaking my stare I replied:
" Death is inevitable. Either now or later. Instead of thinking about it, make 'death' think about you. " There was a hanging silence.
" Isn't that the same thing?"
" Is being afraid or acting brave the same thing?" I wasn't sure if he got what I was trying to pass but he did calm down a bit.
" What're you afraid of?" Suddenly he asked.
" Not being able to live my life to the fullest..."
" And?"
" Dying before saying a proper good-bye." My words hung in the air.
He remained silent for a moment but then looked up and declared.
" Only for you I'll make this as if you lived all your life in these 30 minutes."
" For me." I whispered under my breath.
" Three. Jump!"
While holding Dexter's hand we both jumped down in the clouds, in open air as the silence around us exceeded to beyond zero. It was the most peaceful experience of my life.
In beginning the air cut through us like a sharp knife but as the time went on the air became warm and we got adjusted to it.
The round yellow ball was setting behind the Swiss Alps as we went down. We could see the entire Switzerland in one gaze. We were flying over the Grindelwald valley surrounded by mountains and Picturesque landscapes. The shimmery green lake looked like a small puddle. It was a breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful experience.
As the sudden decrease in altitude came, I felt air suck out of me for a second. I gasped. A pang aroused from my chest but soon disappeared. I took a side glance at Dexter and noticed that he was already looking at me with a concerned face. I smiled and gave him a thumbs up. With a little difficulty he flew through the air towards me and grabbed my hand. He closed his eyes and took in the moment as I had asked him to.
We opened our parachutes and after several minutes later landed on the ground. We both were so absorbed in the moment that we didn't realise it was over. One of the best moments of my life was over. But it would always remain with me. Always.
We didn't speak for about 10 minutes as we walked our way back. Finally he broke the silence.
" Thank you. It was one of the best 30 minutes of my life." He stated while wrapping his hands around himself.
" I'm glad."
Another silence.
" You hungry?" I asked.
" Nah. You know how sky divin' was a very slow and peaceful experience?" I nodded so he continued, " My body is looking for a thrilling adventure next."
I instantly smirked.
" No. Not that Lucifer smirk." He warned.
" What? I didn't do anything." I pouted and played innocent.
" Something very devilish is going through your mind. I can sense it." He pointed his finger at me.
" What're you? A mind sensor? " I mocked amusingly.
" come on. Now spill the beans. " He stated impatiently.
" Later. I'm hungry. " I began to jog down towards the Lake.
We settled with a restaurant with an outside sitting, just on the shore of the lake.
I ordered food strictly according to my angina. No mistakes allowed this time.
" What did you order?" I asked Dexter.
" Same as you." He replied nonchalantly.
I looked at him with an unbelieving expression.
" What? Did I suddenly become a complete stranger who just happens to meet you in the middle of nowhere?" He asked awkwardly.
I rolled my eyes.
This dramatic man!
I didn't ask any further questions because I didn't want to arouse suspicion.
We enjoyed the weather we waited for our food. It wouldn't have been more than 15 minutes when the first drop of rain fell on my hand.
" It's raining."
" No it's not ." He said while going back to scrolling through his phone.
Probably my bad.
But after a minute the hard pore of rain began to fell on us. We both quickly stood up and began to ran inside as the outside sitting area was shelter less.
But suddenly i stopped, turned around and observed the rain as it hit the water of lake rhythmically. The children around it shouted as they splashed water on each other. As if being a magnet with opposite pole, I was being attracted to them and slowly and gradually I found myself standing on the shore of the lake jumping my legs of in the rain.
It didn't matter if I was a grownup or wearing an extremely expensive clothes. What mattered was that I was having fun and felt alive. I gazed around me and found people giggling at me but I couldn't see any judgemental stares. In the crowd I found Dexter shaking his head and chuckling. I waved at him to join me. He shook his head. So I ran towards him and gripped his hand as I dragged him out on the banks of the lake.
" Oof Sylvia what the hell!" He shielded himself with his hands and tried to get away but I held him in place.
" Come on Dexter, don't become a kid. "
" How ironic." He rolled his eyes.
" Come on. Learn to live a little." That probably got him because he relaxed himself and began to enjoy.
We danced up and down in the rain. It didn't matter who we were or we were far away from home. As he splashed water on me I felt like there wouldn't be any place I wanted to be but here. It didn't matter I had angina as we ran beside the banks and he lifted me up as I spread my arms out and raised my head to the sky. We sang our heart out to Switzerland. Suddenly a man with a Polaroid stopped across from us and took our picture. We didn't have time to adjust ourselves thus in the pic it looked like I was sitting on Dexter but in actual Dexter had lifted me up by pushing his hands under my knees.
" Here. How cute." The man remarked.
" Thanks. How much?" Dexter asked but the man only smiled and shook his head.
" Something for you to remember Switzerland by." With that he left.
I looked at Dexter confusingly. He shrugged.
" So as we can't tear this picture into two, who's gonna keep it?" Dexter asked as we walked under the shelter.
" You keep it." I stated.
I turned the picture and on the back of it I scribbled,
~Yours only,
" Something for you to remember me by, boring dude." I handed the picture back to him and chuckled.
" Boring dude?" He shrieked.
" Yeah people who doesn't know how to have fun are 'boring dudes." I shrugged and this made him chuckle.
" No way. At least I'm more fun then you." He stated as a matter of fact.
" You wish." I rolled my eyes.
" You want me to prove it to you?" He stepped closer as he raised his eyebrows.
" Don't challenge me, you'll regret later." I scoffed.
" I learnt from you to never regret." He was standing an inch from me now, his breath was fanning my face and he was looking directly into my eyes.
I felt the entire zoo become alive in my stomach. I wanted to look away because he was intimidating me and making me weak but there was something about his ocean blue eyes that no matter how much you looked into them, it drowned you even more in. A droplet of water fell from his hair and got stuck in his eyelash. He looked like a gorgeous Greek God who fell directly from the sky and right in here front of me.
He inched even more closer so that our foreheads touched. He was towering over me. Our bodies were not touching but I could feel the warmth between us, felt our wet clothes.
I sucked in a breath as I suddenly forgot how to breathe.
"Sy.." He whispered.
I closed my eyes. It was such a small moment but it felt like the world. I dared to open my eyes and peek at him. His eyes were closed too and when I thought he was going to kiss me, he opened his eyes and the droplet of water fell on his lips. It felt like he wanted to say something. The sadness he hid in his eyes from the start of the trip was somehow becoming visible but but he still holding it back.
He was contemplating wether to say it or not.
He probably noticed the awkward silence that grew between us so he quickly took a step back.
Ah, the cold air that me!
" So what do you want me to do to prove you I'm not boring?" He spread his arms out. I wish I could quickly change my expressions as he does.
" Uh...huh I-" I was still absorbed in him.
" Do I intimidate you that much, Sy?" He smirked.
I blushed and looked away.
" I'm talking to yo-" He mocked amusingly.
" Shut up!" I began to walk back to our hotel.
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