Take my heart

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Chapter 34

" Dude, I'm hungry." He whined as he stopped in front of me to stop me from walking.
" But I'm wet, I can't eat like this."
He smirked. I instantly realised what I said.
" Ahh! Shut up!" I began to jog.
As the water evaporated off my clothes I felt more cold.
" Fine, I'm sorry." He tried to control his laughter but failed.
" Whatever." I was pretending to be mad but couldn't help laughing too.
" Stop! I can't run on the same speed as you." He kneeled down beside the bank of the lake, breathless.
I turned around, shot daggers at him and began walking again.
" Sy!" He called from behind.
I sighed and turned back to him.
" Come, sit." He patted the place beside him on the rock. I sat down and wrapped my arms around myself.
Suddenly he began to chuckle. I rolled my eyes. He laughed even more harder and finally I gave in and laughed along with him.
" There. Not so stubborn, after all." He pointed at me.
" So , I can challenge you with anything since I proved to be more fun then you,huh?" I asked while chuckling.
" Anything."
I looked around me and suddenly caught sight of a crowd.
" Gotcha."
I wrapped my hands around his eyes.
" come on I found a challenge for you." I escorted him near a group.
" Please tell me you're not pushing me in the lake."
" Have patience, Dexter."
As soon as we reached on top of the cliff I asked him to open his eyes.
" Holy cow!" He put a hand on his heart.
We were standing on top of a cliff while the lake was flowing beneath us.
I grinned.
" You're not telling me to j- Ahhhhhh!"
" Ahhhhh!" We both screamed as I Pushed both of us down the cliff.
I felt like my heart would jump out of my chest any second now.
We hit the cold water after several seconds and went deep down the lake until we touched the bed. I wasn't sure if he knew how to swim but the damage was done now. But thankfully I saw his head pop out several seconds later when I reached the surface.
" I could've died!"
" But you didn't." I shrugged.
" God." He shook his head.
" You had fun, didn't you."
We swam back to the bank. And soon as I stood up he grasped my hand.
I turned around.
" Wanna try that again?" He was smiling crookedly.
God, his smile is going to be death of me.
How could I say no.
I grinned and nodded.
This time we climbed a higher cliff.
" You can't be afraid of the same fear twice." I declared as he looked down.
" What if I break my neck or say I crack any bones?" He asked.
" Then I'll donate you mine. " I chuckled.
" I'm serious."
But I only laughed.
We stood there side by side looking down in the lake. This was going to be fun, for sure but it could also take away our lives. Honestly it didn't matter to me because I was soon going to die anyway.
" Dexter?"
" Hmm."
" What if I die?"
I had no clue where that came from. I always considered expressing sad or hurt emotions to be a side of weakness and sympathy gaining but maybe at that moment I wanted to hear those words.
From him.
He stared at me hard. A chilling wind swooshed around us as he took my hands in his and he said,
" Then I'll donate you my life."
Maybe it would never make sense to me again but at that moment it made all the sense.
And just before I could contemplate anything, his soft lips landed on mine. I closed my eyes as his one hand gripped my waist and the other beside my head. He tasted of morning shower and mint. Without hesitation I responded back, gripping his hair tight. His tongue asked for my permission and with it being given, he roamed every corner of my mouth. It was a soft, delicate and a slow kiss. The one occurring in every fairy-tale. Our mouths moved in sync. His grip on my waist tightened as he lightly pushed me on the edge of the cliff. The kiss deepened as his hand lifted my shirt a little and tickled the spot around my waist. I moved my hands through his hair. Did I mention they were a mess? Before I could pull back and tell him it shouldn't happen. It's wrong. He took a step forward and we were flying in air.
No wait, we were falling!
And falling in love.
But the differences was it wasn't like falling at all but flying high above the clouds.
If someone ever asks me where I found my true love, I'll tell them under the water where we fell in love and made our new world which wasn't meant to be.
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