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Chapter 36

I groaned and snuggled my head deeper into the pillow.
I don't want to talk to anyone. My head hurts like hell.
And then all the memories from yesterday came flooding in. I raised my head while still lying down. The door was left ajar but he had left. I stood up and cleaned my cheek from the flood of the tears that had escaped last night and wet the pillow. I don't remember crying as much as I did yesterday.
If I could just book a flight and fly back to Canada. But I can't because I have to go to Celeste's wedding and we have to leave now. Together.
My life is going to be hell of an awkward from now on. But I've to avoid him on every moment possible.
I quickly packed my stuff and put on a comfortable sweat pants and tee. As I was checking out, the room service came in.
" Yeah?"
" The man next door sent these for you." He handed me a box.
" Thank you. " As soon as he left I opened them.
Angina medicines. How did Dexter know they were finished?
After all I thought he didn't know I have angina too. Looks like I'm always the one who's left out.
I sighed and exited my room. I found him waiting for me outside the hotel. I put on my shades in order to hide my eye bags and avoid looking making an eye contact.
He opened the car door for me and I sat in. We both sat in the back seat as the valet drove to the air port. We passed through the area where we came yesterday.
People were jumping off the cliffs and deja Vu hit me like a sharp knife. I ignored the feeling. But as if on cue we passed the same photographer who took our Polaroid picture. I gave that picture to Dexter. Does he still have it? I gathered all my will to not look at him. A tear escaped my eye. Probably he saw the photographer too because he stiffened beside me.
The rest of the ride was silent and pure torture.
We didn't exchange any words except for when he called me for boarding or when he asked me if I wanted anything to which I didn't say anything.
" Did you take your medicines?" He asked as soon as we settled in the plane.
Ignore him.
" Sy, I'm talking to you."
" Don't call me that." I snapped at him.
He sighed and leaned back on the headrest.
" What's your problem? I told you several times that whatever I did was because I wanted to and this had nothing to do with your illness."
I looked outside the window.
Ignore him and he'll start hating you.
" If you still think it's my fault then I'm sorry."
I hated every second of hurting him because that hurt me. I closed my fists tight until the nails dug into my skin.
" Sy!"
I was forced to look at him.
" Fine I accept your apology. Now leave me alone."
" I know you're not mad at me for hiding the truth. Because that's just not...you. I know there's something more then that."
I went back to looking outside the plane.
" And believe me I'll figure that out even if I've to cross every line possible." He stubbornly stated and
put his head on the headrest as he dozed off.
Great now he hates me. But at least it'll keep him away from me.
I brushed the tears off as they continue to slide down.
The door to his massive mansion opened and revealed the most elegant building I had ever seen. It was a white washed building constructed in the antique style. All around it was fresh ground. In the middle was a huge fountain. Marble statues stood tall and mighty by the entrance and I couldn't take my eyes off from the brilliant details on them.
" Welcome back to planet earth. " Dexter snapped his fingers in front of me.
" Sorry." I looked down a little embarrassed.
" Come on, Granny's waiting. " He put his arm around my shoulder but I took a step aside. He looked hurt and so was I but I couldn't do anything.
" Welcome, Sir." A few maids came and greeted us. I felt so awkward. He nodded.
We stepped into what I believe was the living room. Plush rugs were rolled with fancy paintings on the walls. The wooden furniture too looked expensive and elegant. A huge L.E.D was attached to the front wall.
" So beautiful." I whispered to myself.
He chuckled and said :
" Granny likes changing the interior in her free time."
" And you like leaving old Granny alone." We turned around. An old woman in her 70s was standing in the doorway. She was breathtakingly beautiful. I began to wonder how she would have looked in her teens.
" Granny!" Dexter ran to her and hugged her. She hugged back and dabbed at her eyes. She was emotional to meet her grandson after three months.
" Go away I'm not talking to you. " she pretended to be offended but it was clear she was happy to see him.
" I'm sorry, Granny. I promise I won't leave you ever again. " He kissed her forehead.
" Alright." She smiled.
" Where're Celeste and Sebastian?" He asked.
" Oh there're at designers getting their dresses for the occasion. " and her eyes fell on me. I'm shaking, again.
" You must be Sylvia. You resemble your dad a lot. " She smiled and held out her hands for me. I went to her and took them.
" Yeah I'm Sylvia. It's nice to meet you, Mrs...?"
" I'd love it if you call me Granny like Dexter and Celeste. "
" okay, Granny." I smiled and she kissed my cheek.
" I love you before even knowing you." She laughed.
" I like you too." I declared and smiled at her.
" Okay enough of all the greetings. Bring us food Granny, we're hungry." Dexter massaged his tummy.
" I thought Sylvia might have 'a-less-eating-food' effect on you. But seems like it didn't happen." She said as she left us to set the table.
" Come on I'll show you my room. " I liked how he offered me to show his room and the fact that I was being so rude to him but he was being so nice.
“ I’m fine.” Ugh I shouldn’t have said that.
“ Dexter, didn’t you offer to show Sylvia around.” Granny asked as she walked to the table with food on tray.
“ I did.” He said while nailing me with his stare. I looked away.
“ Then what’re you waiting for? Go.”
I didn't say anything but followed him because I didn't want to be rude in front of Granny.
We climbed the stairs and walked in the hallway for a good one minute until we reached the back side of the mansion. It was very quiet here, away from the mansion's chaos.
He opened a door. A king size bed was in middle with a console table at the foot of the bed. His pictures from childhood to this age were on the walls. Above his bed was a huge framed photograph of his family. His parents, with baby him and Celeste in their laps. A huge screen with x-box was on the floor. What gripped my attention was a colossal glass window which showed the entire San Francisco. The huge buildings and all.
It was his room.
" kind of boring compared to your room." He chuckled.
I shrugged.
" When I say i wasn't like this before, it's the truth. I was a very boring and only made for business kinda guy. " He said as he stepped into the room. I followed him. He flexed his arms as he stared out of the window, his back facing me.
" And let me say this girl standing here did some magic on me. I'll try now to make it more 'lively.'He turned around and folded his arms on his chest. He was staring at me.
" Granny would be waiting for us." I turned around but he caught my hand.
" Sy what do I have to do to prove you that I truly love you?"
I was silent as shivers rushed down my spine and after a few silent moments I said.
" Stay away from me."
" I made lasagna especially for you. He said its your favourite. " she said as she served me.
" Thank you. It's really delicious." I took a bite and almost moaned.
Dexter didn't come down saying he was tired and wanted to rest but I knew he was very hurt and wanted to avoid awkwardness on the table.
" How's your mom and dad?"
" They're great." I gulped the water. I hope it doesn't get awkward. A few minutes of silence passed until she spoke again.
" So did he confess yet?" I almost choked on my water.
I had a feeling this was coming.
" Arhh...Sorry?" I wanted to make sure I heard her right.
" Now don't fool with me. I've been through your age too. I know what's going on between you two. It's clear on both of your faces. " I was red as a tomato now.
" I know you won't open up with me but I want you to know this before you guys take any step. He...he's been through a really bad accident. He lost his parents and now...his business too isn't going very well. I know he likes you a lot and you've been with him and had been an emotional support. I see how happy and anxiety free he is with you. I've never seen him smile this often in his whole twenty years of life. Thank you...Sylvia. Thank you very much." She was crying now. I didn't know what to do. I stood up from my seat and hugged her but said the wrong words.
" I'm sorry but I don't think it’s possible. He'll stay more happy without me in his life. Believe me."
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