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Chapter 37

" Sylvia!!!!" I heard scream from downstairs.
It sounded like Celeste. I stood up from the bed but before I could go out a fully enthusiastic Celeste with tonnes of bags dangling on her sides jumped on me.
" Ouch!" I cried out as we both fell on the bed.
" Gosh it's so good to see you." She hugged me.
" You too." I hugged her back.
" Thank you for coming on my wedding. "
" I had to." I smiled.
" Oh and here is your dress." She unpacked a shopping bag and revealed a gorgeous rose gold dress.
" Gosh it's so beautiful."
" Bridesmaid." She grinned.
" Oh my god." I hugged her again.
" And now here comes my dress." She revealed another stunning wedding gown.
" Celeste it's soooo beautiful." I moved my hand on the fabric.
" After all I selected it." Sebastian entered the room.
" Seb! " I ran into his arms.
" God, I missed you." He wrapped his arms around me.
" Now you won't." I pinched the bridge of his nose.
" How long are you here?" He asked.
" Going back on the night of wedding. "
" Why? Stay a little longer." Celeste stated as Sebastien wrapped his arms around her.
" You both are going to leave for honeymoon. Who'll entertain me then?" I asked.
" Dexter. After all you guys have been entertaining each other around Europe. " Sebastien declared. I knew he would say that as he probably sensed the problem and was now observing me carefully.
" Yea-uh- "
" My brother didn't bore you with his business calls, did he?" Celeste asked.
" No." I shook my head and forced a smile.
" Oh before I forget I've to go at the event organisers and get the arrangements finalised. Make yourself at home." She stood up from the bed but when she reached the door she turned around and said.
" Oh and Sylvia we've got an appointment at the salon in evening so be ready. Seb you coming?"
" In a minute." Sebastien stated as Celeste left the room.
" So how have the things been?" I asked him to avoid any awkwardness.
" Good." He was still staring at me hard.
" I'm so happy for you." I smiled.
" Thank you." He simply stated.
" Celeste's waiti-"
"What happened between you and Dexter? And I don't want any lies. Only truth." He said seriously.
" Well...I uh-"
" Sylvia look I know things aren't favourable and against you as long as you can remember but you don't have to endure it alone. Talk to people you trust. And know that I'm always here for you." He squeezed my hand.
I nodded.
" Well he confessed and we kissed but now I think it was wrong. He and I...it's not possible. Sebastien you know I don't have enough time left and I don't want to be a burden on anyone." I choked.
" Firstly you’re not burden on anyone. And if he confessed then it means he really like you and you cross all the boundaries for people you love. It doesn't feel like a burden. And secondly who says you don’t have enough time? There are hundreds of people who get angina. They take medicines and survive. You will too." He caressed my cheek with his thumb.
" And don't punish yourself for kissing back. You probably thought it was right thing to do and so you did. Does he know about the disease?"
I nodded. " He knew all along but didn't tell me. Probably the reason he agreed to go on the trip with me. Thought he'll fulfil a dying girl's wish."
" I don't think so because I see the true love in his eyes for you."
I looked up at him and he nodded.
I climbed down the stairs in evening. The staircase had been decorated with white and yellow flowers. Fairy lights were dangling in most of the house. The house looked different with all the walls now painted beige and off white.
As soon I reached the front door, Dexter walked in while several men followed behind him. They were from the catering as Dexter was instructing them about the decor. I called him but he probably didn't notice me as he went in the drawing room.
I wanted to know if mom and dad had called and told about their plans. I sighed and went in the kitchen.
" Hey." I greeted Granny.
" Oh look who's here. This is Sylvia I was talking about." Granny introduced me to all the maids at once. I blushed and looked down.
" Sweetie are you okay, you look tired? " she inspected me.
" Yeah I'm fine." I smiled at her.
She nodded and went back to guiding the maids on what to cook.
" Umm Granny I'm here to help. Let me know if there's anything I could do."
" Oh sweetie you're so nice. Come on I think there's some work in the back yard. "
I followed her in the back yard.
" Charles, this is Sylvia. She'll help you with decor here.”
" Granny!" Someone called from inside.
" Coming!"
“ Now I must go and look at other preparations.”
" Hey." I greeted Charles. He was middle aged man with thick eyebrows and a muscular body.
" Hi. Can you help me with this cloth." He handed me a huge white fabric. We both folded and then cut it. He then gave it several folds and amazed me with the outcome.
" Wow."
" Thanks." He chuckled.
" Step on that stool and...here." I stepped on the stool to put the cloth on the canopy over the aisle.
" Hold the stool down otherwise I'll slip. " I said.
He handed me the cloth and as I was spreading it suddenly the stool became unbalanced and I was falliiiin...
Why does the floor feel like someone's hands? And why is the sky suddenly all white?
I looked below me and came across Dexter. He was carrying me bridal style and the huge white fabric was spread over us. We were staring at one another while a small smirk spread over his lips and just like that he managed to melt my heart again. My hands were wrapped around his neck. I was frozen in my stance. For a moment everything around us vanished. Just him and me and it was like the slow motion begin. His gaze landed on my lips for a second and then back on my eyes.
Oh no!
He moved his head closer but I quickly turned away.
" uhh-I-"
" A knight in a white cloth, I guess?" Dexter smirked.
" Thanks." I looked down.
" So..."
" I need to go." I jumped down but the cloth was all around us with no exit.
" Seems like it wants us to stay a little longer." He sadly smiled.
No matter how much I pull away, he doesn’t give up on me.
I tried to find the exit but to no avail. My part of awkwardness was sucking me in.
" Dude, relax. I'm not going to eat you."
I rolled my eyes
" My, my now you look even more cuter when you pretend to be angry." He pinched my nose.
" Don't touch me." I warned.
" I can't help it." He shrugged and smirked.
Ugh how much that melted my heart.
" There you go. You're blushing now." He pointed to my cheek.
" I'm no-" suddenly the cloth was lifted off of us and Charles said
" I'm so sorry Sylvia, are you okay? I should've held the stool tighter. "
" No you did a great job Charles." Dexter slapped his shoulder and walked away.
Charles moved his eyes between gone Dexter and me and then chuckled.
" Kids these days."
As I looked around me everyone was gawking at me even Granny. Celeste and Sebastien were standing near the gate smirking at me, probably walked in just in time to witness the scene.
We took our seats on the huge dining table as dinner was served. It was me, Dexter, Granny, Sebastien, Celeste and a couple of her friends.
As I poured soup for myself, I heard Dexter ask Celeste to pour him too as it was out of his reach. I instantly grabbed his bowl and poured him.
I don’t know why I’m doing this.
" I think I'm stuffed. Good night guys, see you in the morning." He made a poker face and without even looking at me he left.
What else did you expect Sylvia?
I put the bowl down. Everyone noticed the change in the atmosphere. Granny coughed.
" I...I'll bring the water." I excused myself and ran in the kitchen. Without controlling anymore I let the tears roll down. I felt hurt. For the first time I felt bad and anger towards my fate. This was all my fault. First I asked him to stay away from me and when he actually is, I’m crying?
Suddenly I felt a pat on my shoulder.
" I...ah..was jus-"
She nodded and gestured the maids to leave.
" What's going on?" She asked me while taking my hands in her.
I was just beyond hurt that I didn't deny the fact that something is wrong but blurted out.
" I...I love him. A lot. " I choked as I broke down.
" I know. He loves you the same." She caressed my cheek.
" I know."
" Then what's the problem?"
" I think I'll only hurt him in the end." She didn't know what I meant by end but I did.
" Then it means you that care for him to the extent that you're thinking of him."
" Also If it's love then it won't. Believe me it won't hurt. Every relationship has to end one day, either with death or break up but people we truly love never leave us. They're always with us and maybe you're right it does hurt, but when we recall the memories we made and what they taught us then believe me even the saddest of days turns out to be the happiest."
As she spoke I felt like she was putting an antidote on my wounds. I felt relieved and kind of satisfied. I now understood what Dexter meant when he said he would still love me. And that he won't let anything happen to me. Such is a power of love, I now understood.
" Dexter told me your love for exploring the world. I had similar wishes. " She gazed out of the window.
I had a sudden urge to ask her if she ever fulfilled them.
" No I didn't. At least not all of them." She smiled as if reading my mind.
" Come on tell me Sylvia why did you run away and toured around the world?"
" Because I...wanted to find myself."
" I think you went out there to find something else. Something you could love and something that could love you." She smiled.
" But I didn’t look for it." I said confusingly.
“ You don’t actually look for everything that you get, do you? Some things are just a gift from Him for the good deeds you did.”
“ I don’t understand. I’m still not looking for it.”
" That's because you've already found it. Just look deeper around you."
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