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Chapter 38

I walked out of the bathroom and put on my sneakers. I grabbed my hair and put them in a pony tail. Checking myself one last time in the mirror I prepared to leave.
As I extended my hand to grab my purse, a sharp stabbing pain shot through my chest. My vision became blurry and my head began to spin. I sucked in a breath and sat down on the bed. I felt my eyes sting with tears as the pain became unbearable.
Another angina attack.
I laid back on the bed and took in sharp breaths, inhaling and exhaling as I was instructed by the doctor. Gradually the pain subsided and I was able to sit up. My head was still throbbing though.
I decided to cancel my appointment I had in the parlour and rest but Celeste began honking. I totally forgot she was waiting for me downstairs. Wishing my state would get me through another attack I walked down the stairs.
" Hey, wait where're you going?"
I turned around and saw granny in her apron with cupcakes in one hand running towards me.
" Celeste and I have appointments at the parlour. "
" God, this girl. I was baking these cupcake for you guys. When will you be back?" She asked as she studied my face closely. I felt awkward.
" I'm not sure. In a few hours. "
" Okay then take these cupcakes with you." She handed me a box.
" Ask Dexter and Sebastian to have them too. They're hungry since morning." I smiled at her.
How caring.
" Sure." I turned around but she called me again
" Sylvia?"
" Are you okay? I mean you look tired and your face is pale too." My eyes widened.
" Yeah...Arh I'm fine. Probably due to the long flight ."
" I think so too. Once you come back rest up as you've been helping a lot lately. I don't want your parents to think I made their daughter ill." She chuckled.
I shook my head.
" No you've been taking care of me very generously." I smiled.
We heard more honks and then my phone began vibrating in my purse.
" I should get going. Bye."
" Bye and finish those cupcakes!" She shouted as I slipped in the backseat of the car.
" What took you so long?" Celeste asked.
" Granny was giving me these." I handed the box to Celeste. She opened them and munched down on one.
" I don't want a fat bride." Sebastien mocked from the front. Just then I noticed Sebastien was driving and Dexter was sitting in the front. I felt my heart sink.
" Shut Up." Celeste replied as she bit into bother one.
" They're just so good. No one can deny them." She giggled and extended the box to me. I took one and took a bite. Surely they were very delicious and also because they were right out of the oven.
" Sylvia?" Sebastien called.
" Why do you look so pale?" I instantly became conscious of myself.
" What? Really?" I asked.
" Yeah. You're taking care of your diet, right?" He asked.
He said 'diet' instead of medicines because of Celeste. She doesn't know I'm diagnosed. I kind of feel bad for not telling her. But it's her wedding she shouldn't be sad because of me.
" Yeah. I just couldn't get enough sleep since we came here and I'm still taking time to adjust. " He nodded but it was clear he was going to have a 'talk' with me later.
" Take care of yourself Sylvia. I don't want a sick bridesmaid." Celeste stated.
" I will."
" Oh and of bridesmaid I wanted to tell you that I'm going to have two. Other one is my best friend from college and I want you guys to meet before the wedding. You both should discuss th- " I wasn't listening to her anymore as my eyes lingered on the rear view mirror from where Dexter was staring at me. He was studying my face and for a moment they softened. My heart began to race as his eyes showed that he still cares because after yesterday's incident I thought he hates me.
My mind flew back to yesterday.
I walked in the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. Granny was cutting the vegetables.
"Hey." I greeted her.
" Hi. You want something?"
" Yeah I was going to make myself a cup of tea. Do you want some?"
" No but can you make one for Dexter and take it to his room?"
" Ahh-"
" I wouldn't have asked you sweetie but he hasn't come out of his room since yesterday's dinner and neither eaten anything since. " she declared as her face turned sad and wrinkled began to prominent.
" Of course I can. And don't worry he won't deny my tea. I'll try to get him to eat something too." I squeezed her hand and smiled.
" Thank you Sylvia." She caressed my cheek with her thumb.
I set up the tray as the tea got ready. With it I baked cookies; chocolate chip his favourite. While I was making it for him I couldn't help the smile that formed on my lips. I wanted to do things for him. I wanted to make him smile.
I know I sound like a crazy person who first fought with other people and told them to stay away but now she wants to be closer to them and feel everything. After talking to Granny yesterday and contemplating over and over whole night I realised it didn't matter if I was going to die. He had done so much for me in the past few months. I cannot repay him but I can at least try?
I grinned and began to walk towards his room while my hands occupied the tray. I knocked on his door.
A hoarse ' I'm busy' came from inside. Nevertheless I entered. I noticed Dexter's room for the time. It was all black and the curtains were closed, making the room dim. He was sitting behind his desk with head resting on the back of chair and eyes closed. He looked even more handsome when he was tired and his hair a mess.
I silently put the tray on the coffee table.
" Dexter." I called out soothingly.
Instantly he looked up as if he wasn't expecting me and his eyes locked with mine. As we stared at one another it felt like the time stopped. I searched his eyes but whatever it was that made him stressed and took his entire night, he was hiding it away. Every memory of us together began to play around us; starting from the day I first saw him, then Italy, Switzerland and then our fight. I closed my eyes and shook my head. The moment ended because he looked away and began to work on his laptop.
" Granny...she sent this tea and cookies for you." I stated but he continued to ignore me.
" Dex- "
" Tell her I'm busy." He harshly said and began to type rapidly on his keyboard.
I sighed and walked towards him.
" Dexter look, I know it's my fault. I pushed you away when all you wanted to do was ease my pain but I...I was too afraid. I'm a coward. And I didn't want to hurt anyone." The tears began to bubble up.
" And now you aren't hurting anyone?" He looked up as hatred washed into his eyes. It stabbed my heart.
" I realised what you meant when you sa-" He interrupted me.
" Forget I ever said anything to you. And I'm sorry if you're here to make me your friend because as I said earlier I can't be your friend. I- forget it. Now if you can please leave me I'm a little busy. " He shot daggers at me.
Listening to him pierced my heart into million pieces. I don't blame him. He has full right to be made at me, after all I've been saying bad words to him all along.
" I won't disturb you anymore but please eat what I brought. Otherwise I'll think I took a son from a Granny and left the world by hurting everyone." With that I closed the door shut.
I cried whole night in my pillow.
I came back in the present as the car jerked to a stop in front of a traffic signal. I gazed up at the mirror and as soon as I caught him staring at me he looked away with pure hatred for me. His attitude was eating me from inside. I wanted him to say something. Talk to me. I couldn't tolerate this anymore. Without thinking I blurted out,
" Dexter?"
No response.
" Dexter?"
Still no response.
" Dexter Sylvia is calling you. Are you deaf?" Celeste called out rudely.
" Huh? Sorry what?" He finally responded to Celeste.
" Do you by any chance know when my parents would be arriving?"
Tomorrow at 10:00am. Mom had just called yesterday to inform me but I wanted an excuse to talk to him.
" No."
My mom had also told me that Dexter was going to pick them up and he knows.
" Don't worry Sylvia. We'll call your parents today ask them." Celeste squeezed my hand. I nodded in response and went back to staring out of the window.
Finally after what felt like hours the car came to a halt. We climbed out and proceeded towards the parlour. We both took our seats and the workers began their magic. All the time I couldn't help thinking about how much he hates me. After yesterday's encounter with him one thing was clear; he still loves me. I just know that he does.
He thinks I want to be friends with him and be on good terms before I die so he wouldn't feel bad and that's why he was mad at me. He wanted to feel all the pain that I felt and he knows I won't allow that. But he doesn't know that I'm ready to make him a part of the rest of my life. Love him and let him love me. I smiled again. I should tell him this.
Someone shook my shoulder. I looked up and Celeste was raising her eyebrows.
" Nothing." I shook my head and went to pay at the counter.
After hours of scrubbing and styling our nails Celeste was finally ready to go. We climbed in to the back seat as Dexter and Sebastien arrived.
" Wow you look even more pretty, babe." Sebastian threw a fly kiss from the front.
" Thanks." Celeste blushed and I smirked at her.
" Where did you guys go?" She asked the guys.
" Nowhere important. Just to a coffee shop and got to know each other better." He punched Dexter on the bicep. I had a feeling they talked about something else.
" I'm glad." She replied.
I noticed Dexter staring at me again in the mirror. I gave him a light smile but he looked away.
" Stop the car!" Celeste shrieked and the car jolted to a stop.
" What happened?" Dexter asked as we looked at her quizzically.
" I can't handle this 'staring-in-the-mirror-challenge- and-ignoring-one-another. Come on guys be adults."
I felt embarrassed and looked down. She knew all along?
" Start the car, Seb." Dexter said.
" Don't start the car. Get down. Yes you Sylvia," I looked at her in confusion but I didn't want to make her even more angry so I stepped on the road. And seconds later Dexter stepped down too. The car zoomed off past us.
Now we were both staring at one another in utter awkwardness!
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