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Chapter 39

"Don't start the car. Get down. Yes you Sylvia," I looked at her in confusion but I didn't want to make her even more angry so I stepped on the road. And seconds later Dexter stepped down too. The car zoomed off past us.
Now we were both staring at one another in utter awkwardness!
A minute would've passed when someone honked at us and we realised we were standing in middle of a road. Moving around we stopped on the pavement.
" We don't have anything to talk about. I'll just call a ca-" I began.
" I'm sorry." He stated as he looked down at me.
I wasn't expecting this from him so I blurted out,
" My attitude with you lately...I'm sorry for that." He moved his hand through his hair. Why was he avoiding my gaze.
" No,it's not your fault. I've been treating you wrong too. I'm sorry ." I looked up at him but he looked away.
Another awkward silence passed between us which we spent by looking away from one another.
" Sylvia, look I...I want to be totally honest with you and more with...myself." He thrashed his hands in his pockets and looked at me. I nodded for him to go on.
" At first I didn't want to accept the idea of leaving you behind while...well then I tried to see your point. You just wanted to keep as much distance as possible so when you..." He stopped, looked away in frustration folded his arms on his chest and continued,
" I tried doing that but I...failed. Yes Sy I can't live without you. I have to accept this instead of ignoring it. I don't care what you want. I'm just so in love you I can't help it. Everywhere I look I find you, in my room, in my mind and yesterday I found you in my Closet," He sadly chuckled.
I couldn't help but chuckle too. I was so glad he said it. He said the words I would have said if he hadn’t said them.
" I just want you to know that you're forever in my hear-"
I didn't let him finish his sentence as I tiptoed on my toes and kissed him. His body went stiff for a moment but then his hands gripped my waist tight as he hovered over me and kissed me hard. I gripped his hair to help me keep steady. It wasn't a soft, slow kiss but a wild and dominating one. It was like we both wanted the same thing and were competing to get it. His tongue roamed every corner of my mouth while his hands did magic on my body. We pulled apart to catch our breaths.
" Same...Dex...ter...same." I grinned as I tried catching my breath.
He grinned back.
As we looked around us we realised it was raining. Not the heavy one but little drizzling. And on top of that every person standing on the pavement was staring at us with their eyes wide open and mouths hung low.
" Babe?" Dexter called without looking at me.
" Uh...I think it's time to run! " We both intertwined our fingers and began to run down the road as small raindrops fell on our heads.
" Please buy these dream catchers, my children are hungry from two days." An old woman came in front of us and begged for money.
I looked at her state and felt my heart crush. She looked very poor. Without thinking I opened my purse and found two bills of two hundred. I handed her those.
" Thank you so much. " she kept on thanking me as she handed me all the dream catchers she had.
" No no I don't want them." I said.
" I'd like if you take them. I don't want to have the money without giving you something in return.
" Alright I'll have these two. Thank you."
I returned the rest. We began to walk forward.
" What will I do with them?" I asked.
" Maybe save them for your children." Dexter whispered.
" They'll probably be lost by that time." I shrugged.
A comfortable silence passed.
" In case you make up your mind, I can help you make them now." Dexter smirked beside me.
" I'm telling you they'll be very cute." He crookedly smiled.
" Shut up." I punched him on the arm.
" Just so you know, I can make twins too." He stated as he grabbed both the dream catchers from my hand. I blushed and began to walk faster.
I can't handle one Dexter, how will I handle the smaller ones?
" Pink ones better." Dexter said while picking up the Chinese fan from the stall.
" I.hate.pink." I said through gritted teeth. He chuckled.
After running away from the dead stares, Dexter brought me in china town. It was a famous area in San Francisco where all the Chinese had settled. It was antique styled with almost everything in red; houses, stalls, shops and restaurants. Red balloons were dangling in streets with lamps in them.
" I would've bought it but pink's just not very manly." Dexter declared disappointedly.
I looked at him and raised my eyebrows.He stared at me with confusion.
" Hold on. Where is it written that guys can't have pink things?" I put my hands on my waist.
" Woah calm down. It's not written but it's a fact." He said in his defence.
" Gosh I can't believe the man I love is not a feminist." I shook my head in disbelief.
" What did you say?" He asked as a smile crawled on his lips.
" That you're not a feminist."
" Who's not a feminist?" He asked as he took a step closer.
" You." I said. What is he doing?
" And who am I?" He asked as he grinned.
" Are you crazy? You're Dexter."
He doesn't have a short term memory loss. Does he?
" And who is Dexter to you?" He asked while smirking.
" You're my..." Oh I see what he's doing.
I almost confessed for the first time. So he's trying to get me say that again.
" Arh...ah-" I looked down, blushed and began to run away.
" Give me all the 'pink' fans you have!" Dexter shouted to the salesman as I walked into a restaurant.
Gosh, I love this human being!
After having lunch at the restaurant, Dexter offered to show me the beach. He said a meteor shower was going to take place tonight and he wanted me to see it with him. We booked an uber and it took almost an hour when we arrived here. The sun had already set. It was getting even darker.
The area where we were walking was almost empty except for a couple walking ahead of us. The famous golden bridge of San Francisco was in front of us. We silently walked in the wet sand hand in hand as the moon hung over us.
The thing I most adored about Dexter was the fact that he didn't ask questions. He didn't question me why all of a sudden I agreed to be with him when all along I've been pushing him away. With him I felt like I'm all open. I'm myself. Not hidden. And he understands me so well I don't have to explain myself to him. With him I didn't feel like I was going to die.
He began to draw circles on the inside of my hand.
" Dexter?"
" Hmm."
" What do you think?"
" About what?"
" About us."
" Well I think I'm the most luckiest person in the whole universe to be with you." He placed a soft kiss inside of my hand.
" Me too." I whispered.
" Then what's wrong?" He asked as we sat down near the shore on the wet sand.
" I'm scared of ever being away from you." I said in a hoarse voice. He just stared at me for a couple of seconds as the waves crashed mercilessly against the shore. The bonfire taking place at a little distance from us, reflected it's light in his eyes.
" Then I promise you'll never be away from me."
" How're you so sure?"
" Because we might not have the power on who gets to live or die but we do have power to keep the people we love in our hearts forever." As he said those words I instantly believed them. Maybe because it was easier this way. Or perhaps I was so lost in his eyes I was hypnotised to nod my head.
I rubbed my hands on my arms. He took of his jacket and placed it on my shoulders and pulled me towards him so that I put my head in his chest.
" Let me know when you're cold, we'll go back." He stated. I nodded.
His chin rested on my head as he placed soft kisses in my hair every now or then as we sat in comfortable silence.
I drew circles in the inside of his muscular hand and touched his fingers. After kissing his hand I placed it on my heart.
" Sy, it's beating too fast. Are you okay?" He asked.
" I'm glad to know you can feel yourself beating in there. And yeah I'm okay. Never been more better. " I smiled in the dark.
This would have made me cringe if I heard it in a movie but due to the moment I wanted to say it. No matter how much it made him cringe.
But I heard him chuckle.
Moments passed.
" Dexter?"
" Hmm."
" I think now I get what you meant when you said in love , one person's love is enough for both of them. That it doesn't matter if one doesn't get to be with them. The memories are enough to live the rest of your life happily. "
In response he wrapped his arms around my neck from the back and pulled me even more closer.
" Don't worry I know neither of us will be going anywhere soon."
" But I'm dieing." I whispered.
" No you're not. Plus you're too interesting to die. " He chuckled changing the topic.
" So you want me to live just because I'm interesting?" I turned my face up to look lat him.
" And also because you're way out of the way for God up there. It's only me who can handle your attitude." He joked. I slapped his leg.
We remained quite for several minutes. Dexter gently shook me and called,
No answer.
" Sy?" He shook me harder.
He turned me around but my head fell on the ground as my body angled loosely. My eyes were closed.
" Sylvia, wake up!" He shouted.
" Help!"
" I...Sy...no!" He stood up and gently placed me on the sand.
He was about to run for help when I grabbed his hand and opened my eyes.
" What...?"
I began to laugh. Harder than I intended. Gosh his face. Absolutely priceless. I rolled onto my stomach as I grabbed the sides of my waist.
" God! Loo...k at...yo...ur face! Go...d !" I laughed.
" It's not funny." He angrily stomped on the ground and began to walk away.
" Sto...p! Wa...it." I got up and followed him.
He was just too fast. I ran and hoped onto his back.
" Hey, I'm sorry!"
" Go away." He said and kept walking.
" I said I'm sorry. I won't do it ag...ain." I made a serious face but somehow again cracked up. His priceless expression won't just go away from my eyes.
" I'm never talking to you again." He said and walked even more faster.
" Fine. I...I'm sorry. Really, I am." I was breathless and got down from his back as I kneeled down on my knees.
He turned around.
" You won't do it again?" He asked.
" I won't. I promise." I raised my hands in surrender.
" Apologise then."
" I AM SORRY!" I shouted on top of my lungs.
" Better." He walked towards to me and pulled me on his back. I wrapped my hands around his neck as he gripped my legs either side of his waist.
As I put on my shoes on my sandy toes the moonlight sparkled on me and I knew he was looking at me. I could feel it. I looked at him and gasped at our closeness. His face neared mine and I knew it was wrong. But it was the wrong, I so wanted to be right.
" 60 seconds left." He whispered without tearing his eyes away.
I gazed into his orbs as they revealed something I wasn't ready for.
" What will you wish for?" I asked.
Closing my eyes I heard people count till ten and then the meteor shower rained down on us. In that glittery night I heard him whisper:
" You."
We kissed again with passion burning between us. As soon as we pulled apart I didn't waste a second as I whispered,
" I...I love you."
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