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Chapter 40

It was almost midnight when we returned home. Celeste had called to ask if we wanted a car but we refused and booked uber hours later. Dexter showed me around the town. We just roamed around the streets and bought lots of cotton candies and stuff toys which I didn't even need. Dexter would check on me every now and then ask if I was okay and if I wanted something to which I always replied no. I wasn't used to people caring for me that much.
" Can we go out again?" He asked as we reached my room. I turned around and said,
" Sure."
" Tomorrow?"
" Patience, babe. You don't want to seem overeager. " I smirked.
" Right, that's why I said tomorrow. I want to see you again tonight. I'm willing to wait tonight and the morning of tomorrow. " His tone was dead serious.
I rolled my eyes.
" I'm serious." He stated.
" Good night, Dexter." I turned around to enter my room when he grasped my hand and turned me around. My head collided with his chest.
He place a soft kiss in my the nape of my neck as he wrapped his hands around my back.
" Dexter, someone will catch us." I whispered trying to free myself from his grip but he tightened the hug as he placed his head on my shoulder.
" Shh. I feel good here." He whispered in my neck. I gave up on pushing him away and instead closed my eyes and hugged him back.
After about half a minute I said.
" We should sl-"
" A few more minutes please." His tone was hoarse like he was tired and hadn't slept in days. It felt like he was the wanderer who had been on a journey for years and finally found his home.
We stayed like that for several minutes, hugging one another while standing in the dark hallway.
He finally pulled away. I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. We both waited for someone to bid goodnight but neither of us said it.
" Do you get scared in your room when you're alone?" He asked.
" No. Do you?" I asked.
" Sometimes."
Silence passed between us.
" Will you get scared tonight?" I asked.
" Yeah." He mumbled.
" Do you...do you want me to sleep with you tonight?" I don't know where the confidence came from.
" Now denying favours to a pretty lady is out of my mannerism. " He grinned and dramatically rolled his eyes.
I chuckled and rolled my eyes.
" come' on ." He grabbed my hand and practically dragged me in his room.
I was so lost in the thought of sharing a bed with him that I didn't grab my pyjamas.
Get ready to sleep in jeans, Sylvia!
"Make yourself at home." He chuckled and went to the bathroom.
I sat on his bed and instantly felt my energy drain out. Minutes later Dexter came out of the bathroom.
" Hey, don't fall asleep yet. Take these medicines first." He handed me tablets and a glass of water. I was so exhausted that I didn't question him about keeping my medicines in his room.
Instantly I felt my eyelids get heavy as the medicines kicked and made me sleepy.
I felt him untie my sneakers. A few seconds later
he spread the covers over me. And then I felt him slip under the covers too.
" Sto...p sta...ring at me." I stated with my eyes closed.
I heard him chuckle and he scooted closer.
" I can't help it." Grabbing my waist he pulled me in his chest as his chin rested on my head.
“ Goo...d....igh..”
“ Go to sleep, Sy.” He said kissing my forehead as darkness consumed me.
" Dad!" I screamed as I ran into his arms.
" God, cupcake I missed you." Dad said as he wrapped his arms around me.
" How was your flight?"
" Great." He said as he kissed my forehead.
" Hello, I'm here too." Mom called.
" Hey." I greeted her and she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
" How've you been?" She asked.
" Good." I wanted to thank her for understanding me previously but she moved forward and began to greet others.
Maybe later.
" Come on everyone, lunch is ready." Sebastien called as he took off his apron.
" It took a lot of effort and time to make this so no negative comments." Celeste remarked as we took our seats on the table.
" Ooooo someone's on a trial." Mom smirked at Sebastien who nervously looked at everyone.
"I can guarantee that Sebastien makes the best food ever." Dad stated.
" Yeah no doubt there." I added as Seb smiled at me.
" Wow, the food smells so good." Dexter walked in the lounge as he loosened his tie and put his brief case down.
" Hello, Jacob and Evelyn." He greeted mom and dad.
" How's work going, Dexter?" Dad asked.
" Great. Your tips have been very helpful." He remarked as he took a seat right in front of me and passed me a quick smile.
" I'm glad I could help." Dad said.
" How was the trip?" Mom asked.
Suddenly the atmosphere shifted as I awkwardly shifted in my seat. Dexter looked at me and said,
" The best thing ever happened in my life." He smirked.
I heard Celeste and Sebastien say,
Okay I'm blushing. I just know it.
" Excuse me." I stood up but Sebastien grabbed my hand.
" You don't want the food to go to waste, do you?" There was a hint of smirk behind his smile.
" Of course not." I whispered under my breath and sat down.
We begin to eat when I suddenly felt someone's foot go up and down my leg.
I choked on my food.
" What happened Sy? Have some water." Dexter handed me the glass as he smirked.
It was him.
I shot daggers at him and went back to eating. But he would just not stop.
" Do you want something, Dexter?" I asked a little too loud.
He looked at me stunned clearly not expecting this.
" No...I- uh-"
" I thought you did since I felt you kick my l-" He quickly cut me.
" No I don't need anything!" He looked down and Celeste whispered something in his ear and then giggled. He blushed.
One by one everyone left the table as they were done eating. I stood up to leave when Dexter grabbed my hand and turned me around.
" Hey wait."
" Still need something?" I smirked.
His hands warmed up and he looked away.
" I'm kidding." I chuckled.
" I was thinking if we could go out today." He asked while stroking my hand.
“ Somewhere special? And besides You just came from office aren't you tired?"
" Nah I just had a meeting. I'll be going to the office tomorrow. And as for somewhere special, you’ll see." He stated as he shoved his hands in his pockets and stared at me intensely.
" Alright. But I've to make an appointment with the doctor too."
" Is everything okay?" He took a step closer.
" Yeah. Yeah I'm fine. It's just been very long since I last got checked."
" Okay then I'll talk to your doctor from Canada and ask her advice for a doctor here. I'll text you the time." He smiled and left.
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