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Chapter 44

It felt like drowning
Though there was no water I was drowning in nothing but darkness. Suddenly I heard a faint angelic voice .
"Sy...lvia." It was saying. The voice was breaking. The angel was crying. It was wrong. How can an angel cry? I tried to open my eyes and soothe the angel. I wanted to tell him everything is going be okay. But neither could I open my eyes nor could I find the angel. The pressure against my heart began to hurt and as it broke through the darkness to me, other pains became stronger. I cried, gasping out, as I broke out of the gloominess. I felt cold hands on my wrists and another familiar voice,
" It's okay. Cupcake everything is going to be fine." And that's the time when light seeped before my eye making me blind for a second. Gradually the picture cleared.
Dad was standing against the stretcher I was lying on and trying hard not to break down. An IV tube was dangling down beside me and a beeping machine was measuring my heart rate. A few nurses were bustling around the hallway. My doctor, Clythia was miraculously here soothing down mom who was screaming . I painfully gazed above my head.
He managed to make butterflies erupt in my stomach even while I was battling between life and death. As soon as our eyes met, a tear dropped from his eyes and fell on my nose. He sniffed and quickly cleaned it from my face. A nurse broke the silence,
" Doctor, the patient is conscious."
Mom and Clythia sprinted towards me.
" Sylvia, my baby, what happened to you? You were...how could this...?" Mom was crying without a pause. Dad wrapped his hands around mom as she put her face in his chest and sobbed.
I wanted to reach out and tell her I am okay. This is nothing. It would be over. We'll be back to how we were.
But the truth was I was not okay.
" Sylvia, look at me," Doctor Clythia spoke. " You had a minor cardiac arrest. We're going to take you for a surgery. I'll be honest with you. It's a risky thing but you're strong and I know you can pull this through. " I gulped.
So this was it. This is how it'll end. A few tears escaped the corners of my eyes and wetted the pillow.
" I'll give you a minute to say goodbye to your family. I'll be waiting in the operation theatre, okay?" She lightly squeezed my hand and walked away.
How dare she command me? No one can tell me what to do. And least tell me when to leave my family. And she says it's a 'goodbye.' How so? No one is happy. Everyone is crying. This is nowhere near a 'good' -bye. I felt my insides rip apart and twist into knots.
Mom was the first one to kiss my head, hands, cheeks and everywhere she could possibly reach.
" Sweetie, you're going to be okay. No one can take you away. You're coming back to us. " she choked as her makeup smudged all over her face.
I felt dad clench his fists. One after another, tears rolled down his cheeks like rain on dusty plains. I could listen him silently screaming, suffocating with each breath. I managed to say.
" So...sorry." I apologised for not telling them in the first place. I apologised for lying and not being a good daughter. I apologised for everything I did which hurt them.
Dad shook his head and quickly bent down to kiss my forehead.
" You're the most beautiful thing God ever gave us. We love you. " Dad managed as his tears mixed with mine.
" I...I lov- you too." I whispered back.
" You're just going for an operation, just like the one you had when you broke your arm at five. Remember?" Dad ran his fingers through my hair.
Dad I'm not afraid. I'm brave. I wanted to say. But I nodded. I let him soothe me. I had forgotten how calming it felt to give the lead to someone else. To let them tell you everything is going to be okay. Even if they're lying.
" God, you were so reckless." He sadly chuckled. I smiled.
Someone hiccuped.
Dad looked over my head and nodded. Seconds later Dexter came and stood beside my stretcher. He was managing very hard not to break down.
Stop pretending Dexter. That's not you.
" You could've just told me your heart wouldn't be able to take in my proposal."
And that's why I love him so much. He manages to lighten the mood in most hardest times.
I sadly chuckled.
" You could've wa-rned me."
" I did but you didn't pay much attention to me earlier." Tears were slipping down.
" Now that's-not true." I began to cough and take long breaths as my breath got stuck somewhere inside me. All the air was knocking out of me as pain began to spread all over my thorax cavity. The monitor beside me sounded an alarm. Like a warning alarm. My heart rate was decreasing rapidly.
" It's time to go. Please-no-aside!"
" Hurry!"
" Call the doctor."
Nurses were shouting as someone sprinted my stretcher away from my loved ones and towards the two double doors. Mom was begging them to give her another second with me. While dad simply shrunk down on the chair as he held his head between his hands.
Dexter walked beside my stretcher, his eyes not leaving mine. So much passed between us in those two seconds. It literally looked like a scene from a movie as everything slowed down. His eyes took me into a flashback of all the memories we shared in past four to five months. Starting from the day we met on my birthday on the terrace to all the sneak outs to the park, our late night deep talks, us secretly staring at one another and immediately looking away when either of us looked. We cooking together, he agreeing to come with me to run away from home. We forgetting our money and luggage, he singing for me in Rome's club, his face in the sunset after we scuba dived, we overcoming our fears in skydiving and finally our kiss and then his proposal.
We got separated as he was pushed out and the doors closed on his face.
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