Take my heart

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Chapter 2

Inhaling deeply I brought the cigarette to my lip and puffed out the smoke without any skill. Carbon monoxide mixed with the air and began to drift away in circles, disappearing in the night. I gripped the railing as a chilling air swooshed around the balcony. A few girls were drinking away on the ground. At least it was better then staying inside a hall where a hundred people's sweat rambled with you.
I brought the cigarette again to my lip but unconsciously took in the toxicants which made me cough.
" Careful." I heard him say from behind me. I instantly dropped the cigarette and smashed it with my foot.
" Don't worry I won't tell anyone. By the way I'm Dexter. " He cracked his crooked smile which melted my heart. He was the same guy which made a dramatic entry.
" Sylvia." I declared as I lit another cigarette.
" So Sylvia, I assume the last one must have been a real asshole." He stated as he winked at the girls down.
I looked at him confusingly.
" You know everyone's celebrating your birthday inside and you're standing here under the moonlight and puffing away the cigarettes. What could it possibly mean?"He smiled in victory, as if solving a huge mystery. I liked how he smiled. It made me smile too.
" I'm claustrophobic." I said raising my face towards the sky and began to observe the moon.
We stayed in silence for a few minutes, standing side by side.
“ So is making dramatic entries your thing or this time it was an exceptional case?”
“ Hmm, let’s just say it’s part of my thing.” He chuckled.
I rolled my eyes.
“ Just like being cocky is your thing.”
“ Now, judging someone you’ve just met is not a good thing.” He pointed out and put his hands in his pockets.
An awkward silence passed.
" How amazing is this." He said while looking upwards at the moon. Before he could say anything, I said:
" That sun dies every night to let the moon breathe. " I finished and puffed up the smoke towards the sky.
He looked at me for a brief second and smiled. His smile is going to be my favourite from now on. He turned back to the moon and declared:
" No the fact that nothing remains permanent. Wether it's happiness or sorrow but in happiness you don't even know if it's there, I mean you don't really feel it but in sadness, it rips you apart and leaves behind scars that haunt you for the rest of your life. " He was trying to shield his emotion but I could see a sad past in his eyes.
" I agree that nothing remains permanent but it's not always sadness that stays with you. Happiness too can stay with you, only if 'you're' willing to let it in. " I looked at him and something changed in his eyes.
" I'll ask you a question."
" Shoot." I said.
" Would you prefer to be someone's sun or a star?" He cocked his eyebrow.
I smiled at the moon then gazed into his orbs.
" Moon."
He didn't say anything as he was waiting for me to emphasize my point.
" I'll prefer to brighten someone's life in the darkest hour then to always give light."
He looked at me and his eyes softened as if finding the right answer. Like he really wanted to hear it.
" My colleagues say if I were a star, I would have been sun because I light people's path and am bright and friendly and cocky." He was using his hand gestures now. It made me laugh. He's so cute.
" Did someone ever tell you that you're a little self- obsessed?"
" No I'm not." He laughed but it immediately faded away. I wanted to make him laugh again. I assumed he wasn't comfortable talking about himself, so I dropped the topic.
Another awkward silence began.
" I don't smoke often, just when I'm stressed out...if that's what you're wondering. " I don't know why I didn't want him to take a wrong idea about my personality. It's not like he asked me out or something.
" Me too." He said out of nowhere and grabbed a cigarette from my hand. The girls were now giggling and pointing towards our direction or more specifically his direction.
I scoffed. " So is this the reason all boys smoke?” I pointed towards the girls. “ To look cool?”
" I don’t but if you want, I can." He smirked. I want to smack that grin from his face. Before I could do so a girl stepped on the balcony. She was one of the girls who were gawking at Dexter.
" Hey, my name is Beatrice. Who are you?" She asked Dexter as she tangled her hands in front of her.
" Dexter." He stated and grinned. I knew what he was upto.
" Are you new here, because I haven't seen you here before?" She dabbed her lips and eyelashes. Ugh disgusting.
" Yeah but I don't think I will be now as you are here to show me around." Dexter dabbed his lashes too as he glanced at my side.Why does it crack something inside me?
" Oh my God! I would love that. How about tomorrow at my place?" She twisted her hair over her finger.
" Sure. " Dexter took out a pen from his pocket and made her write her number on his hand. She departed.
" So where were we?" Dexter asked as he smirked.
" Nowhere." I turned around to leave but he blocked me. He was amused by all of this.
" Look I know you're my dad's friend's son and will be living in our house for a couple of days but that doesn't give you the authority to boss around. And one thing which you should fit in this dirty mind of yours is that I'm not type of girl you're thinking I am so stay the heck away from me." I was now pointing my index finger at him.
" Can you please make it clear as what "type of girl" you're not?" He amusingly asked.
" The one you're thinking I am." I folded my arms and took a step back.
" And what am I thinking?" He took a step forward.
" The one who smokes around all day, loves parties and yeah if you're thinking about harassing me then let me tell you I know how to play karate." I took a step back until my back hit the railing.
" Don't worry I'm not going to harrass you." He chuckled.
" Even if you want to, you can't." I spoke boldly.
" Are you provoking me to harrass you?" He raised his eyebrows as he put his arms around the either side of me on railing. Our bodies were almost touching. He was making me weak.
" I'm...I'm just warning..ahhh!" I had almost fallen from the balcony. My head and back was slanting down the railing. If it wasn't for Dexter gripping my waist I had been long gone.
" Dexter hold on tight!" I shouted as I tried to regain my balance but to no avail.
" Shhh don't shout Sylvia. Someone will hear you and then they'll call you that'type of girl.' " He was chuckling. He was making fun of me. Bastard!
" Fine just pull me up."
" And what will I get?" He asked as his fingers dug in my waist.
" Shut up, you asshole!"
" Fine then I'll let you fall." He loosened his grip but I gripped his biceps tightly.
" No don't!"
" Plead some more miss " I'm not that type of girl." He smirked.
" Dexter please pull me up." My fingers were digging in his biceps.
" Alright, hold on tight." He strongly pulled me up but as a result my face came in close contact with his. Our noses were almost touching. He had a firm grip on my waist and I had my hands on his chest. We stood frozen gazing into each other's orbs. It felt like the time stopped, a connection I myself couldn't comprehend had been made and an electric current seeped through my veins down my spine.
" Ahem ahem." Someone coughed and I immediately let go of Dexter but he was still holding, more tight.
It was mom!
" Sylvia, are you okay? Seems like that floor gave you a really bad sprint. Come I'll help you walk in." Dexter stated with a fake concerning expression in front of mom. I tried to get out of his hold but to no avail.
" No thank you, I have my legs which can most definitely carry my weight. I don't need your help." I shot daggers at him.
" Sylvia, don't you have any manners. If Dexter is helping you then let him." Dexter turned to me and smirked so only I could see. I rolled my eyes. " Dexter sweetie please help her to the car as we were already leaving."
Mom clearly was doing it on purpose. I hate this.
" Sure no problem. Come 'Sylvia'. " He stressed on my name. He put his hand around my waist and lifted me in bridal style.
Through our way to the car I couldn't stop thinking as how toxicating his scent was.
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