Take my heart

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Chapter 3

I woke up to the sound of my alarm ringing on bed side. I groaned and switched it off. I threw down my last night's clothes on the floor and made my way to the bathroom. I did my business and came out. My room was messy but I didn't care. All I cared about at this moment was my breakfast.
I could already smell it!
Just as I was checking myself in floor length mirror of my walk in closet, I heard a knock.
" Come in."
" Miss Sylvia, miss Olivia is calling you down for breakfast." Our Philippine maid said.
" Sara you don't have to call me miss. Just call my name and I'll like that more." I smiled at her.
" Okay mi- oops sorry. Okay Sylvia. " I laughed .
" Oh and she also asked you to wear the 'hottest casual clothes.' " she stated while giggling.
" And why is that?" I asked turning to her.
" Don't know." She smirked and left.
I looked down at my clothes. A denim jeans with a floral top.
As I descended the stairs, the aroma of pancakes hit me.
Ugh, heaven!
"Morning Dad." Dad was reading a newspaper in living room and mom was filing her nails.
" It's afternoon, cupcake." Dad said without looking up.
" So where're my double frosted cupcakes?" I rubbed my palms together, not controlling my excitement.
" Have you looked at your body? No guy has offered you for a date since 2 years. " Mom slammed down the filer and got up.
" Dad." I looked at him and he looked at me for a brief second then folded the newspaper.
" My daughter is perfectly fine, she doesn't need any guy to like her on her appearance. These guys doesn't meet her standards." Dad kissed my forehead. I love him for this.
Mom stomped her foot and and exited the living room. Nothing unusual.
" Meet you at 5, going to the office." I handed dad his coat. The driver took his laptop bag and escorted him out.
I sighed and slumped down on the sofa. I literally have nothing to do in my summer vacations. I graduated from high school like ten days back and was excited for University but now that too is gone. Honestly I've not given it much thought. Because all I really wanted and still want is to tour around the world. I like knowing new places, sitting with locals and listen to their stories, cultures and norms. But my over protective parents won't let that happen.
They don't allow me to travel alone, although I'm eighteen and dad hardly get any time off from his business. Mom is too busy in her fashion shows to pay any attention. They think the life I'm living every teenager dreams to live. I'm grateful for that but that's not how I like to live.
" Where's dad?" Mom asked as she put on her glasses and picked her handbag.
" Office. You going somewhere?" I asked although I knew the answer.
" Yeah I've to finalize a few dresses for the upcoming ball." Suddenly an idea struck me. I quickly grabbed my jacket and phone and snatched the car keys from key holder but before my hand could touch the door, mom called out.
" Take Eric with you." If I ever plan to become a criminal, Eric is on top of my list.
" Of course." I smiled at mom.
I stepped in the garage and found Eric leaning against my car.
" Hello, Eric."
" Hi, Miss Sylvia."
" Umm Eric, do you know there is a thing called " holidays?" Do you ever take those?" I asked him.
He chuckled and shook his head.
" I like working for Sir Jacob and besides my wife works in your house so I've no reason to go back home." He was blushing now.
So he won't budge. I bit my lip and stared at him and in return he shook his head as a signal that he won't go anywhere.
" How about you go and take your wife out somewhere and I'll handle Miss Sylvia?" Suddenly Dexter stepped in the garage. He was wearing a suit and did I mention he looked super hot? He had rolled up his sleeves and man, his arms... Stop Sylvia!
" He...llo, sir. Sure, if you say so." Eric departed. Wait what? Mom had given him strict instructions not to leave me alone. Woah this is new!
" So where to Miss Sylvia?" He asked while opening the passenger seat for me. What a gentleman!
" Actually I'll prefer walking more then sitting in a car with a narcissist like you." I put my hands in my pocket and started proceeding down the pavement. He sat in his car and drived off but I didn't miss the smirk that formed on his lips as he said:
" I'll also prefer a bimbo to sit next to me in my car more than your arrogant ass."
I think I like this guy.
Sunset lapsed, diminishing a dim yellow radiance. My eyes were focused on the mesmerizing view that lay in front of me.I was breathing in an haphazard way. My heart was beating fast due to rigorous jogging that I just did.
I forced myself to turn away from the heaven and instead locked my eyes on a boy playing with his dog.My lips curved into a perfect smile,prominating my dimples.
Inspecting the park had been my happiness since childhood. I took my first slide here; followed by my first injury.This absolutely doesn't mean I was careless; but I was pushed. Here,watching the sun set behind the horizon made me relax. I tucked a loose strand behind my ear;but,the strand refused and fell back, crushing my rosy cheeks.
I walked out of the park with my bag in one hand and the other clenching my phone. I dozed off into my own thoughts when I saw something moving in distance. I tried to take a closer look but fog made it impossible.The road was abandoned. The object,what I was contemplating was not an object but a figure moving towards me.Black coat draped over his shoulders,almost black hair,hands in his pants pockets.The face was unfamiliar but his features sent shivers rush down my spine. Pierced eyebrows and cheeks cut into scars that were prominent at this time of night as well. He looked my age with smirk plastered on his face. I had an antipathy towards him but he was nonchalant. I took a step backward, followed by his forward.It continued until I hit the wall. Anxiety was building inside me.I clenched my bag tighter to my chest. He was 2-3 steps away from me.My heart was beating faster with each breath. I build up the nerve to shout at him.
“stay away from me or I'll knock your block off!"
He started laughing, steely voice echoing through the alley.The frigid weather brought mizzling rain with it. I started regretting for denying my mom. Only if I had listened to her,I would have been at a different end or at least at a different middle. Even if I had taken Dexter’s offer to drive me, I wouldn’t have been here. But this was not the time to regret.
Suddenly the demon, yeah that's what he looked to me; put his hand inside the coat and shoveled out a gun, pointing directly towards me.Before he could pull the trigger,I kicked him where the sun never shines and took off running.My blood was running cold.My legs were aching but I could not stop.I had to run to save my life. Out of the blue a hand gripped me and jolted me backwards.I felt a sharp pain through my body. He kicked me. My vision was getting blurred. I had to stop him.
Suddenly memories came flushing of my family:mom ordering me;my best friend planning spacious dreams and my father kissing my forehead.
Tears started trailing down my cheeks.The demon was spluttering something:"you'll hit me,you'll...you weak sloth,you cannot even..." I pushed him back.It was enough.I was sanguine and dauntless.I could not let him take control over me. I had to show him and myself that I’m capable of more than the people think I am. The wind whistled,swishing through the alley.Blood was dripping from my mouth and nose,staining my shirt.I forced my legs to stand and punch the demon hard.He fell back, whimpering in pain.
“you hit me, you bitch."
After kicking him several times in his ribs,I fell down on my knees.My phone and bag sprawled on the pavement.I was lying on my stomach,lifeless,moaning in pain.
The sun had already set, draining away the miseries of the day; telling me tomorrow would be a different day.I went into nothingness with ambulance sirens echoing through the alley.
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