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Chapter 4

I regained my consciousness after what felt like eternity.The creamy walls with huge glass window came into sight.I tried to move but there was an opposing force.My head was pounding as if I was slamming it in bricks. I turned on my right but..
I couldn't move. My ribs were sore. It hurt like hell. Is my ribcage injured?? This couldn't happen.Suddenly a memory hit me.
Someone following me, a gun pointed towards me,a demon jolting me backwards.I, knocking him down....
Tears found their way down my cheeks.Will I ever forget it?
Was this the end of my life.No, I am too young to suffer all of this.I brushed my tears from the back of my hand;told myself to calm down and took a deep breath.
The door creaked open.A woman stepped in with wavy brown hair falling down her chest,
Slim figure and a loose Cape draped over her shoulders.
She almost ran towards me,her heels clicking on the floor.
"Sylvia ,thank god you have finally woken up.We were so worried about you.Are you Okey? What happened to you? We got a call from the hospital,saying you were found in an alley. How did it happen?" Mom bombarded me with questions.She worries too much.After all she is my mom.Before I could respond, the door opened once again,revealing a tall man with perfectly shaved face and one hand holding the phone and the other clutching the brief case and the coat I gave him this morning . I sighed with relief as I saw my dad. He understood me more than any human being. At least he was going to save me from mom's questions.I didn't want to talk about it.It made me feel hideous.
He gave me a sympathetic smile and kissed my forehead.
"Dad, did you come back from office?"
"Yeah, I had a meeting in Las Vegas,so just came back."
"You must be tired,you should have some rest."
"Don't worry about me,I am a tough man.You better get up from this bed and start practicing basketball because you will be the one crying in the end."
I began to laugh,dad surely knows how to change the mood.
"I am feeling a little out of place." Mom chirped in.
We stayed in silence for a few minutes until dad said:
"I'm proud of you , Sylvia." He touched my forehead. A tear escaped my eye and he rubbed it.
" I'm Jacob Addison's daughter after all."
A day later.
I could hear distant voices but I couldn't concentrate on who was talking. They were very hushed. I tried opening my eyes but it needed a tough effort. Finally I did so.
" Morning, sweetie." Mom said as she rolled up my bed so I was now in a sitting position.
" Mo- rning." My voice was dry. I needed water.
" Water." Mom extended me water and helped me drink it. My eyes stopped at a girl about my age sitting across my bed on the chair.
I raised my eyebrows at mom.
"Remember I told you Dexter's sister will be coming to Canada a week later? So here she is. "
" Hi, I'm Celeste." She proceeded towards me and offered me her hand. I raised my hand with an IV and shook it.
" Sylvia." I smiled. She resembled Dexter a lot.
I kind of miss him. Did he come to see me in the hospital? Why does it bring goosebumps?
" You're very brave Sylvia, I must say." Celeste said. And sat down on my bed.
" I'll leave you two to talk and ask the doctor if we can take you home." Mom closed the door behind her as she left.
" How long have I been here?" I asked her.
" A day."
" You didn't really have to come to the hospital. We could meet at home." I said.
" I was curious to meet the girl who kicked a harasser s' balls." We both laughed.
Suddenly the door creaked open and revealed the only guy I didn't want to see in this condition but at the same time wanted to see too.
He was wearing his casual clothes but still looked very handsome.
" Oh look who's here. A fighter. Wait no, a karate master?" Dexter sarcastically remarked.
Celeste looked at both us both us with confusion.
"You guys became really good friends, I see." Celeste said as she got up and proceeded towards the door.
" Very good friends." Dexter said with an amused expression. I rolled my eyes.
" I think I'll grab a cup of coffee." Celeste went out of the room.
" So I assume you showed the poor guy your karate?" Dexter leaned his back against the window and folded his arms as he looked at me.
It made me laugh.
" So what did Beatrice show you around the town?" I tried to kill the awkwardness building between us.
" Beatrice who?" He roamed around the room and checked different machines.
" Oh you forgot your girl who offered to show town?" I teased him.
" Ooo Beatrice! Yeah...she's doing okay." I laughed. He wasn't seeing her.
" What's this?" He picked up the blood pressure machine.
" That's a machine for checking blood pressure."
" And this?"
" Injection."
He was picking up random things and asked me their names though he knew what they were called. He was trying to make me laugh and he was succeeding.
" Oh that's definitely a TV. Where's is it's remote?" He was referring to the monitor which recorded my heart beat.
" Yeah a TV to record my heart beat." I rolled my eyes.
" Hmmm let me see. " He put on his eyesight glasses and a stethoscope. He proceeded towards the monitor and began to press the stethoscope to the monitor's screen, indicating that he's checking a patient.
" Not a very satisfying response. Nope...failing, I don't think so...ahh." He put down the stethoscope and shook his head.
" I'm sorry to tell you this, Mr Tv that your heart isn't working properly. You need someone to fix it. Someone whose handsome, friendly, cocky and of course self- obsessed." Dexter was now looking at me and we both bursted out in laughter. My stomach hurts but I don't care. Tears rolled down my cheeks due to laughing so hard but I still don't care. In that moment I realized it's not the big moments that make your happy memories but the very small actions that stay with you and change your life in way not even big ones could ever do.
My phone banged indicating me there was a message.I carefully plopped myself on bed and checked:
"I just heard you were in the hospital!How could a fearless girl like you be in a hospital?!?!?!
I smiled. Sebastian was my brother from another mother.After graduation he settled in San Francisco but our friendship had no limits. I quickly dialed his number. He picked up on second ring.
"Are you asking me why I was in hospital or are you mocking me ?
"How could I even think to mock my little sista?"
"I am 18!!!!"
"Eww my sensitive ears!Btw I have a surprise for you."
Sébastien's surprises had been the best surprises in my life.
Enthusiastically I asked:"what is it?"
"Calm down,you'll'll get to know it."
I put my phone on the coffee table and went to take a hot shower.
I was examining my wardrobe for the hundredth time but I still couldn't make any decision.At last I chose a crop top,denim jeans and sneakers. I Blow dried my hair and let them fall in loose curls. Suddenly my door opened,revealing my mom,with face full of makeup. I hate makeup!!
"Mom,are you going somewhere?"
"Yeah sweetie.Do you know joselin,she is having a pool party in her mansion."
Mom and her parties!!
"The best part is that you are coming along. I have selected some dresses for you,check them out and get ready."
"Mom, I think I have just come across an accident and you haven't even asked me about it."
Mom gave my shoulder a squeeze and said: "sweetie I didn't ask you because it will make you feel more sad,so it's better if you forget and move on."
As if I didn't try.
I said nothing and went downstairs. Freshly cooked lasagna was placed on the dining table with fresh orange juice. Oh this is truly heaven.
I began eating.Mom came down and started scolding me.
"We are already late,and you are not even ready."
"Mom I can't go.I have something really important to do."
"Eating,sleeping and scrolling through instagram?"
I made a baby face which made mom have sympathy on me. Without saying a word she went out,calling the valet. I glanced around the house,full of maids working here and there. Can't they just shoo to somewhere else.
Meanwhile Celeste gave me my gifts and we talked about random stuff. Later I browsed through the pictures of Disneyworld and Celeste told me her experience to the Disneyworld with her friends.
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