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Chapter 5

Dear diary,
Once I read somewhere that the less you expect from life, the more it’ll give you and the bigger the pain, bigger is the lesson. Let me elaborate myself. I had lost hope till yesterday. I was so devastated after my check up with Dr Clythia that I wanted to quit. But a miracle happened! Now if I explain it, you would call me weird and crazy for calling the incident a miracle, so let’s just keep it simple.
While walking back from the park, a thug blocked my way and tried to harass me. I knew this was it. But then suddenly, I remembered Dr, Clythia saying life is short. In that moment I realized this wasn’t it. I had to fight to show my worth. I couldn’t just let go. So I stood up, kicked that asshole in his balls and proved my worth! You’ve no idea how that felt. Like jumping from a cliff or fighting the fat deposit on my arteries!
“ Cupcake, you there?” Dad asked from the other end.
“ Yeah, come in.”
“ How you doing?” He asked as he kissed my forehead and took a seat on the bed beside me.
“ I’m doing great. What about you? How was your meeting today?”
“ It was okay.” He tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.
“ Did you want something?”
“ Nah. I just want to know if you’d like to go somewhere out. You know with Dexter and Celeste here, maybe a family night out?”
“ Sure. Sounds good.” I smiled.
Holy cow! It sounds perfect!
“ I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you that Dexter and Celeste were coming over. It was just so quick. His grandmother called and said Dexter wasn’t himself lately and so I quickly invited him over. You know he’s my best friend’s son.”
Dexter, having a hard time? Why? But I didn’t ask dad that.
“ It’s okay, dad. I’m fine with them. In fact I’m having fun. “ I squeezed his hand.
“ It’s just that I feel so guilty. You know after Joe and Monica died, I couldn’t do anything for their kids. I was so messed up myself. I really hope I can take care of them like he joe used to take care of me.”
Dexter’s parents have passed away?!
“ What? Ho...how did...?” I beyond shocked.
“ fifteen years back, in a car accident.”
“ Oh.” I couldn’t imagine him as a lonely person. Instantly I felt guilty for being so rude to him lately.
A silence fell between us.
“ I knew I could count on you. Just make sure they have fun. “
I nodded.
“ Don’t worry. They will.”
“ Okay then great! See you at 8. “ He stood up and began to walk away but as he reached the door, he turned around.
“ So what’re you wearing tonight?” I asked Celeste as I poured myself a bowl of milk.
“ For what?” She asked she changed channels on TV.
“ We’re going out for dinner. Didn’t dad tell you?”
“ Nope. It must be because Dexter keep whining about how boring Canada is.” She stated as a matter of fact.
I chuckled.
“ Maybe.” I took a spoonful of my cereals.
" He's always bored." Celeste said rolling her eyes.
" Oh really, chipmunk?" Dexter walked in and sat on the sofa as he winked at me. I rolled my eyes.
"Celeste, pass me the remote." He stated.
She continued to ignore him.
He threw a pillow at her but to no avail.
He ran towards her and in a second Dexter was on top of her,pinning her down.
"What the fuck Dexter! get off me!" She screamed and kicked.
'Typical brother and sister'
I got up and was heading upstairs when the front door creaked and Sébastien's voice echoed through the lounge.
"Sylvia,look what I got for you!"
I turned around and rushed to him.
He was standing in the lobby with his hands resting behind his back.
"What?" I asked excitingly.
"Guess." He wiggled his eyebrows.
Hmmm.What did I ask him to get for me?
Oh yeah..Disneyland!!
"Tickets for disneyand!" I pumped my fist in air.
He dropped his smile and sighed.
"Wrong.Cotton Candy." He placed it in my hand and moved in the living room.
"Sébastien do you know why I like cotton candy?"
"Because it tastes heaven to you."
"Yeah but other then that because you bring it for me."
I patted his arm.He looked at me with "you-don't-have-to-say-that" look.
"How are you Celeste?" Sébastien remarked.
Celeste was now standing near the C-D shelf and sorting through them.Dexter was no where to be seen.
"My back hurts like hell but other then that I am perfect." She plopped herself beside Sébastien whose body was almost touching hers. They engulfed in a conversation about a break up of some celebrity, I had no clue of. I excused myself and proceeded to my room to get ready.
I was all dressed up by sharp 8:00pm.I was resting on my bed and listening to random songs when someone shook me hard.what the hell! My shoulder hurts like hell.I looked up to come face to face with captivating blue eyes. I sat there paralyzed in my place.
"If you are done checking me out,can you please give me your charger?"
"Well my phone's condition is more critical.Its about to die."
"My phone is already dead."He showed his phone to me.
"Well then technically, you don't need one because your phone is 'dead'." I made air quotes.
He rolled his eyes and went out of the room.My phone indicated the 'low battery' sign.I extended on the coffee table for charger but there was nothing.what??
Damn he made a fool out of me.
I ran towards his room to get back my posession,when I bumped into dad.
"Hey,cool down.Everything okay?"
"Dex..." I trailed of when Dexter appeared out of the blue and interrupted.
" Jacob,we are getting late.Lets go." He winked at me with a smirk on his face.
All of us were now seated in one of the 5 star restaurants of Toronto.The environment was quite lively with red balloons dangling in surrounding followed by a colossal pool in middle. The sitting arrangement was surrounding it.The weather started to get frigid.The place was silent and no one was to be seen in distance,except for our family. Mom and dad occupied each end of the table,facing eachother.Celeste and me sat,facing Sébastien and Dexter.Both of them were like opposite poles of magnet:Never talking to each other nor facing.Celeste was talking about some fashion designer with mom.Mom was reacting like 11 year old who,after so long meets her best friend . wasn't Celeste supposed to be my friend?
The waiter served our dinner and we began to eat.My stomach was making weird noises which made me leave my food uneaten.
I excused myself and proceeded towards the back garden to get some fresh air.As I stepped out,a cold breeze hit me,making the atmosphere chilly.I was admiring the moon when someone tapped on my right shoulder.I turned my face to the direction but there was no one.There was a trap on my left shoulder and there he was: Dexter.
"Hi.long time,no see" He waved at me.
"What? We just ate dinner together."
"I was being sarcastic.Aww you don't know sarcasm?" He made a pout face.
"Stop making a fool out of me." I exclaimed.
"I don't need to make a fool out of you,you are already a fool to begin with. " He grinned.
What the hell!
"Then why don't you just shoo of and don't show your face ever again." I mocked back.
We went back and forth.
"I just heard Lawrence Park High School has kicked you out,they say they bore enough of you."
"Guess who got the scholarship?" I wiggled my eyebrows.
"None other then sy!" He bellowed.His voice echoing in garden.
Both of us convulsed with laughter.We were now talking about lame things and were fabricating pathetic jokes of our own but still it was fun to have someone of the same humour as your.
“ Okay, here’s another one.”
“ Shoot.”
“ What is it called if a Mexican man loses his car?” He asked, giggling.
“ Car loss.”
Even though it was the lamest joke ever, I still laughed out loud.
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