High school

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It’s about a teenager that finds her truelove

Romance / Drama
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High school

Chapter 1
The class has just finished and Jane and her friend Rebecca leave the classroom .I can’t believe it’s two more months and we will be done with school forever ! Rebecca said I’m scared .Jane said scared? Why? I don’t know I got use to all of this ,this school theses people ..... you . Jane said oh I’m going to miss you so much !!! Me to said Rebecca. Hey ! But it’s not like we aren’t gonna see each other ever again! Said Jane . Rebecca said yeah but your going to an out of state school , your staying in LA .who the lucky one here ,ah you Jane hug Rebecca .you’ve been the best friend since second grade and it’s so heartbreaking to realise your about to leave me .Jane said Rebecca I have something for you ? It’s so cute said Rebecca .I’ve got one just like this for myself . Girl your the best said Jane. One of the footballers passes by you .Rebecca was trying to get him for the past few months . Girl he’s alone right now said Jane ok I go for it ? You been waiting for it for so long ! Go get him said Jane . I see you at the party tonight right ? Party Jane says looking at Rebecca.don’t be late you usually are . Jane smile? I might not be alone Rebecca said ! Anyway go get your guy while he’s still alone said Jane. Wish me luck Rebecca said .Jane phone rang it was her dad he said u have to go and live with your aunt Regina? Your mum leave us and I’ve lost everything ok said Jane .the ride was long and tiredsome but we finally made it at your aunts house and your aunt and your cousin was standing there and some handsome guy are greeting you nice to me you Jane I’m corey friend of the family .wow he’s so good-looking .you shake hands with Corey and go back to the car to pick up your luggage corey sees you struggling to put your heavy backpack on .Corey said let me help you sure Jane said corey takes Jane backpack and Jane and Corey slowly start walking towards the house it’s a bit to heavy for a young girl ?I guess! Thank for helping me by the way my pleasure corey looks into your eyes and smiles .can’t promise you that but you can count on me if you need any help .thanks I keep that in mind .Corey nods smiling .then you stare silently into each other’s eyes . A minute pass , but the silence don’t seem awkward to you it feel like you got some sort of strong magnetism between you and Corey ? Jane said I’ve got this strange feeling it’s like I’ve know him for ages but we never met before .I wounded what Jane thinking Corey said are you saying Jane said .that your special to me I think IAm Corey said .? Jane look at her auntie home it’s big .Corey is first to break the silence ,LA must be fantastic? You mean you never been ? But I didn’t mean to Jane look shook as her cousin shout at her ,oh I’m interested I’d some arts if I ever get an opportunity if you seek traditional European art of great historical values,you should check the Getty centre in LA I think I’m starting to get an idea corey said if you are into contemporary stuff, then her auntie shout Jane why would he be ? What you youth today call contemporary art are a piece of trash that has no meaning ! Corey said I totally disagree with you on that ! Then Jane cousin said oh my god ! Can’t we talk about something else then preferences? Something less boring ,maybe you shouldn’t argue over our interests ? Jane tell me how is that your so very well informed? Uhm ....well I was always interested in art .I’n fact I was going . To study art history before .then her auntie but in ! Speaking of your future.I’ve got an offer for you .oh ! I had to fire my maid a couple days ago because she tired to stealing food from my fridge ! I thought those were left overs and supposed to go to the trash corey said .the point being she try to take what was mine ! It’s all about one intentions .I don’t want anyone who thinks on my belongings behind my back ,Jane cousin said my mom is such a a great manager ? Well least someone in our family got good business skills .Jane see how dad goes red ? So Jane daring auntie said why don’t you become our new maid ? Who me ? Jane said looks at her dad he tireds to look away . I be happy to said Jane

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