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The new start

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A girl move out of la and start her new life in the rich side of town

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 2 the new start

It was Jane first day at work .do I want to change before I start working ? I love this uniform said Jane .I keep my hair the same , her auntie said to you will clean after breakfast .you see your cousin knock a plate off the table ,Jane try to rush forward to catch it but it too late ! The plate shatters into million pieces ?ah my favour China Jane auntie said I’m so sorry mum ! Jane so clumsy . What? Said Jane look I do realise this China very expensive...to say the least said her auntie .I’ll clean it up .so it no longer bothers you Jane said .her cousin Kate ha! Don’t think you’re going to get away with just that ! Jane said well if it make u feel better you could charge me for the broken plate ,although I didn’t drop it Jane said looking sad ....? Are you blaming your cousin ? That not very nice thing to say ! Jane cousin said isn’t that what all worthless people do mommy ?blame others for their mistakes ? Jane thought please this can’t be real ! They must be joking . What going on here ? Kate ? Corey said corey why are you here so early ? I thought we were meant to go to the movies . Yeah that right ,but now I need another half an hour to get ready ? Corey loos at the bits of broken China ! It’s Jane fault really she broken mommy favourite plate ,but I didn’t ... her auntie said hush you should learn to admit your mistakes..Jane clean the mess and then go and help in the kitchen.will do said Jane .well that was close corey said .I didn’t actually... I know you didn’t break it corey said ... you mean you believe me ? Jane said .. sure thing said corey . Corey help Jane pick up the break glass ..Jane stand up and gave Corey a thoughtful look... haven’t you heard the story of the girl held captive in a fancy house by her wicked stepmother said Jane .. how bad is it ? Corey said Corey is suddenly standing closely behind Jane ? You have no idear said Jane corey takes your hand in his .putting it this way make me want to offer my assistance.. Jane turn her head and look into Corey eyes. Jane smile corey bows down and kisses Jane hand . I can’t promise you that my lady said corey ..are you done with cleaning up the mess? Jane did a great job .good her jäne look shocked at Corey and smile and Corey whispers later smile at Jane .Jane auntie walk in cross and shout at Jane unstral my card to buy shoes now iam broke! I didn’t Jane said looking shocked . Jane dad said where the poof . Her cousin look at Jane with a evil smirk?corey come in ? Enough he said ?everyone turn to Corey standing behind Kate and Regina Jane auntie and cousin.you are try to accuse Jane of stealing money at work . You know such accusations can ruin her life don’t you ? Make her suffer under-deservedly ! Kate Jane cousin are you trying to protect her corey ? Why this he doing this ? Kate and Regina are so not gonna like it . Corey is trying to. Protect me from false accusations! This is an act of courage and nobility that you should respect Kate said Jane .Corey seem surprised at Jane bravery hes speech ? Because I can’t think with all of you shouting ! But I thought said Jane ...shut it auntie Regina said are you trying to say that my niece is innocent.Corey ? She is Corey.. can u prove it then .when exactly where the items purchased? Today around 11.am that’s what the bank clerk told me ? Great that means Jane has alibi , she was working in the dinning room .I was there too waiting for Kate to dress up ? Ah auntie said but Corey !why you doing this whose said are u on ?I said enough Kate I’ve been putting up with all your antics .but can’t you see this is just too much .auntie said to her daughter alright then ,if that wasn’t her that. Must mean ,,,, Kate sweetheart I need to have a small chat with you ! Kate walks out of the room avoiding the gaze of others .auntie Regina followed her and then just as you sigh with relief your auntie turn and points her sharp finger at you .you manage to get away this time , careful not to make a single mistake ! And also , Kate is crying poor lamb. That means you have to clean the whole house before tomorrow morning .what ? But is nearly midnight! We both are going to be out tonight .so you can have all the time ! I hope that will teach you a good lesson auntie Regina turn on her heels and walks out of the room .Jane throw herself on the sofa . Jane thought clean the whole house in a few hours ! That clearly way to much work for me alone ! Jane’s dad said corey I thank you for doing this for Jane .... for us actually.Regina is my older sister.you don’t have to explain I did what I had to do . I appreciate it corey and poor Jane can’t help her out as I still have stuff to do in the garden . Jane heard her name and sucky realize she haven’t thanked corey for stepping in to end that nonsense.um Corey ?before Jane could finish Corey interrupted her ? a beaming smile on he’s face. You know I could help you clean up ? You want to help me with the house work .sure Corey said .Jane said great ! I was kinda hoping your say that .how could I say other wise Jane smiles ! Jane smile at Corey .then she pick up a mop and bucket and tell Corey to follow her as Jane walk up the stairs Jane get that strange feeling a light pricking on the back of her neck ! Jane turn round quick and looks at Corey ! What are you doing ? I mean we’re you staring at me .I’m afraid so .I hope that don’t sound lame to you ,but the way your body moves when you walk is , magical it’s like a lovely melody to me .wow thank you .I guess that wasn’t lame at all! It was quite romantic in fact ! It night time after all time for serenade . Jane had fun cleaning the bedrooms together.joking around and telling story’s.as the room were done upstairs. Jane ask Corey to go back downstairs? Why don’t we go to your room ? Oh I just to save us sometime ! Or you don’t want me to see your really into luxury shoe brands HAHA please stop teasing me ! No to same exquisite fashion garments! Of course .why would I ? O bet you look gorgeous in a pretty ball grown .... Corey said are you daydreaming now ? I might be a little Corey said .I’m sorry to interrupt you but Jane raise herself on her toes and kissed Corey softly on the cheek ! Thank you for the evening and for protectiong me as well . I feel I should be the one to thank you but your always come on I must double check the rooms before aunt Regina arrives ? Before you go I have to give you something? Corey pick up his jacket and get out a small envelope that had her name on it .what that? That your personal invitation to the competition followed by the ball? The ball I mean I love dancing and dresses and all ..oh your back ? I hope I don’t distract you from something important or private even . Kate Corey shouted .it fine corey don’t worry .Corey looks at you concern in he’s eyes right I , off it’s late .Corey said stay out of trouble you too .well do our best .Kate crossed her arms and turn to Jane .so you now have a invitation to the competition...alright this is war .what you talking about Kate ! Do you really not understand or are just pretending? Guess I’m not afraid of you ,Kate neither iam going to do what you tell me ? The sooner you learn it the better .hmmm...I’may have underestimated you .dear cousin.but the more I’ll enjoy your further defeat ! Jane makes sure all the rooms upstairs look good before you go to your room it’s see I have to compete for Corey why would I care about first place .I think about it when I’m less tired suddenly you are fast asleep

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