It Started With Hello

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Raven is 26, it starts with a random message from “ICOULDBEYOUREROMEO” love blossoms.... but is it leading to deceit and lies, or can someone really be that lucky? Not to mention having feelings for her best friends brother Skylar, but things get complicated as his music career takes off......

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Rosalind is 27 from London who owned her own dog grooming company, living life as much as she could to the fullest, she had two best friends Selina, blonde, brown eyes, Rosalind always thought Selina could be a model, Selina was 29 and the joker of the 3 of them, bubbly and a bit of a flirt she had worked for Rosalind for the last 4 years and Axel 30, tall, green eyes, long black hair, shy at first but very entertaining once you got to know him, funny, and was easy to get along with, who she always had a soft spot for and really liked but she never went there because she wasn’t sure he would even look at her that way, he had worked for Rosalind for the best part of 5 years, but those three had the tightest bond and they always had each other's backs they were easily the best of friends.

Rosalind’s parents passed when she was younger but left her a fair amount in the will for her to follow her dream of opening her own dog groomers and that's what she did, once she was old enough and business was never better. She also had her Aunt Maddie who brought her up and her uncle Bill who was Maddie's best friend they were sweet on each other but hadn't started dating yet, who she was very close to.

Rosalind sits on her bed on a Saturday night typing away on her laptop, a new message pops up on her screen an email “hello there, how are you, I must say you are stunning?” Rosalind sits confused she doesn't recognise the name “I-COULD-BE-YOURE-ROMEO!” she laughs to herself, and she decides that this is too much of a funny opportunity just to let go

she pops open the window and hits reply “well hello Romeo? I’m very well and you, and thank you, I could say the same for you but I have no idea who you are, what you look like or where you got my email?” she minimises the screen and gets back to typing her emails up, she was booking appointments in and sorting out rotas for the next week, she works alongside her two best friends Selina and Axel, they instantly clicked and have been best friends ever since, as she sits there finishing up her emails and rota’s, she goes in to the group chat on the phone and sends them over the finished rota, Axel is the first one to message back “look at boss cracking that whip again!!”

Rosalind giggles to herself and then Selina messages after “oooo but you love it, don't you Axel, you’d Love a good whipping from our dear Rosalind ;) oh by the way Skylar says hi ;) !”

Rosalind bundles over laughing and the butterflies in her stomach at the mention of Skylar, they all text back and forth for a little while before Rosalind decides to call in a night “I’ll see you two tomorrow!!” they say their good nights and Rosalind heads off to bed.

The next morning Rosalind is at work preparing for the day and Axel walks in “hello boss” he salutes and walks past to make coffee

Rosalind shakes her head laughing “oh please, you two need to give that up or you may be fired!”

Axel spins round “YOU WOULDNT!!! OUR BOSS ISN'T MEAN LIKE THAT! AND THAT IS UNFAIR DISMISSLE” Rosalind bursts out laughing as does Axel, they head back in to the main room and start work a little while later Selina comes in with her brother Skylar 32 who was beautiful blue eyed, Brunette skater boy hair that swept over his eyes, broad, built 6′1, Rosalind just couldn’t get over how lucky they were to have the genes they did both of them looked like they could be in the modelling business, Skylar always popped in and said hello, but he was completely smitten on Rosalind which is why he made the effort to always pop in, but she was also pretty smitten with him to and they would flirt shamelessly at any chance they got, not that she knew he liked her just as much and neither did he but of course his sister did, Selina saw their spark from the first meeting, but she swore she wouldn’t say anything to the other. Selina knew they really liked each other and just needed a nudge in the right direction.

Rosalind looks up “Hey guys!”

Selina gives a wave and smirk and heads into the back; Skylar approaches her desk “Hey...”

“Hey you been? been a few weeks since you graced us with your presence...” She smiles up at him

He chuckles “Miss me?” he smirks at her

she bursts out laughing “you can dream...” they both burst out laughing

“Actually, I came in for a reason today!”

she looks at him confused “oh? got a poodle that needs a haircut?!”

He bursts out laughing “Not at all, actually I was wondering...if maybe you would like to go for a drink at the weekend?”

She looks at him in surprise “oh? and Selina is ok with this!”

Selina comes running out the room “I’ve been telling him to ask for ages! his always talking about you!” Skylar covers her mouth with his hand, Rosalind gets a little shy and laughs she smiles up at him

“Then I would love too...”

Skylar release’s his sister and she laughs “YAY ABOUT TIME!”

Skylar rolls his eyes “Please sack her!”

Selina sticks her tongue out at her brother and disappears again Rosalind smiles up at him “I look forward to it!” she writes her number down “you will need this...”

Skylar grins “I will drop you a text!”

she smiles and nods“See you soon”

“Bye Rosalind...”

“Bye Skylar”

She smiles and waves as he leaves, she keeps watching her as he leaves until his out of view, Selina comes running out throwing her arms around Rosalind “you two are good for each other!”

Rosalind laughs “it's one date! and I know his working on his music at the moment too”

Selina smiles “he really likes you Ro... give him a chance aye? they aren't all going to be like, that thing before...and as much as I hate my brother most of the time, he is a good guy!”

Rosalind smiles at her “I know...” they talk a little while longer before their next client's turn up.

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