Fucking The Boss

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DISCLAIMER- I do not own any of the pictures used in this book, I found them on goolge. Please don't steal my work. You'd think that graduateing at the top of the class Emma would know that fucking her boss was a big no no.

Romance / Erotica
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The meet

Emma's Pov

"Get out of my restaurant" my former boss yelled at me and I wasn't going to stand for it, "excuse me you fucking old bitch I am no in the wrong here you costumer just slapped me on my ass what was I suppose to do just take it." I argued back at this restaurant you could all but get rape and the manager wouldn't even say anything "well you didn't have to slap him" she said like he was right, I looked at her dumbfounded like was she actually serious. I don't even bother to answer her as I packed the last of my things and left on my way out I over heard one of the employees say "seriously she is such a darma Queen with the way she looks she's lucky to have some one look at her she's so ew" it hurt to hear them say that I mean I know that I wasn't exactly good looking as I matter of fact I know that I was fat I was always bullied in high school for my weight so yes I was well aware that I was fucking fat.

As I push my way out of the restaurant I could here the guy and his friends complaining and the manger try her best to clam them do as to not lose their business but at this point in time it was no longer any of my business to be honest. I walked out to my old beaten up car and drove home with one though on my mind where the fuck was I going to get a next job. I don't even know how I'm going to explain to my mother that I got fired again you think that maybe just maybe I'd be able to hold done a job I did graduate at the top of my class.

I'm not in the mood to much of anything so I just go straight to bed and dream about sweet nothing. By the time I wake up again it was night time and I was hungry as fuck but I was also too lazy to cook for myself I decided to go buy dinner. I hoped in my old beat up car and drove to the store singing along to the song on the radio.

"Lit in line, smile for the photo ID
Inside, that's where we can be free
Your highness, caught you sippin' on lean
Reminds me that's how it's supposed to be
Ooh baby turn off the light
You're gonna make my body fry
Ooh baby don't you cry
Shit gets weird when you talk about it
Ooh baby turn off the light
You're gonna make my body fry
Ooh baby don't you cry
Shit gets weird when you talk about"

I got some funny looks but I didn't care I was having fun and I think I deserve it after all I did just lose my job. Just as I was about to pull in to the park a black suv pulled out and I slam in to the back, I sit there feeling dumb as fuck but then the guy steps out of the SUV.

"Oh fuck!"

😁😁😁😁 first chapter done so what do you'll think is it too short.
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