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A song in the middle of a rainstorm started it all. Eloise Green and William Singer were going in opposite directions but they ended up in the same place. Stranded on the side of the road, walls fell down and attraction came to sit between the two. Three years later, they found each other again. But would the power of a song be enough to keep them together, or would another storm end it all?

Amanda C
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Storm's Comin'

Eloise was stuck.

The light rain started half an hour ago, but now it had morphed into a thunderstorm. Her car started sputtering with smoke billowing from the side loudly, forcing her to pull over.

She was rushing on her way back to university after visiting her parents in New York. It was going to be graduation day tomorrow, and she needed to be back for the practice. Along the way, her car malfunctioned.

“I guess I won’t be making it,” Eloise muttered.

She had to call somebody, there was no way she could fix the problem by herself. She much preferred to fix the problem on her own, but this was not one of those I-can-do-everything situations.

Eloise reached for her cellphone and dialed in the number for car repairs to no avail. There was no battery and she’d forgotten her charger. She groaned and tugged at her loose brown hair. Her hand reached for the bag of chips beside her.

Rosetown was more than thirty miles away. Trees covered the land to both sides of Eloise’s viewpoint. It was hard to see beyond the thicket of trees as the sky blackened and the thunder rolled on and on. She flinched as the noise of the thunder overhead reverberated through her car.

A black car rolled by slowly before stopping beside where Eloise had pulled over. She could only see the shadow of the person as their windows were tinted. It was difficult to see through the rain. The shadow beckoned for her to get out of her car.

Eloise bit on her lip frantically as if it was chewing gum.

The stranger danger alarm lit up inside her head. But she had no choice. Her car was still making weird sounds and if she didn’t move, she didn’t know what could happen. At the same moment, the stranger opened the passenger door.

He stuck his head out for a few moments, shouting through the rain, “Get in!”

Leaves blew all over Eloise’s body as she got out of the car. The wind sang a tune so powerful that she felt as if her feet would give way any minute. The side door of the black car opened and a strong arm reached out to pull her into the passenger seat. His grip was firm but not forceful.

The stranger drove further down the road before stopping under a rain shelter. He smelled like fresh air and woodsy comfort. The vee of his black tee-shirt dipped down to reveal a glistening chest as he leaned over to release the seatbelt for her. Eloise shrunk into the seat. He glanced down at her before he leaned back.

Eloise’s mouth dropped ajar, and she felt her insides stirring, the wolves coming out to play. His dark blond hair was plastered to his forehead, in a wet, sexy way. He looked to be about her age, maybe a bit older. It was like the heavens had opened and rained a Grecian god down onto the earth. Eloise closed her eyes briefly to swat unholy thoughts away.

And those eyes. Those emerald green eyes spoke a million stories, hidden behind a cheeky smile. He was staring at her too. His eyes sparkled as he smiled and he ran a few fingers through his hair.

“I’m being rude. I’m Will. Sorry, I was driving behind you and saw your car breaking down. I thought you might need some help. Have you tried calling the auto repairs?” He asked.

She shook her head and a few droplets circled around them.

“No, I mean, yes. Thank you, I’m Eloise. My phone wasn’t working.” Words found their way out of Eloise’s throat.

“Can I borrow your cellphone?” Eloise asked.

“Sure. Here you go.” He handed his phone to her, and a jolt of charged energy passed through their connected hands.

“You have some leaves stuck to you,” he said.

He reached out to touch her shoulder and Eloise looked down at herself. She gasped as she saw the leaves on her shirt, and then her cheeks turned pink. She was wearing a lacy black Victoria’s Secret bra underneath her white shirt, which was soaked from the rain. She sucked in a breath and he watched her as she swallowed in a deep breath.

The air felt thick and heavy, and Eloise gulped.
Will’s gaze traveled up her throat and landed on her mouth, and Eloise attempted to look at his shoulders rather than his full Adonis lips.

“I have a spare towel in the back that you can use,” Will offered.

Eloise looked away towards the windows, thanking him.

Outside, the storm was getting worse. There was so much rain that it was hard to even see past the windshield.

Thankfully, Will’s phone worked.

Eloise called her parents and they reassured her that she’d be okay. They told her to stay put and try not to drive further because the storm was going to get worse.

“Everything okay?” Will asked.

She handed his phone back, and she nodded. Will peered outside of the window, and he declared, “looks like we’ll have to stay here until the storm subsides.”

They sat there for a few minutes, before Eloise spoke.

“It sounds like the wind is singing.”

“Yeah, it kind of does. Do you sing?” Will asked abruptly.

“I, well, I do,” Eloise felt a pang in her chest, a longing.

Eloise continued, “Actually it’s my dream to be an actress, and a singer.”

“Well you’re in luck because I’m a singer,” Will said.

“Wait, you are?”

Will chuckled and said, “my last name is Singer.”

“That was pretty cheesy.” Eloise smiled.

She felt as if she was talking to an old friend, and all of a sudden she felt that comfort and ease again that she’d sensed when she first saw him. Which wasn’t very long ago.


It was almost one am, and the storm blew on.

Eloise was having trouble falling asleep. She stretched out, feeling the pain in her knees from sitting for so long.

Her eyes rested on Will’s sleeping figure. She wondered how an attractive man like him, who was well off by the looks of it was traveling by himself.

His neck cramped up at an awkward angle and he cracked one eye open.

“Can’t sleep?” He murmured.

“Yeah. Just thinking,” Eloise replied.

“About what?”

“You.” Eloise was honest in that moment, and her honesty rewarded her with a hooded look in Will’s eyes.

It happened in a flash. One second they were looking at each other. And the next, his lips were sloping over hers, his hands dancing on her hips as she tilted her head to greet his lips.

Time stopped for them that night. Time stopped, and brought them together in more ways than one.


Cover credits go to the lovely aeris- 💙💙💙

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