The Blind Billionaire

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Allesandro returns

The next few days went by fast. Viola was making things difficult for Lisa. Lisa found her one day in Allesandro's room going through his wardrobe and taking a shirt, when Lisa ask what she's doing Viola simply shrugged and walked past Lisa bumping her with the shoulder. Viola was determined to make Lisa's life a living hell, she already got her plan in motion for when Allesandro comes home. Lisa has also taken Lilani to her first session of chemo, which makes her sister feels sick, so she spends most of her time making sure Lilani is okay, for the nurse they hired, well let's just say she doesn't do anything. Maria can't wait for her boss to come home because Viola are so demanding she doesn't eat this and want that instead, she thinks she is the boss around here and order everyone around, Maria noticed how Viola treats Mrs Mancini, the poor girl.

Lisa are busy reading to Lilani when Allesandro walk into the room. “Hello Lisa, how is Lilani doing today?” He asks with concern. Lilani took a place in his heart from the first day he met her and when Lisa told him the other day that Lilani feels sick after the chemo he got worried. “She seems better today, she just fell asleep,” Lisa whisper as she got up and walk towards Allesandro. O, how much she has missed him these past few days. Allesandro takes her hand and walk out of the room.

“Will you please take me to my office and then call Maria for me?” Allesandro ask. “Sure thing, can I get you anything else?”, Lisa ask. “No thank you I am fine for now.” Came Allesandro's answer.
Lisa take Allesandro to his office and went to find Maria. “Hi Maria, Allesandro wants to see you in his office”, Lisa says showing with her hands seeing they can't speak English, and she still can't speak Italian, but Maria and Lisa somehow manage to speak through hand gestures to each other. Maria nods and walks to Allesandro's office. She knocks before entering. “Mr Mancini you called for me?” Maria ask. “Yes Maria. You know you are like a mother to me. You have known me from diapers. I want to know how things was going these past few days without my presents?” Allesandro gets straight to the point. “Si, Mr Mancini I have known you a long time and to answer your question, well Miss Viola has been slagging, she doesn't do her job, Mrs Mancini has been taking care of the little one ever since you have gone away. Miss Viola talks back every time Mrs Mancini gives her an order, I saw her a few times when she would walk past Mrs Mancini and knock her with the shoulder. Mrs Mancini always stayed calm I don't know how she manage not to get angry because if it were me I would have slap that girl silly, and lastly she went to your room and got one of your shirts Mr Mancini.” Maria says grateful that she can get this of her chest. "Thank you, Maria, I will take it from here”. Allesandro says with anger clear in his voice. Allesandro thinks of away to confront Viola to get her to tell the truth. He is tired these past few days he was at the eye specialist. They were doing test to check if an operation can give back his eyes. He has been hoping for so long to see again. He wonders if Bianca will return to him once he has his eyesight back, but every time he imagine her, Lisa's soft voice comes to his mind. He found himself thinking about her a lot these past few days to the extend were he would miss her. He can't love her, he only loves one woman and only one woman would ever have his heart that is Bianca. He run his hands through his hair. Maybe he should lay down for a bit, maybe then he can think straight.

Viola was waiting for the perfect time to get Lisa into trouble, she can't wait to set her plan into action. She grins thinking how Allesandro will comfort her in those huge arms of him. She heard his back but was busy in his study talking to Maria. If that little witch dares to snitch on her, her days are numbered. She can't wait to see him.
Lisa was busy helping to prepare lunch when she heard Lilani cry through the baby monitor thing she got from the store. She quickly run up stairs to check on Lilani. “What's wrong Lil?” She asked concerned. “Someone was in my room Lis, someone kept on taping my feet, I got scared and hid under my blanket”, Lilani cry. Lisa searched the room but found nothing. Lilani didn't want to stay in her room alone so Lisa decides to take her to the kitchen with her. As they went down the stairs Viola run up the stairs and smirks at Lisa, the next thing she sees Viola tumble down the stairs screaming and as soon as she's on the ground she cries out in pain. Soon every one was with them, "What's with all this commotion?” Allesandro demands in a stern voice. “She... she pushed me down th... the stairs after accusing me of scaring her sister,” Viola says crying. Allesandro puts his hands out to Viola, she gladly takes it and Viola smirks at Lisa. Allesandro was finally holding her she thought, until he pushes her away and says angry, “ Enough pack your backs and leave my house this instant!” Viola stiffen a laugh, looking at Lisa with a grin and says silently “take that bitch”. Lisa and everyone else thought he talked to her, “but, but i...i..” Lisa try to defend herself before Allesandro interrupted her. “I was talking to Miss Viola, i just had enough of the drama she caused here. I give you five minutes before I throw you out myself”. Viola's smile fades as she looks at Allesandro shocked before saying, “But she pushed me down the stairs, Mr Mancini, the last few days she has been making my live hell, saying I should stay away from you.....” Lisa can't believe what she's hearing how dare she turn this around on her. “I know the truth Miss Viola, next time make sure about your surroundings, I heard the conversations between you and Miss Mancini, I heard how you were planing for all of this to happen. Now let me make it perfectly clear so you will understand, I.WILL. NOT. LEAVE.MY.WIFE.FOR.YOU!” A very angry Allesandro shouts. Viola looks at Lisa and says, “ You think just because you win your all that but let me tell you something your brat of a sister is better of dead then with you.” Lisa saw red when she hears what Viola just said and walk up to her and punch her straight in the face, “Don't you ever dare talking about my sister again”. With that she takes Lilani who was sitting on a step watching everything to the kitchen. Antonio started clapping his hands as Viola got up and run upstairs. “What just happened?” Allesandro ask confused. “It seems that Mrs Mancini knows how to throw a punch if needed Mr Mancini, I think she just broke Miss Viola's nose, Antonio says laughing at the scene he just witnessed.

Allesandro can't believe what he just heard. Did she just hit someone in the face? A smile forms on his lips knowing that his wife can defend herself if she needs to.
After lunch Allesandro ask Antonio if Viola have left the house. Antonio told him she left while they were having lunch. “Will you please call Mrs Mancini for me Antonio?”
“Yes sir”, Antonio answers then went to call Lisa. Lisa was busy playing with Lilani when Antonio told her Allesandro wants to see her. Maria showed that she will look after Lilani. Lisa nod and smiles at Maria before going to Allesandro. “Allesandro, I hear you want to talk to me?” Lisa asks careful. “Yes, Leonardo gave a list of nanny's with medical experience, I want you to go through it, so we can hire a new nanny, I prefer an old lady if you don't mind”. Allesandro says stern. “I will go through them and call them for an interview, thank you Allesandro.” He just nods before talking again, “ O, one more thing, your Italian lessons starts Monday evening at 17:00 hours for two hours. I will ask Piero to take you and wait for you. It's Monday and Wednesday evenings, you may go now”. He dismissed her.

The rest of the day Lisa phoned possible nanny's to arrange interviews. Then she spent some time with Lilani before dinner. Allessandro was busy handling some business until Maria came and told them dinners ready. On table everyone was quite no one says a word.
Lilani was so tired she fell asleep on her chair, Lisa saw it and apologize then takes Lilani to her room, she kissed her sister and turn on the night light. Lisa went back to help tidy up. After everything was done Lisa went to take a shower, she realize this is going to be the first night she will sleep in the same bed as Allesandro. Suddenly she became nervous. She decides to wear her shorts and a t shirt to bed instead of a dress.
Just as she came out of the bathroom, Allesandro and Antonio walks in. Antonion greets her and say he is just going to help Allesandro to the bathroom then he will take leave.
Lisa hears the water in the shower and realize Allesandro is taking a shower. She wonders how he looks with water dripping of his body? Probably hot as hell, she can imagine how he looks like when standing under the shower and water running down his head over that sculpterd body of his. She licks her lips and bite on her bottom lips. Suddenly the door opens and Allesandro walks out with just a towl around his waist showing his V line. Dammit that is hot she can't help but stare at his perfect toned body. Allesandro moved to his wardrobe and takes a boxer Lisa's eyes on him the whole time. Her lips feel dry suddenly she then stands up to get some water.
After coming back, Allesandro was already in bed, she walks over to her side and slide in careful not to touch him. Allesandro feels Lisa slips into bed. This is going to be a long night he thought. Soon the two of them was fast asleep.
The next morning Lisa wakes up and feels a pair of arms around her, when she looks up she notices Allesandro she was lying in his arms and their legs in tangled, she looks at his handsome face, he got a light stubble beard forming on his face, he seems so much more relaxed when he sleeps. She was still busy studying him when he suddenly says, “Are you done checking me out?”
Lisa got frightened when he suddenly talks, “ I was not checking you out”, She tries to defend. Allessandro laughs and says, “Yes, sure you didn't, I could feel your eyes on me, Mrs Mancini,” he keeps on teasing. Lisa scoffs and tries to get up only to be held tightly by Allesandro then he flips them over, so he was on top of her. “Lisa, Lisa what am I going to do with you?” He whisper in a husky voice in her ear that sends shivers down her body, Dammit this man.

Then he starts sucking on her neck, and a soft moan escapes Lisa's mouth he then went and plant kisses along her jaw until he reached her lips and claimed it, this is Lisa's first kiss and dammit it feels good, the kiss became hard and urgent, she felt a sweet sensation between her legs and bucked her back and then felt something hard pocking her on her tights. Allesandro smirks knowing he has an effect on her she is so innocent she doesn't realize the effect she has on him as well. Then he pulls away, get up and walk to the bathroom, he needs another cold shower if he had not stopped he would have had his way with her. Lisa was left hot and bothered in the bed, wow my first kiss was amazing Lisa thought.

The next few days Lisa and Allesandro had interviews with possible nanny's. Allesandro distant himself from Lisa. He would go to bed late when she is already sleeping and stand up early while she is still sleeping. Lisa know it's because of what happened between them the other day. Lisa feels hurt that he treats her this way, but what else did she expect his heart belongs to Bianca, he will never love her. She just has to get over these feelings she has for him. They finally made a decision on which nanny to hire. Allesandro tells her to phone the women and inform her.

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